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Peter Blaise

I have NEVER had ANY so-called “EasyEUFI” software work, ever, never, nada, zilch, total failure.

It always gets started, gets into whatever task it promises will be easy, and then says “please direct me to your WIM/WAM/whatever file” as if I know what that is.

All I have is a working Windows system and I want to copy it or build a new one on a new drive, and this software has NEVER helped do that.

I presume this software is for shops that have original WIM/WAM/Whatever files, not actual working systems.

If ANYONE has any success working with “EasyEUFI”, PLEASE SHARE SPECIFICS of how you got it to do anything, and what that anything was, not just the banal:

— “… very known and very reliable software, personally I use it for a long time. WinToHDD Professional has useful features, fast work execution. THANK YOU. …”

Oh yeah?

Doing what?

By doing what?

And yes, I have read the tutorials at EasyUEFI.

Still nothing.