1. ricohflex

    Installed Atlantis Word Processor in my USB drive. Thanks to SharewareOnSale for this giveaway. Good for occasional use. I chose the green colour theme. Now I use Ms Word for everyday word processing duty. If I compare the two, Ms Word is better. But Ms Word is not the best. Among the word processors I have used, WordPerfect is the best. If you want serious word processing power and precision control get WordPerfect. One of the worst word processing software I have ever used is IBM’s Display Write which was coded by an overpaid geek to be used by robots, not humans.

  2. José Di Siervi

    I use it frequently, but I miss the Brazilian Portuguese dictionary to be the best application in the segment.
    It would be interesting to translate commands into other languages, especially in Brazilian Portuguese.

    • They made a joint Portuguese PT-BR PT-Portugal dictionary. It works OK for most stuff. (go to the download page). But I don’t think they understood that they are completely different languages. Some common words in Brazilian are very offensive to the Portuguese (and vice versa)
      See in “feature requests”
      Request – A Brazilian-Portuguese spellchecker

  3. Doug Dingle

    This is one of the VERY few programs that allows copying/syncing to Dropbox of files that are not located in or under your local Dropbox folder. While the process is slightly cumbersome -you have to get a token from Dropbox for each new job you create that involves Dropbox – it goes pretty quickly and some preliminary tests I’ve done with it work well.

    I’ve had an older version on my machine for some time, but have not used it much. But this version (10.x) now supports a lot more cloud based storage services, including the one I use (Dropbox), and so I gave it a try, and am so far quite satisfied with its performance.

    Additionally, unlike many of the products offered here, this one has free updates for minor 10.x versions, and free support for version 10.x. When version 11.x releases, you will have to buy a new license, but that seems very fair.

  4. Clairvaux

    This is a very good substitute for Microsoft Office. I have bought it. It’s not as powerful as Microsoft Office, obviously. There is not as much specific help for it as for Office. But it’s a very polished and modern product. It has been around since… 1987. And it’s a German program, which, in my experience, is often a good predictor of reliability and quality.

    However, do note that this is the subscription version of this office suite (that’s what NX means). If you’re comfortable with the subscription model, I can only encourage you to take advantage of that 6-month offer.

    If, like me, you prefer to pay once and for all, I advise you to try first the free version of that program, which bears the completely different name of Free Office. This is already a very powerful and generous program. Many people won’t need more than that.

    However, the paid-for version, which is Soft Maker Office Standard, adds a significant list of very useful features. The publisher has managed the freemium model in a perfect way. Presumably, they make a profit with their product line as it stands, Free Office is already an incredibly good program and costs nothing, and the paid-for version offers a list of features that are really worth the upgrade. So it’s win-win for everybody.

    Soft Maker Office Standard is not cheap, at 70 €. However, it’s a fair price for what’s in it. Let’s say that’s what Microsoft Office should cost. Don’t bother with Soft Maker Office Professional, the only added feature is some Berlitz translation dictionaries (unless you specifically need them, of course).

    However, if you download Free Office, it’s quite likely that you will receive, some time later, a promotional upgrade offer to the paid-for version, at an incredible price. That’s what I took advantage of.

    To be completely honest, I must say that I don’t use Soft Maker Office Standard very much. I still usually stick to my ancient Microsoft Office 2003 Home and Student Edition, because it does have some extra features here and there which I’ve grown accustomed to, and Soft Maker does not offer.

    But you can’t buy Office 2003 anymore, and the prices of current Microsoft Office versions are horrendous.

    The alternative, if you need that extra oomph that the genuine Microsoft Office does have over Standard Office, might be to chase a legit version of an old edition. You can buy Microsoft Office starting from the 2007 edition at very reasonable prices at some online retailers.

    Finally, Libre Office is not an option for me. It’s quite possible it has more features than Soft Maker Office (I really don’t know about that), but there are too many things that are unfinished, unpolished, clunky, and not compatible enough with Microsoft Office.

    Also, the word processor of Libre Office does not have a true outliner, which Soft Maker Office Standard has (as well as the NX version offered here) ; and that alone is reason enough to buy that program. Outliners have all but disappeared from desktop word processors (except Word, of course), and yet, they are one of the first reasons to buy and use a word processor to begin with.

    • AWESOME review, Clairvaux! Lots of good information there! I have used older versions of this many years ago and found the program very good at that time. For some reason I ended up using Kingsoft Office (also known as “WPS Office) starting about 3 years ago . That program is very good as well — I started of with the free version then eventually ended up getting the Pro version for about $50. I do remember that Softmaker was good, and as they have continued developing it for all these years I”m sure it’s even better than it used to be. I think one reason I found them good was at that time was that I needed to be able to use macros with a spreadsheet program, which was not available at that time in other Office alternatives.

      After reading your review, I may check out their free version and see what additional advantages the paid versions offer.

      Thank YOU for taking the time to do such a detailed review!

  5. zi_xiang

    Thank you both, Ashraf and Ashampoo. It’s great to upgrade from v15 to v16.
    Best regards

  6. Knocamf

    Very nice app. One that I was looking foor for a long time. Has different sections for different kind of passwords. I like it.

  7. CarleS

    Been using this system utility for many years. At first, the User Interface (UI)
    (as many say) does seem confusing, but without doubt, this is a very thorough
    pc hardware utility. The author has (to me) been great quickly answering questions.
    The “Pro” version has a “Portable”/USB version also , but is more than I need.
    Two thumbs up!!

  8. PaulVdB

    Output to pdf is weird … 2 colums are printed over eachother … :(
    No settings for font, size … :(
    Just crashed while looking to command line options … :(
    But nice and intuitive GUI !


    I used this service during the previous giveaway — and while it was kinda hard to start to work, eventually I got a grip on how this platform works. And I ended up kinda liking it (even though there are some minor hiccups).

    You can check my full opinion in the comment section of the previous giveaway of the Boompublic. Let me give an excerpt from it:

    “If you want to create posts, you need to register – and that’s all!

    If you want to buy posts or publish them to your own social media, you should take an extra step and create a Public page – this page combines all your social media accounts. Basically, authors work not with your account, but with your Public page. And here is the twist – you don’t ask for posts directly (you can only set a content brief). Authors are kinda in a free roaming mode, they are looking for Public pages that they like and offer posts. And you can buy or decline them.”

    So, yep, basically, this is how it works.

    I used it for some time, received some posts from the authors, published and scheduled them to my Business accounts… Everything worked fine. So when I saw this offer, I decided that, well, now I’m already used to this platform, why not go PRO full year with some extra bonuses.

    I haven’t received VIP posts yet, but all the other features that are mentioned in this promo are there and work fine. I will continue to work with this platform, but I hope that it will be even more polished in the future.

  10. Maki

    Why bother this software when sysinternals procmon is free, lightweight and completely stable?

  11. Ronald Scott

    The only downfall is the receiver of the message must be able to decipher it with a key that you send them which could be lost , stolen or intercepted ! The real question is how much security does one need ! This is an excellent program if you need that much security !

  12. Santiago

    Have been using this program from a previous giveaway. Does what it says, gentle user interface. Worth a try.

  13. Cathy D

    I bought a 3TB Degoo lifetime account for $64.99 via Stacksocial in August, 2017. Before that I used a free account for a couple of years.

