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    will not install on win 7 pro – 64bit, tried 2 different PC’s

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    Danny Murphy

    Program complains that Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) is not compatible with the program.

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    It wasn’t until I installed this that I realised it was 64bit only. It’s strange that it did intall at all. In the past, 64bit installers have refused.

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    I can confirm that ImageRanger support team is really reactive. After contact them just after a brief test yesterday of their software, they give me some hours later a solution to open and work with my raw files (Pentax). Perfect !! Bravo !

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    Thanks, Ashraf, and thanks, ImageRanger!

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    The interface of the program is familiar. But on the laptop no program “ImageRanger Pro Edition”. Perhaps there was a similar program for “Windows XP” and from another company.

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    Peter Blaise

    Perhaps the development team can acquire FREE Google Picasa to learn how to do this right.

    BIG PROBLEM: DESTRUCTIVE EDITS — it overwrites original JPGs with saved changes that cannot then me undone.

    Little problems … many, including listing my hard drive directories in reverse order, C:\Windows first, and does not appear to be correctable.

    I can see absolutely no reason to pursue ImageRanger considering that it offers a tiny subset of the features and benefits of FREE Google Picasa ( which, by the way, has compatible versions for ALL computers, 32-bit, 64-bit, Windows and Mac ), and the few features within ImageRunner are poorly and inflexibly implemented, and it destroys originals when you click the offered [ Save ] button after editing.

    ImageRanger, you have your assignment: BEAT FREE GOOGLE PICASA, because merely matching FREE Google Picasa would be redundant and would not compel anyone to consider your offering.

    Thanks for your version 1 alpha-test exploration … FREE Google Picasa is deep into version, so, get busy and learn how the software field you have entered has already been bested, especially with NO DESTRUCTIVE EDITS.


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    Peter Blaise

    [ @Ivan]

    There are better and more mature and SAFE features and benefits using FREE Google Picasa:

    — FilePuma . com has Windows versions, v2 for Windows ME and older, v3 for Windows Vista and newer, works on 32-bit and 64-bit, all results are compatible if you copy, backup, access any image file on either Picasa version, and go back and forth, nothing is lost,

    — FileHippo . com has Mac versions

    Free, forever.

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    Lana (ImageRanger support team)

    Dear Peter Blaise,

    To UNDO your changes (even after your changes are saved to the file):

    Select one or more images.
    Perform right click with your mouse button to open contextual menu.

    Select UNDO in the top of the menu.
    You can also select Revert All Changes to restore your original image.

    Hope that helps,
    Lana, ImageRanger support team

    You can UNDO your changes by using Right Click Mou
    This seems to be a common

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    Interesting, BUT the program has bugs. While testing o my Windows 10 64Bits computer, at least three times ImageRanger closed unexpectedly. Deleted.

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    32 bit işletim sistemi üzerine 64 bit windows kurulu laptop’ a Imageranger PRO Edition 64 bit olduğu için kurulamadı. Bir çözümü varmı? teşekkürler..
    google translate: 32 bit operating system Not installed on 64 bit windows installed laptop ‘Imageranger PRO Edition 64 bit. Is there a solution? Thank you ..

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    [ @Ashraf]

    [ @Ashraf]

    Doesn’t register. Asked for serial which I do not have. Only have the license key.

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