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Jordan Shelton

Tried it out with a free trial. Found out its totally a subscription scam. I got charged for a second month. At first I thought “No big deal, I’ll just cancel and collect this last crate.” Boy was I wrong. First after spending an hour clicking around the site trying to cancel my subscription I finally submitted a support ticket requesting help canceling my subscription. If only I knew what was to come. While I was waiting for a response I was checking out my banking records for an unrelated reason when I noticed my balance seemed off. Upon closer review I realized I had been charged twice by ubercrate. Slightly annoyed but thinking naively that it was a small glitch and should be no trouble to have fixed I submitted a second support ticket. Not long after I recieved a ticket (closed as answered leaving no way for me to respond) saying that contacting support was the only way to cancel but in doing so I would forfeit the right to open the upcoming crate I had already paid for and informed of their no refund policy. This is when I began to see through the scam. See the crate drops and an hour or two after you are charged for the coming month leaving a two hour window for them to cancel it and for you to receive what you paid for. This of course made me go from annoyed to angry. I began to press them on the double charge. Three times I recieved closed tickets stating that I was not charged double. Each closed ticket became more mocking of my plight and the last dripping with sarcasm. After a bit of research I found several places where ubercrate was violating UK (it’s base of operations) and international internet laws. Only after pointing these out did I receive a halfway decent customer service ticket (still closed of course) requesting that I send proof of my double charge. After sending it however my account was banned and I never got my money back. DO NOT SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE. Humblebundle is a cheaper alternative with great customer service and better titles on offer.