    I have not had any problems with Degoo, but maybe I am a ‘light’ user and/or just lucky. It backs up all the files and folders that I have designated automatically, daily. I use ‘turbo’ mode and have no noticable slow down on my computer. Every time that I have wanted to restore a file or folder it has worked perfectly.

    There are better backup solutions available, but the price/performance ratio is a 5-star for me.

    Free users should note that their files will be deleted after 90 days account inactivity, per their website:

  14. Alex Chen

    I really like the 360 panorama editing function. The interface is easy to use.

  15. Jim Howard

    Super easy to use, and a great free alternative to PhraseExpress.
    I’ve used the free version of P.E. for years, and Wise is a great find!

  16. Joao C.

    Awesome little software to organize your notes and ideas! Absolutely recommended!

  17. Bob

    The graphics in this walking simulator are stunning. But that is about all that will hold your attention.
    In the interest of keeping the review free of spoilers I can’t say much, but I can tell you that if you like games where you can pick things up and examine them or interact with your environment in any way, or games in which you can jump over an obstacle, or games in which you can move at a pace faster than a brisk walk, or games in which you can converse with NPCs, or animals, or inanimate objects, or games in which you need to solve a puzzle of some sort to progress in the storyline, then this is probably not the game for you.

    Also, if you are a casual gamer this might not be a good choice, because if you step away from this game for more than a few hours you are likely to forget what you were doing.

  18. Edward

    I am beginner of editing videos just for a hobby.
    I don’t have a time to learn about vegas, premier …
    This is very easy, and strong, I think.
    I recommended.

  19. Bill Michalek

    I’ve used RoboForm for 10 years but recently uninstalled it for StickyPassword. I suspect that RoboForm was sold a couple of years ago because the quality really took a nosedive. If you’re using Chrome RoboForm is all but useless. Many sites it simply doesn’t recognize and won’t provide the username and password. If you don’t happen to remember them you have to open up RoboForm and hunt them down and manually insert them. I finally got sick of it, especially near renewal time., so I decided on StickyPassword. It works very similar to RoboForm and in some instances does a much better job, and in others falls a little short. Overall I’m very satisfied with StickyPassword’s performance. RoboForm also made a backup software you should stay away from too.

  20. haj_mortad

    incredible VPN service . Thank you very much for this amazing deal. I love it :)

  21. John

    An exceptional Giveaway. Picked it up ages ago and earned extra bandwidth!

  22. Doug Dingle

    I have the Pro version of this on a ‘lifetime’ deal from a year ago. I put lifetime in quotes because according to my account, they only expect me to live another ten years. Still, not bad.

    Pretty good VPN, although I don’t run it full time. I get full speed through it going through a local location. I don’t see the point of going through a node in Lower Slobovia and cutting my data rate in half when the government can find you anyway if they want to (if you think otherwise, you are delusional). I just don’t want every site I visit to know exactly where I am, and that’s how I use it.

    It has an issue with its built-in firewall. I don’t load it automatically with Windows. If you shut the machine down with the VPN running, then boot the next morning, it turns on the firewall even though the VPN part is not loaded, and you can’t figure out why you don’t have Internet access. Took me a while to find that, submitted a bug report, and several versions later, the bug is still there. “Just have it load with Windows” is not a solution when I don’t want that.

    Their separate browser plug-in has issues in Chrome. It takes a while after Chrome loads for all the saved tabs to load properly, and sometimes, manual intervention (go back a page, reload) is required.

    Overall not bad, and the lifetime thing was great, but it’s not perfect by any means. This is a decent deal to play with it, see if you like it.

  23. Dan

    Be forewarned. I tried Windscribe a year or so ago and, much to my disappointment, it didn’t play nice with the other kids in the neighborhood, Comcast and Thunderbird email. The bottom line was that using Windscribe made it impossible to use Thunderbird — at least with Comcast as my Internet service provider. Back then Comcast’s website reported that it didn’t work well with VPNs. I just checked Comcast’s website and now it says it plays well with VPNs, although you may have to get some technical advice from the VPN folks (and fortunately this Windscribe offer includes free tech support — Comcast does not provide any tech support for using VPNs). Except for that problem Windscribe worked just fine. So I’d just suggest that you check with your ISP before installing a VPN to make sure it will be compatible.

    • Works just fine with Spectrum and Thunderbird, has for at least the six months I’ve had it.

  24. Gene

    After a fair amount of research, this is one of three VPNs that I sampled and bought subscriptions for. (And it is now overdue for me to take another closer look at.) [There is an at-least annual and exhaustive survey of VPNs that is published at
    and I have also found the comparative reviews at places like PC Mag online to be quite helpful. Along with the important technical aspects, you will want to check out where the company is based, their policy on keeping logs, and their posture towards cooperation with U.S. (or other) authorities and court orders.]

    I mostly liked what I saw of Windscribe, especially from an ease of use perspective, but more recently I have been leaning towards the Perfect Privacy VPN. One thing I had been watching was Windscribe’s reliance on StrongSwan for use on Android devices, while their own Windscribe APK was in beta under a long development process. That is something else I need to revisit.

  25. Doc

    The Best I have found so far and i have tried many including Okay freedom which was just given away not too long ago . I use to always get pinched by others because they did not hide my annonimity . This is not the case with Windscribe . I have been using this for over 2 years now i get 60 gbs a month free . When you refer others and they subscribe they give you an extra 10 gb for each new person . They do not pressure you to upgrade as long as you keep using it they do sell other add ons such as ROBERT which is access to more security features . Now as to the slow down i really have not noticed what some other reviewers have had . Of course my internet speed is 400 MBPS up and Down . Also you have to remember you are tapping in to an annonymous VPN server whose speeds amy not be up to yours . But if you require annonimity and dont want nasty letters from your ISP than this is the VPN for you . Since i have used it i have had no issues such as the connection dropping like Okay Freedom did and a couple of others . And no nasty emails from ISP . Give it a try i generally use a US based IP or one from Canada

  26. SKY

    I keep getting spam from this VPN for several months now at my other email account but anytime I click on their link I get their logo on a gray page with the text: Oops, that shouldn’t happen.
    It seems someone tripped over the power cable and broke everything. Please stand by while we fix it.
    You can check our Twitter for updates.” And nothing more. I can send a screenshot, if desired. So, they are off, or have blocked my location or what? Tried here, same result. IMHO, this is the worst VPN service I have ever seen. I use AVG Secure VPN and it is fantastic, countless servers all over the world, VERY FAST, ie. practically no difference in speed when browsing without VPN, and never encountered any downtime in several months I’ve been using it. highly recommended instead of this Windscribe here.

  27. David

    It’s not bad at doing what it says. However, I have some concerns:
    1. They have been caught taking without asking (some might call this “stealing”) malware definitions from Malwarebytes. This probably means they are taking definitions form other companies as well, without permission or compensation.
    2. This uses the Clam virus scanner. Clam is fairly reliable and effective, given good malware definitions. However, it is slow and resource intensive. Especially on an older PC, it will reduce performance of other applications while scanning.
    3. As others have said, this tool is aggressive and hard to control, which is a bad combination. This can cause problems at times, as it will do what it wants when it wants, and you must put up with that to some extent. Get ready to retrieve that unsigned executable file from the scanner’s quarantine section (you did opt to use quarantine rather than outright deletion, right?) and add an exception for it to both the realtime guard and the scanner (which is two seperate operations).
    4. As I recall, this also uploads files to VirusTotal for further analysis. VirusTotal is a good (free) service, but there is a catch–by uploading files to their service, you agree to have them released to the public for security analysis. Since you don’t even know what SecureAPlus is uploading, you could be leading all sorts of private information without knowing it. Also, VirusTotal is owned by Google, and Google’s business is founded in the collection and (ab?)use of massive amounts of personal data. This should give some cause for concern itself. Thankfully, the last version of this product I used offered an option to disable “cloud” scanning, which I believe stops such uploads.

