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    Have something to say about WinToHDD Professional? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than WinToHDD Professional, post it here! If you know of issues with WinToHDD Professional, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

    UPDATE: Registration issues have been fixed and giveaway has been extended as compensation. Sorry for the issues!

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    Registration fail!

    “Clave de licencia no válida (0x0000011101000000)”

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    Caveat. The professional version allows 1 User/2 PCs only.
    If I ever need this I will pay for it in order to get the last version. Windows 10 evolves very fast.
    Thanks anyway.

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    No wizards, so you must know exactly what you want, and find the way to do it.

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    logiciel très connu et très fiable, personnellement je l’utilise depuis longtemps.
    WinToHDD Professional possède des fonctionnalités utiles,exécution de son travail rapide.

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    Peter Blaise

    I have NEVER had ANY so-called “EasyEUFI” software work, ever, never, nada, zilch, total failure.

    It always gets started, gets into whatever task it promises will be easy, and then says “please direct me to your WIM/WAM/whatever file” as if I know what that is.

    All I have is a working Windows system and I want to copy it or build a new one on a new drive, and this software has NEVER helped do that.

    I presume this software is for shops that have original WIM/WAM/Whatever files, not actual working systems.

    If ANYONE has any success working with “EasyEUFI”, PLEASE SHARE SPECIFICS of how you got it to do anything, and what that anything was, not just the banal:

    — “… very known and very reliable software, personally I use it for a long time. WinToHDD Professional has useful features, fast work execution. THANK YOU. …”

    Oh yeah?

    Doing what?

    By doing what?

    And yes, I have read the tutorials at EasyUEFI.

    Still nothing.

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    I have the same feelings. I downloaded a prior version from Giveaway of the day and am also perplexed by it. I really want to use this as a backup/clone to my entire Win 7 drive. Several years ago I was burned (literally) by a CPU and motherboard overheat and lost everything. I guess because the backup software (Aomei, EaseUS) tied the clone image to the CPU serial number (?) and I couldn’t load it onto another computer/drive. Took months to start over.

    I did notice when I went to the about file in my old version it showed something like Machine Code: 000B8C3A029A392… and I wonder if that might be my CPU serial number.

    I don’t like to post links on forums like this (promotion, spam, fake etc.) but you can search for the mentioned give away site and then for WinToHDD and read user comments on the 3 versions listed. We have several days to work on this.

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    Thank you, but I’d rather stick to my Macrium Reflect free, which is updated continually and cost me nothing.

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    @Ashraf: please can you lower the security level of this fuc**** Google reCaptcha for the download*, ’cause I just lost another 10 mn of my life trying to solve them!… Thanks MrBoss :-)

    * and for posting

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    EaseUS,Aomei,MiniTool,QILING and Hasleo

    New versions – binding to hardware!
    You will not be able to activate after reinstalling the system with old data, they will change!
    Use WinPE , Old or Free versions!

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    Thanks for the reply. So what you’re saying I can backup/clone my win 7 boot drive with various products and reinstall on a different drive (new SSD, etc.) but not on a different computer (CPU)?

    I’m pretty sure I use a WinPE boot CD (vs Linux CD) to backup but I’m going to check that. When you install backup software it usually offers to create boot media but WinToHDD doesn’t seem to offer that. I always thought to correctly backup one must do it outside of Windows that locks some files which prevents copying them. It appears you can only backup using WinToHDD while in Windows.

    I’m going to download the current version and at least install it before the offer expires. I’ve often wondered if it’s better to delete the current version first or just install over it.

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    Brian M

    [ @Peter Blaise] Peter, it seems you are talking about two different programs, EasyUEFI and WinToHDD are not the same applications. I think the WIM/WAM/Whatever file which you mentioned is the “Install.wim” file found on/in the Windows OS installation disc (perhaps the Windows installation folders). Search for that, and you may have some success.

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    Lee D

    Wont activate

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    It show error ” 授權金鑰已超過允許的啟用次數 (0x0000020401340000)”,when I FRIST TIME input the “harewareOnSale exclusive license key” you provided.

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    Won’t activate :(

    “La clé de licence dépasse le nombre d’activation autorisé.(0x0000020401340000)

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