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Peter Blaise

Perhaps the development team can acquire FREE Google Picasa to learn how to do this right.

BIG PROBLEM: DESTRUCTIVE EDITS — it overwrites original JPGs with saved changes that cannot then me undone.

Little problems … many, including listing my hard drive directories in reverse order, C:\Windows first, and does not appear to be correctable.

I can see absolutely no reason to pursue ImageRanger considering that it offers a tiny subset of the features and benefits of FREE Google Picasa ( which, by the way, has compatible versions for ALL computers, 32-bit, 64-bit, Windows and Mac ), and the few features within ImageRunner are poorly and inflexibly implemented, and it destroys originals when you click the offered [ Save ] button after editing.

ImageRanger, you have your assignment: BEAT FREE GOOGLE PICASA, because merely matching FREE Google Picasa would be redundant and would not compel anyone to consider your offering.

Thanks for your version 1 alpha-test exploration … FREE Google Picasa is deep into version, so, get busy and learn how the software field you have entered has already been bested, especially with NO DESTRUCTIVE EDITS.