    • Sorry for the typos…I was in a hurry.
      *taking definitions FROM
      *it will reduce THE performance
      *you could be LEAKING

  28. Jacky

    I am beginner of editing videos just for a hobby.
    I don’t have a time to learn about vegas, premier …
    This is very easy, and strong, I think.
    I recommended.

  29. Steve

    I’m in the process of developing a web application and recently discovered the free VPN service OkayFreedom has been attempting to inject Ads into sites. I noticed when I was trying to debug my app and was getting warnings from ‘inject.js’. I read the code a bit and it seems to inject ads into html forms. UNINSTALL IMMEDIATELY. Make sure you remove the browser extension and perform a malware scan just to be safe.

  30. Theresa

    So, after some doubts, I’ve finally tried this service.
    It is kinda hard to start work, because of the lack of tutorials, but after a few minutes, you start to understand how to deal with it.

    Basically, if you want to create posts, you need to register – and that’s all!

    If you want to buy posts or publish them to your own social media, you should take an extra step and create a Public page – this page combines all your social media accounts. Basically, authors work not with your account, but with your Public page. And here is the twist – you don’t ask for posts directly (you can only set a content brief). Authors are kinda in a free roaming mode, they are looking for Public pages that they like and offer posts. And you can buy or decline them.

    I personally got a couple of pretty good posts, so, I guess, it works, even though I have no idea how authors navigate all those Public pages.

    I’ve tested publishing and scheduling – well, there are things that I would improve UI-wise, but it works, it does its job.

    So, all in all, I haven’t got that much experience with Boompublic, but I like what I saw. It still needs improvements, but it works, it allows you to buy or create posts and publish them, so I think that I will test it out a bit more and decide whether I will switch to it completely.

  31. Bryan Stacy

    Its such a great way to uninstall it makes it easier and a whole lot convenient. In uninstalling . Thank You… Shareware

  32. Dierk

    Just downloaded Clipdiary, so the “4 Star” rating is a “Best Guess,” but a few initial thoughts:
    1) Download & License activation worked without any apparent problems;
    2) The HELP is on-line (as opposed to a local file), something which seems fairly standard these days;
    3) An opening Setup Wizard runs at first startup; this “tutorial” can also be accessed from the HELP menu.
    4) The developer provides an extensive list of Usage Tips / FAQs on their website – which is a Good Thing as Clipdiary is one of those programs that will demand Learning Time for the best experience. Basic operation seems simple enough, but there appears to be a lot of “hidden” power with a number of ‘Advanced” settings, “Snippets” vs Clipboard databases, and the ability to assign Labels (tags) to clips.
    5) Both the “Clipboard History” and “Snippets” are kept in separate databases – under your “C” drive by default. The File / Database menu permits redirecting these to another location (like to keep my C drive as clean as possible) – but you must do this One At A Time. (Select Clipboard History, then File / Database / Clone & Switch… and repeat for Snippets).

    Will have to live with Clipdiary for a while before deciding whether or not it earns a permanent spot: while it offers a lot of features, the learning curve may be steep enough that less-powerful options could prove attractive.

  33. Malcolm

    terrible, aweful rendering of the finished video!. i uninstalled it right away.

  34. Raf Van Dingenen

    Very nice program. Sometimes an item is not listed. Then, Try CCleaner/Tools


    The download was fast and installation was smooth. I already had Ant Download Manager installed from sharewareonsale. Since it stopped downloading from youtube, i uninstalled that. I already have IDM and Eagleget installed in my system. To my disappointment, this didnt work. With my struggle, it downloaded one video after a looooong time without sound and the rest of the videos failed..It just displays a message, ” Connecting to Internet”. Experiment failed.

  36. Nandang

    I got this as a free gift. I format my HD which I m not using this HD anymore because it has bad sector. I forgot some important file. I think its good to give DYD a chance to recover my files.

    It recover my files succesfully. Recover 150 Gb about 1 hour. DYD arrange my recovered data by folder and file types, makes me easier to find my lost data

    I think this work enough

  37. pnj

    I agree with person above who said Very best. The Macrium Reflect, which have also tried, does work but is so much more complicated and fussy in its operation. The Aoemi does the job just as well, but is so intuitive and simple to work, and also is every bit as “fast” as the Reflect, speed being one of the credits given to the latter. Aomei is click, click, done! to mention also, their help dept is excellent. I had a difficulty (issue was with my machine, and not at all their fault) and the man from the Aomei Co. took charge (I just gave him remote access) and he fixed it for me. I was and am grateful to these good folks.

  38. drvajra

    It saved my life once!! I trust it. Million thanks to Ashraf for giving this out and to AOMEI as well!!

  39. Richard Prochowski

    Glary Utilities Pro does a great job of keeping all my PC’s running smooth. I highly recommend it. And how can you beat the free Pro version. Try it…you’ll love it.

  40. C Newsom

    Works good. You may need to customize the notification icon so it shows up all the time, since after you close the screen, the only way to reopen the screen for a new search is via that icon. It would be great if it included file name in the search. Right now if I search for the word “test” it will find the files with the word “test” in the contents but not the files names “test”.

  41. David Roper

    Here’s your Christmas present 9 months early this year. I have used it for years as my GOTO Cleanup. Many tasks included that you will use and some that you will not need. Simple. Use what you want. Registry a mess, clean it. Truly 1 of the 5 best system Utils.

  42. Johannes

    a) several errors upon installation
    b) want to install autostart process to run on every boot
    c) ask for all my personal info
    –> uninstalled. I dont want to have a prog to know all my files and can bound this to my personal info and runs on every boot and connect to the internet

    • Dear Johannes,
      Please contact our support team to help you with the issue.

      Best Regards,
      Mary Johnson
      MSTech Support Team

    • Dear JOHANNES,

      1- The software installation is simple and straight forward, and you won’t face any problem.
      2- Our software just need Internet connection just once for online activation, The autostart process is for SharewareOnSale notification program and it’s not related to MSTech Search in Contents
      3- Plus serial number, the only information is required to activate the software is your full name, email address and the country you live in, which we need to serve our customers better.

      Best Regards,
      MSTech Support Team

  43. dan

    This is still the best clipboard utility I’ve ever used (although Clipmate was very good too).

  44. Frank Scott

    The program froze after a few minutes – an error message came up indicating a memory problem (my memory use was only 43% at the time.) Uninstalled.

    • Dear FRANK SCOTT,

      Please contact our support team to help you with the issue.

      Best Regards,
      Mary Johnson
      MSTech Support Team

    • Dear TOMMYBOY,
      The Notepad++ is a editor which first you have to open the files in it (just plain text format*) and then perform a search among the open files. But the Search in Content supports all kind of documents (Rich text, Doc, Docx, Spread Sheets, PDF and etc…). Also This software does not need to open the file and then look inside for your desired phrase.

