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Peter Blaise

Yeah, two hits at VirusTotal.

Silly that YLComputing has migrated their name and website to WinUtilities then to [ PCClean. io ] as if their name is a problem or is better somehow calling themselves PCClean- I have them stored under YLComputing, I have no problem knowing their real name:

— SuiNing Yilong Software Store

Their WinUtilities suit has always been functional and stable and quite useful, the free version won’t optimize memory automatically, the full version will, and it’s one of the more useful dynamic memory optimizers for old slow 4 GB Windows 7 systems.

I like the individual tools, and personally,

— never leave anything running in the background except the memory optimizer

— never run any automatic tools, always running manually and selecting options carefully, and selecting results manually.

Thanks – I recommend this as a MANUAL suite of tools.

Note: I also had to select the “download manually” option from the SOS downloader, and then it tried to download twice – quirky?

I believe the program directly from the vendor works with the SOS code today.