      * Programming languages files such as php, css, vb and etc are considered as plain text

      If you have any question or need support please feel free to contact us at

      Best Regards,
      Mary Johnson
      MSTech Support Team

  45. ghinfla

    A bit intrusive but seems to do a good job of fixing minor errors. I would buy it for $10 and for free is a deal.

  46. Mark Kim

    OkayFreedom is a VPN by the German technology company, Steganos Software. The VPN is available for Windows only with easy installation.

    Works in all browsers
    Works with torrents
    Good customer support
    Free version available with no registration option 500MB/M
    Pay through Cleverbridge AG with credit cards, PayPal, SOFORT Banking, and bank wire transfer.
    OpenVPN with AES encryption, using a 256-bit key (according to their website)

    Number of Server Locations (countries) 12
    Number of servers 40
    Includes Kill Switch No
    Limited license per devices
    Classified as KEY-LOGGER Malware
    Under The 14 Eyes surveillance countries / bound with German government jurisdiction surveillance policy
    Only for Windows
    No Netflix / Streaming capability

    Overall OkeyFreedom VPN isn’t giving us our freedom in full since they aren’t open about encryption implementation, it gives the impression that they have something to hide. For users those who lives in PRC or DPRK or Middle East might risked being arrested by their government if German law authority hands over their “VPN browsing record” (if requested by gov agency). Also worth to remember that OkeyFreedom VPN classified as KEY-LOGGER MALWARE by Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus Lab.

    A fair guess would be that the OkayFreedom VPN uses RSA encryption for session establishment. However, as the support staff refuses to answer this question, it can only be assumed that OkayFreedom either uses very weak RSA encryption or no encryption at all. RSA can have a key of 1024 bits, 2048 bits or 4096 bits. The RSA company admits that a 1024-bit key can be cracked. If the distribution of the AES key is not properly protected, the entire session can be decrypted by snoopers.

  47. Paul Tucker

    This has been the program I have always been looking for.

    I have used many a cleaning and tweaking windows programs in my day, but none have done such a great job putting so many options for users in one program. Kerish Doctor is one special program.
    Then I saw this program and the comments made it sound great well I can say it really is the best cleaning & tweaking program I have ever used. I used this app for all of 20 mins before I went and got a 3 year subscription to it.

    If you have not as of yet given this program a try please do, this is one awesome piece of software.

    • If THIS program is not the BEST,then I would dearly like to know what you think is better. I believe that I have probably tried them all,way back when I had Windows XP!

  48. Phan Hieu

    Works better than i expected :D it makes my RAM go from 3.9/4GB to over 2.7/4GB, good for games and do multitasking. Totally recommended

  49. David

    I’ve used this in the past from giveaways, and found that it was well worth at least the price I paid for it…$0. It seems pretty good for it’s intended purpose, but as someone else mentioned, it cannot be used as a standalone email client. Seems like they should build this into Thunderbird or something, rather than making it an extra step you must do before reading your email. I would never pay the list price for this product, and probably not even a quarter of that, although I’m a cheapskate. I haven’t decided if I’ll take it this time or not. The thing is, you need to spend some time and effort training it, then after your 1-year trial, you need to buy it if you want to keep using it.

  50. DJB

    I have been using the free version for a long time, and it works fine for me. The difference between the free version and the paid version is that the free version only supports one account. As I only have one, that is not a problem. I do agree that the license fee is high, but if you have multiple accounts with significant span, it would be a good investment.

  51. BD

    It may be a decent cleaner, but I uninstalled it when my windows shutdown (win 7) went from 25 seconds to three minutes right after installation.

  52. Aleks26ru

    I have long wanted this program and still free and here’s a gift. Thank you site. Very convenient program for operation and maintenance.

  53. MikeS

    I have the 4.6 (this is 4.7) BUT not installed. I have Ashampoo Winoptimizer installed (a giveaway), wonder why?
    But to be honest VERY long time since i have used a “Windows FixIT” program pack. Have a half dead Windows 8.1 Home unable to update to the full monthly “update package” for years. (to lazy to use 1 of the 8.1 pro licenses i bought when they cost near to nothing, you know format C and all that). And still, WHY do i only have Ashampoo’s and NOT Kerish Doctor’s “save Windows” program suite ? Must be something bugging me about not only Kerish Doctor but also similar ? Maybe they will just not shut down or what ? Can’t remember, sorry :o/
    Oh and I WILL be downloading and installing this v4.7 of Kerish Doctor, it is after all, one of the best of it’s kind ;o)
    IF I get back here in time, I’ll write a little about just how much You can f’up Your OS with one of these (a lot if you don’t know what your doing), and if i find out in time why I uninstalled them all (but not Ashampoo’s), good luck.

    • Well, reasons NOT to install Kerish Doctor 4.7 : NONE
      When installing, you can choose, not to let Kerish D. start up with Windows. SO be mindful when installing and “No problem”.
      It will not take away ANY resources, when you need them all elsewhere. It will not complicate booting if you need a “clean boot”. Now this is just me, wanting full control, if and when, same reason i miss Win 7, and cling to 8.1 ;)
      I will in other words be keeping this Kerish Doctor installed this time around. And again, it is after all, one of the best.

    • So it works fine, KD, helped me updating Win 8.1 home perfectly for first time in 2 years. But upstart (KD’s) is very slow.
      Glad I went with manual upstart, and not letting KD start up with Windows.
      That and “running out of licens” must have been the reason I uninstalled KD 4.6
      But now I have KD (4.7) again for at least another year, and free, that’s very nice indeed.

  54. Anita

    I had Kerish Doctor on a previous computer, but lost it due to computer death. I loved this program and am very happy to have it again. Are there are free upgrades for 1 year? After that do you still have the program? Thank you so much.

    • I would say Yes and Nope. You see a not updated KD, is not so useful in all it’s features.
      And IF you update after 1 year, it will be unlicensed. And maybe not starting up, and that’s no good if it’s set to start up with Windows? Sorry but i don’t remember, if it starts up unlicensed or not.

  55. Adam Jadwiszczak

    Pros: Very smart and carefull scanning PC in searching problems and no used functions by user, detecting weak spots in PC after installation Kerish Doctor, usefull functions like: Game Booster and etc… Ewerything in this software is great.
    Cons: 0 Cons.

    My review and Conclusion: This is the best software ever which i used 3 years ago and i still using him. Really usefull to solve all problems with PC like: BSOD and more.

  56. enrique preciado

    after years of testing many similar programs this is simply the best , stable and it does not create problems and finds more trash than most safely

  57. Gian

    I love this program, helps me a LOT programing. Easy to use and I cant live without this program anymore xD

  58. Brandi Jasmine

    Sound does not work. Video is recorded, but there is no ability to record to MP3. Doesn’t seem to have configurable properties. If there is, it’s sure not intuitive.

  59. Darek

    It is a very simple program that does not have any configuration options, and the recording can only be saved in the MKV format.

  60. Derek Ess

    Looks like it could be useful, but it lacks a batch-import function; and while it tracks movies, it doesn’t handle TV shows.

  61. spamcop

    What is it for? I have to manually enter 3000 songs from my library? no import mechanism. Weak definitely.

  62. Simon Wang

    I want to use it for my music and book managementn tool, Thank you for such good offer.

  63. Normal

    Thanks for all of you! The happy life can be with another program. I don’t like the interface of this Efficient diary, besides it can not use unicode.

  64. Bob

    Probably worth checking this one out again. Downloaded and installed without problem. Downloaded sample video from youtube quickly and then coverted to mp3 no problems. This one will be a keeper for me.

  65. Gabor

    The clueless guy here – meaning I know little about the technicalities of image optimization… you could say I’m the generic User, who does not care too much about the details, as long as the results are good. And this software does make imges better. Well, images that need improvement. And non-photographers usually take this kind of images, don’t we? :)
    So: if you’re looking for a software which literally requires you to open an image and then save the enhanced version, this is for you. It does not make the best job possible – but it does improve the images. As long as you’re not expecting too much of it, this software will serve you well.

  66. Lea Wiggins

    I had high hopes for this little program. I installed it and went to youtube and this is the link I experimented with downloading:
    I played the music as I was downloading it since I like this sound track and purchased it through Amazon.
    After everything was downloaded I went to check out the downloads in the folder and listen to them. There were 48 audio files since this little program downloads the ads that youtube has. Not a problem as those are easily deleted. Out of the 18 songs that I downloaded only one was good. All the rest played back at an accelerated speed. The conversion to .wav file did not work. It showed 2 files but with 0 bytes.
    So I have uninstalled it. My honest opinion is it is a waste of time unless the company fixes the problems

  67. Robert Smith

    I downloaded and installed this software, yesterday. I already have two photo management programs, but tried this one and it is fantastic. I think one of the best things is the duplicate photo finder, I had hundreds and hundreds of duplicate photos that it found, and showed me where they were and let me delete them. If you have a large collection of photos you should be using this software. I only tried on a folder of just over three thousand photos, next I am trying on my 103,000 plus collection and expect the same results.

  68. David

    I have used previous version of this, and been impressed. It has thrown some false positives, but this lightweight tool seems to catch things other AV/AM software sometimes does not. Mind you, this is not a replacement, but it is a nice addition.

    I look forward to trying this new version. Hopefully it is as good or better than it was a few years ago.

  69. Greg b

    had the last one, needs to say pro at top. installs over the old one without uninstall. great program catches browser bugs didnt know had.

  70. zemanalookalike

    Looks just like Zemana antimalware, I think even the version number is right. Zemana flags .bat files and wants to quarantee those very often.

  71. Ramarwall

    My rating: 0 stars. Why? Exactly the same as Kevin wrote: It creates index and find quickly. However, the process of indexing amount of documents is always interrupted. I tried 4 times, always with a smaller amount of docs, and it was interrupted everytime. I uninstalled this soft after that. Hope to see better version.

  72. Mudo J.

    Not very useful for me, since I am mostly using OpenDocument formats. Looks to work fine with MS Office formats.
    I am actually using the open source DocFetcher, that serves me very well.

  73. Kevin

    It creates index and find quickly. However, the process of indexing amount of documents is always interrupted. I uninstalled this soft after that. Hope to see better version.

    • Please click the setting button on the top-right of the window.
      Settings –> Advanced Settings –> Send error report (at the bottom) –> key in any email –> Click Register.

      This procedure will send info to us for analyzing the root cause of wrongly interrupted indexing.
      Thanks for your help.

      Feel free to contact with

  74. Julian Clayton

    What a load of rubbish. This couldn’t even find a text file called textseek.txt

    • Hi,
      It seems abnormal in your specific environment. Only a few users have such problem.
      do you set the search scope correctly?
      Please click the setting button on the top-right of the window.
      Settings –> Advanced Settings –> Send error report (at the bottom) –> key in any email –> Click Register.
      This procedure will send info to us for analyzing the root cause of none match.

      Thanks for your help.

  75. wosa

    The good:
    + rather fast an compact disk and partition backup!
    ++ some useful tools for a wide range of situations
    + package all in all not too blown up : it is relatively small for such a bunch of tools!

    What would be nice to get improved:
    ~ more of straight forward handling of tasks ((1 or 2-click s – especially backup and restore of disks and partitions!)

    The bad:
    – Failed on my 64-bit Windows 10 (fully up-to-date!) to create a recovery Disk
    – grotesque enough that you need to download and install on a Window 10 machine:
    – Windows AIK (which is for Windows 7 … !)
    – and NET framework 2.0 (…!)

    While the offered package since long (and always again!) looked and looks very promising, I ALWAYS found bugs or problems in ALL previous and current versions.

    Due to my explications I could not decide wether to give 3 or 4 stars for the software. Finally I decide for 3 stars.

    It´s not a bad idea to learn from other developers an peep over their shoulders – even if creating new features and planing different approaches…! (especially you could learn from “DriveSnapshot” working with just a temporary driver – no system installs!. Or from the clear an well structured GUI interface of Ashampoo Backup, just to mention 2 of many examoples)

  76. Becca

    MalwareFox downloaded and installed with no issues in about 15 seconds, scanned my computer in less than 15 minutes and detected a few items I was not aware of. There are no conflicts with my anti-virus or other programs. This appears to be a good program! I’m pleased – thank you :-)

  77. mahdiameri28

    Hello. to you and all the respectable colleagues.
    Thanks to the programmer, able, always, success and win.
    With new update. Problems have been fixed.MalwareFox Premium.
    This update is a powerful application.
    Amazing! Unlike other apps, uncomplicated!
    This app is very Very Good, No Ads, No Crash, No Bug, Just Great! Thank you.
    This Software more than 5 stars.
    Thanks . have nice day

  78. Terflip

    Program has been carefully thought about in its tools and appearance. +
    Loads easy with a small system resource finger print. +
    Seems thorough in scan. +
    Allows a system restore to be created before repair. (in program settings) +
    Fast repair. +
    Slow in scan. – So far that is the only negative I found.

  79. tony

    so i am the average shade tree computer guy. What i know i learned along the way. Before i ran the program my memory was being used was at 6 gig at any given moment. I bought more ram 4 days ago as a result . dd4 is expensive. After running i am at 3 gig of ram being used and i shaved almost 10 seconds off my boot time now down to 32 seconds. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  80. Tasos

    This applications combines, explosure, saturation, brightness and dehaze in an automatic way (with the click of a button). It does a good job, especially when the original photograph has issues about light and colors. Of course, if the picture has properly level of brighness and colors, it does nothing at all, which i find it natural

  81. CompNetTeach

    Very intrusive install, so I would rather not have over 650 changes to the registry THAT HAVE TO BE MANUALLY REMOVED. Giveaway registration code does not work with portable version available from their website, which I assume, that if it is portable, does not make all of these registry changes.

  82. wosa

    I am not as impressed as my ancestors:
    Many years ago they had a great start…
    And what I liked best was their command line tools, both, for compressing and extracting files and folders: quick, neat and clean.
    but since long you have not only to pay for there package (which is absolutely OK for me!), but the command line tools are NOT included in the standard version – so you have to buy separate or buy the big package….
    And all that is combined in a meanwhile very huge(!!!) package – with all that stuff that I don´t need at all.

    My (perfectly subjective) conclusion is:
    not a bad package, but too big and no longer that much efficient to use as it were in former times.
    And: there are a lot of (even free) alternatives, too!
    And personally I have the faint idea, that the package is neither fitting the real need of the standard users (too much not needed stuff), nor the real needs of sophisticated users which often use the command line.

  83. Gabor

    Just came to let anyone who has OnlineTV 13 installed (just like me) an wondered (just like me) whether installing this newer version will overwrite the older one: well, you can decide. After you start the installation process it detects the older version and asks whether you want to get rid of that or keep it. A nice touch, I like this, because this way I know I can give the new version a try, but can get back to the older one if the new one doesn’t convince me.
    I hate when installing newer versions automatically throw out the older ones, great that this software doesn’t do that.

  84. TomSJr

    Just get Norton and WiseCare 365 and you won’t need anything else. This software has the very same features, but more powerful, than UnHackMe. But, if it is FREE you want, then get it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  85. Andrew

    I’m sure this will vary very much depending on the image, but I’m very glad to add it to my toolbox. I have a lot of old scanned photos, and the results are remarkable. I have Nik, DxO, Photoshop, all the Topaz Plugins and the Athentec Perfectly Clear, all of which are wonderful in their way, but for just making an old scanned photo look better this is more successful by far (and more easily) than I’ve found any of them. Be aware the Photoshop plugin won’t work as it needs Photolemur Spectre for batch processing.

  86. Tim Maney

    Popups on every page you visit asking to upgrade and I mean every page you visit. Not a real giveaway. And the DNS leaks so you are not protected.

  87. TomSJr

    I have had NordVPN for 3 years now. It is excellent! I also have PIA, but I always end up going back to NORD! Nord is located in Panama and is not subject to American law, so Nord will never give up any info they have and they keep no logs on anything. Love Nord!

  88. Tony S

    Downloaded, installed entered reg info. Viewed many YT videos, verifying they had transcripts. Pasted URL in area and clicked Search button. Each time error occurred: “There are no transcripts available for this video. Auto-generated transcripts contain no data and cannot be downloaded.” Even entered the example URL which also failed! Had this from prior giveaway but uninstalled since it had same issue and reinstalled this one. Any help appreciated. Thanks…

  89. octavio

    is one of the best VPNs I’ve used with a very intuitive and very easy to use interface

  90. Peter

    The speed of my hard drive increased from 100 MB/s to 2500 MB/s. Great program. Even better than Primo Cache!

  91. Roger

    Leaks DNS.

    This software leaks the DNS in the background. If you’re using it and you think your hidden, you’re not. There are several DNS leak test sites on the Web to test this if you have doubts.

  92. Stephen

    Hello everyone. Thanks to AP87 for his information.

    There are a couple of things about this software that warn me to STAY FAR AWAY from this software:

    1. There appears to be no P2P torrent support. The name of the company and software is seed4me, which strongly implies that the company and software are built upon seeding, presumably torrents, which the software doesn’t support “to anonymize; you can still torrent, but most users will be under the misapprehension that their IP is hidden”. This means that SOMEONE other than the user is seeding something with this software, most likely the company. My guess is that the company chose this name to market to other companies who pay for seeding adverts by injecting outside info into the stream after obtaining target information from user traffic.

    2. This brings me to my next objection: the Terms of Service are Draconian (that is being nice) at best. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE FOR THIS SOFTWARE PRIOR TO INSTALLING.

    If you read the excellent post by user AP87 in the reviews section for this software (you are currently in Discussion, not reviews), he goes into great detail about the horrible TOS. You can read those reviews at this link (look for user AP87)
    In his excellent review of the TOS, there is one part that should make your hair stand on end. While there are plenty of other parts of the TOS that alone would give me great pause about this software, this particular part easily decided for me to NOT INSTALL.

    “Seed4.Me reserves the right to install, manage and operate one or more software, monitoring or other solutions designed to assist us in identifying and/or tracking activities that we consider to be illegal or violations of these ToS’s. ”

    They reserve the right to INSTALL, MANAGE AND OPERATE ONE OR MORE SOFTWARE…OR OTHER SOLUTIONS.. They are saying they have the right to install ANYTHING on your computer that “(they) consider to be illegal or violations”. Note that it doesn’t say IS illegal or violations, but what (they) consider. So if someone at seed4me CONSIDERS (opinion) there MIGHT be a TOS violation, they can install any software they want, as long as it, in their opinion, will “assist us in identifying and/or tracking activities that we CONSIDER to be illegal or (TOS violations).

    If you install this software and thus agree to the TOS you are essentially authorizing the company to “manage or operate” ANY software they want on your device.


    I would like to thank ASHRAF for an outstanding site that I use almost daily and for not censoring user posts. He has always exhibited the utmost integrity regarding this.

    Finally, I would again like to acknowledge and thank sharewareonsale user AP87 for going through the TOS and finding these landmines. Please read his post: it is incredibly informative, detailed, and alarming.

  93. A. Holland

    Useful but most features require a paid option to get full video or audio. you get about 20 formats not 400. only about 6 video formats. Requires DVR option and Audio package to to useful. 3d, photo opt and video opt. behind paywall . its so crippled its not worth your time shame on you engelman. (and they spam you to death) thats 14.99 video formats+14.99 audio formats+14.99 3d option+19.99photo opt++29.99 video opt to make this even useful

  94. michael

    Out put formats is confusing with no choice to convert a file to its original size and the conversion speed is so slow as to be unbelievable it has no access to NVIDIA or Intel processor. This Converter is a step back instead of a leap forward in technology . I’m passing on this and suggest u do the same!

  95. Clairvaux

    I bought this program a few weeks ago, and I uninstalled it without ever being able to use it. The installation and registration method is incredibly user-hostile, thoroughly confusing, probably dangerous on a technical level and completely dismissive of good practices.

    I never found how to jump through the successive hoops that are necessary, just to register the program and begin to have a look at the user interface.

    When I finally managed to get some help from support, it was so complex and so bizarre, that I did not attempt to follow it. I was supposed to download some utility by Microsoft, do some strange things to my computer, with no assurance that this would not, by itself, cause some damage. The program also has an unnerving tendency to ask for administrative rights all the time. Not in a normal way, not the way you clear an UAC alert when installing from a non-admin account. Everything needs to be done under admin, it seems, at least at that stage.

    And that’s only a format converter… I have never seen such a thing in my life. I install programs all the time. Free and paid-for. Fortunately, I got it in a deal with another program, Soft Maker Office, which is very good. So I threw away My Format Converter and took my loss. But it sure does not look good on Soft Maker, never mind this publisher.

  96. Declan

    OnlineTV14 is a cute program, I like it. Seeing there is Brexit around the corner, it could be useful soon if it is still available. I would be happy, if subtitles (especially, German Untertitel) were available when watching German TV. But my understanding is it is “unrealisierbar”, not an easy option. Unlike German programs which are absolutely perfect HD quality, the picture quality of most UK and US programs is rather poor. However, not to worry, you will be able to see the latest on the BBC News and get all the regular BBC deliverables. BTW, there’s no BBC 3 – CBBC is here; CEEBies instead of BBC 4. London Live – well, no way to get it. No recording of course, no sound and other snags. No sure it is entirely legal to make all these channels available for free. But if BBC et all get their royalties, then you could use it and even buy Version No 15 which I have not seen, but who knows maybe theres not goodies there.

  97. patrickB

    Pour la france seulement quelques chaînes et pas les plus intéressantes (et certaines ne fonctionnent même pas W9 par exemple).
    Les avantages du soft c’est sa fluidité et la qualité de réception (pour le peu qu’on capte hélas) .
    Le soft Captvt est totalement gratuit , moins esthétique mais bien plus complet concernant les chaînes TV. Je suis déçu pour un logiciel qui à la base est payant!

  98. Mardel

    I used version 13 last fall and upgraded to 14 in the hopes that FOX network would be added. No such luck. I will say that last Fall I was able to watch CBS on a Sunday and see what my local CBS would not show. I need not say more.

  99. wernee

    I recommend it for europe people – specially swiss, german and austrian
    most of german, many swiss and many austria channels available
    also frenchm spanisch and other europen channels available
    I really recommend it for europe people and I use it many years – since version 11 already

  100. Fet Frumos

    Worst VPN ever. Full with advertising, bad connection, slow speed.

  101. Charles

    Despite being described online as intuitive, there is no help available as to how to use this, or what it can be used for. I am sure it Might be very useful if only the author will explain its uses, and in particular, how to navigate through it, and how to use it, what it can be used for and how to do this, for each thing it can do. Otherwise I’m baffled by it!

  102. Mike M.

    Very simple to use! At first, I could not load .mp4 videos. A message about illegal codecs or something. But, changing the extension to .avi fixed this. Afterwards, I changed it back to .mp4 and this product is a must have if you have shaky videos. (and who doesn’t?) I recommend this product with pleasure. It is not rocket science and doesn’t require you to have any knowledge about editing videos; that’s not what this is for. get it, use it and you’ll agree. Best software for videos ever! Did I say “Simple To Use?”

  103. Quach Phat Thang


    – Light-weight program (~3 MB)
    – Comprehensive & neat user interface
    – Lock PC fairly well
    – The security is good because it requires password to access the setting field.


    – The EULA & software details are not in English when I install this program. The font for Russian is faulty. Some users say English was not automatically detected when they installed & launched LockPC. For me, I didn’t meet this error.
    – The “Buy” button leads me to a faulty purchase page. It’s 404 error.
    – The activation process is quite difficult and doesn’t support the complete license code paste. I have to paste each block of code, not all 5 blocks.
    – The first time I locked my PC (Windows 8.1 Pro), the process is good. However, after unlocking, I see many “Windows Explorer” windows/processes in Task Manager (17 processes). I have tried again the second time and the error has disappeared.
    – The help file (.CHM format) is faulty. I can’t see any text but the table of contents. Error: “This page can’t be displayed”. The language is still in Russian and English is not available.

    – Keep updating your software & fix the bugs (Help.chm, the “Buy” button, the first lock process)
    – Seperate the English & Russian (EULA, Help file, installtion language)

  104. Gojko Pavasovic

    Best giveaway ever, perfect working vpn service with perfect clients i ever seen for FREE

    • Gojko Pavasovic
      There are a couple of things about this software that warn me to STAY FAR AWAY from this software:

      1. There appears to be no P2P torrent support. The name of the company and software is seed4me, which strongly implies that the company and software are built upon seeding, presumably torrents, which the software doesn’t support “to anonymize; you can still torrent, but most users will be under the misapprehension that their IP is hidden”. This means that SOMEONE other than the user is seeding something with this software, most likely the company. My guess is that the company chose this name to market to other companies who pay for seeding adverts by injecting outside info into the stream after obtaining target information from user traffic.

      2. This brings me to my next objection: the Terms of Service are Draconian (that is being nice) at best. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE FOR THIS SOFTWARE PRIOR TO INSTALLING.

      If you read the excellent post by user AP87 in the reviews section for this software (you are currently in Discussion, not reviews), he goes into great detail about the horrible TOS. You can read those reviews at this link (look for user AP87)
      In his excellent review of the TOS, there is one part that should make your hair stand on end. While there are plenty of other parts of the TOS that alone would give me great pause about this software, this particular part easily decided for me to NOT INSTALL.

      “Seed4.Me reserves the right to install, manage and operate one or more software, monitoring or other solutions designed to assist us in identifying and/or tracking activities that we consider to be illegal or violations of these ToS’s. ”

      They reserve the right to INSTALL, MANAGE AND OPERATE ONE OR MORE SOFTWARE…OR OTHER SOLUTIONS.. They are saying they have the right to install ANYTHING on your computer that “(they) consider to be illegal or violations”. Note that it doesn’t say IS illegal or violations, but what (they) consider. So if someone at seed4me CONSIDERS (opinion) there MIGHT be a TOS violation, they can install any software they want, as long as it, in their opinion, will “assist us in identifying and/or tracking activities that we CONSIDER to be illegal or (TOS violations).

      If you install this software and thus agree to the TOS you are essentially authorizing the company to “manage or operate” ANY software they want on your device.


      I would like to thank ASHRAF for an outstanding site that I use almost daily and for not censoring user posts. He has always exhibited the utmost integrity regarding this.

      Finally, I would again like to acknowledge and thank sharewareonsale user AP87 for going through the TOS and finding these landmines. Please read his post: it is incredibly informative, detailed, and alarming.

  105. ap87

    Seems very nice; however, as usual with these kind of service-providers ….
    first of all, their terms clearly states they waive all responsibilities for it actually working as described,

    their name “seed4me” implies seeding torrents, some of which may in certain jurisdictions be illegal according to copyrights,
    and in their ToS, amongst buncha other things..->

    “[…] Account Holder further agrees that they or anyone using their account will not engage in any of the following activities:
    – Uploading, posting, reproducing, or distribution of any content protected by copyright, or other proprietary right, without first having obtained permission of the copyright owner. […]
    – Posting to or transmitting through the Seed4.Me Service any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind, including, but not limited to, any material which encourages conduct that may constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, federal or international law.
    – Using the Seed4.Me Service for anything other than lawful purposes.”

    “Seed4.Me reserves the right to install, manage and operate one or more software, monitoring or other solutions designed to assist us in identifying and/or tracking activities that we consider to be illegal or violations of these ToS’s. […] ”

    “Account Holder will be held responsible for any and all damages incurred by Seed4.Me including any amounts charged by any outside entity due to said violation(s) including without limitation attorney fees and costs.”

    .. as with all these providers, trust in them and their accountability is main prio for the end-user.
    I don’t see it likely them being held accountable even if they did what many dubious “free vpn”, “free proxy”, “free .. “-sorta providers are some times suspected of, such as traffic-injection (for example, after identifying a users web-browser (type, version, OS details etc. as would commonly be found among other places in simple User-Agent string in http-get request’s header ..) would act on this to deploy targeted browser-exploits , client-side javascripts to pivot into clients internal networks and potentially compromise other hosts … etc., to sniff traffic / dump sensitive details (passwords, cc#’s, .. etc.), using compromised hosts to sell or whatever other malicious use. Of course, they’re a “who knows”-kinda entity, privacy-protection on domain’s whois-records only pointing to a generic, mass-used catch-all address in Panama for eventual inquiries..
    .. waiving all responsibilities in case of any such events, also on behaolf of third-parties; thus, enabling them to among other things excuse something such as the above example with traffic-manipulation as, “oh, sorry guys, that was a third-party advertising agency” that was hacked/went bad/.. , sorry to those affected but feel confident of our commitment to your security by knowing we’ve now closed their access.” .. or some nonsense as such, presumably third-party — likely non-tracable / non-accountable, such as themselves anyway — to distance themselves for anything bad.
    Were something “bad” to occur to their networks, for example a complaint to their ISP because a user of the VPN was downloading torrent-files illegally, they clearly state they’ll cooperate, may monitor traffic and hand over user details to relevant authorities, enabling compliance with regulatory bodies as broadly as possible while similarly giving users as little room for any mistake as possible …
    For most people, assuming they aren’t doing additional shady stuff as for example the above described scenario
    – which they easily could, get away with it with high likelihood, or in worst case easily reject it as some “non-relatable”, “third-party” .. “somebody else” who users have waived all rights to fault for anything, any of them ,anyway,

    – it may be safer to use your home-connection , even if you are engaging in illegal torrenting.

    Besides not as surely having that logged with such broad authorizations and rights-waivers without even any sort of privacy-governing data-retention policies laid out whatsoever, can feel confident that at least not some “free” service-provider does not log all traffic-data (who would know anyway they aren’t responsible for any of it; you already acepted that if you signed up..), or possibly worse yet , inject malicious data for shady uses of all kinds….

    just my 2cs….
    n, surely many may call me some paranoid freak , talking non-sense..blablabla.. may be.
    just sayin’..may be worth consideration, and something each one individual should consider if they find feasible and worth risking or not .. ^^

    Their terms,for what it’s worth -given their non-accountability thru concealing their identities and actual origin… – is here:

    • “free” .. put some consideration into how and why.

      is this a charity, doing this to be nice to random unknown people whilst not wanting to disclose who they are .. some secret santa of sorts? lol.
      the question is their main means for monetizing and funding such operaetion … which to me has too many potential security-aspects (for the end-user) being , eh, I’d say , potentially “quite bad” , that I would trust me network and data-traffic with such unknown entity as easily.

      Certainly, still, this sort of service _does_ have its uses, in many ways and for numerous reasons..
      for example, many chain-connect numerous relays such as VPNs provided here. Done appropriately one may fairly anonymously have chained thru numerous relays, in different ways .. , which would make back-tracking quite demanding if at all likely possible to most adversaries. They might be just one of another 30 relays in a chain, each non-identifying and with some more secure relays on each end and security-mechanisms amidst em all to attempt to complicate efforts for tracking …
      as one example :P
      Just wanted to add, this may have a lot of uses still – despite, assuming all worse-case scenarios such as some of which were described in my first post, given all were true…. (which, we can only hope it ain’t, or at least not every part of — and/or worse yet. lol .. o_@ ), might still be found of use and a resource to many, for many purposes and in numerous ways… given preparation and precautionary measures being taken.

      Hopefully, though, they’re just being really nice and giving everyone free stuff and idd. only having source of income through the continued servicing of their vpn-service as stated by satisfied users who remain with t hem after this initial period and decided to become paying customers. That’d be nice.

      Again, i may be some crazy paranoid freak though… but I’d consider that last possible scenario of them being the good-guys and all, despite all signs and possibilities , and previous history of similar ones, to be, fairy-tale kinda wishful thinking. but yeah, im just some paranoid manian eh. ha

      g’day n take care, aye .. ^_-


      best rgds,

    • Hello Dear AP87!

      This is Alex from Seed4Me VPN.

      Thank you for your notes. You have done rather deep conclusion only by reading a single page.

      This page is a standard “terms of service” you can find on almost any whitehat VPN/proxy/any online service website.

      Yes, we require not to break the law of the country where the VPN node is located.

      Torrent are allowed in Switzerland and Sweden.

      We do not log or DPI traffic.

      We earn on paid subscriptions and we have our own advertising platform where ads a strictly moderated: we will never advertise or make you to install malware or something that may harm users PC and users privacy. The only thing you maybe offered to install is Seed4Me updates.

      Please, feel free to ask me any questions regarding our service!

  106. techos

    Very slow disconnect every minute & at last break your connexion
    Impossible to surf on the net
    I was obliged to remove it ans repair the computer

  107. Ulf Qwarfordt

    The defrag seems to work well. Unfortunatly the program insist on installing other programmes . I dont like hard pressure salesmanship and prefer to make my own decisions so I can not recommend the programme.

  108. mahdiameri28

    Only Best Site World Giveaway .
    Thanks to the programmer, able, always, success and win.
    This is great, thank you, I am also proud that this is your country’s victory.
    Your developers did an extraordinary job. I’m really happy with all the kids.
    Thank you . You and your colleagues. You work all night and day.Only Best World.Seed4.Me VPN
    Provide the best software for users. And we use it safely.
    Amazing! Unlike other apps, uncomplicated! This app is very easy to use!
    The VPN is very good with incredible speed, Babar Open the Blocked Sites,
    thank you ,Overall, VPN it’s a reliable,is the most security,
    Congratulations to the company experts.
    Very Good, No Ads, No Crash, No Bug, Just Great! Thank you.
    Thank you for making such a beautiful product.
    This Software more than 5 stars.
    Thanks . have nice day

  109. Unkabob

    I’ve used IoBit software for years and I’ve had no problem with any of them although using ASC Ultimate with Malware fighter at the same time can cause conflicts (just use MF manually and you won’t have any problems).. My reason for writing is the Action Center that many seem to have a problem with.. I personally don’t because they often allow big discounts on their products once you become a regular customer and even if you don’t, once you realize what that section’s about all you have to do is not click on it.. Simple.

  110. Dimitris T

    I think the speeds are slow and the ping is too high. I don’t know for others, but it’s not for me… Sorry.

    • Hello Dimitris!

      This is Alex from Seed4.Me VPN.

      Please let me know what VPN location did you choose and how far is it from the place where you are?

      We would love to help you to find the fastest server for your needs, please, answer us here on SharewareOnSale, or drop us an email —

  111. Martin Brown

    This program phones home every 3-4 hours and, if internet is not on, deregisters itself. Had to delete it due to bad behavior.

    • Our apologies. We’re improving the registration process. Future version will be usable offline.

    • The program is updated to version 1.2.0, and now is usable off-line after on-line registration.
      Thanks you!

  112. Rob

    Kotlin is NOT user-friendly. I am a programmer, I tried it and it is pretty useless!

  113. Martin

    Terrible piece of software. Don’t waste your time. After 9 hours creating an image of a 60GB drive it had only reached 48% and seemed to be stuck. My PC fan was at 100% and the whole process was driving me crazy. Ugly-looking program too. So awful.

  114. EJames

    I used this software two weeks ago and later was unable to boot out of it. Each time I tried to boot my computer, Isoo Backup and System Restore would force my system into booting into their program and would not allow me an alternative. When trying to boot my system (Win 10) the program would not allow me access to my computer unless I went through the Isoo setup program… it would then indicate that I buy myself out. I refused. I had completed the free registration when I installed the program earlier that day. Apparently Isoo re-wrote my boot instructions in favor of its own. I had to contact HP for new factory boot disk. I had to factory reset my computer. I CAUTION YOU…DON’T USE THIS SOFTWARE!

  115. WALABUY

    This fine tool does exactly what is stated in the description. While being not the fastest among file recovery software (complete scan of 500GB harddisk with 450GB data takes approx 40 min) it is reliable and comes with a full range of recovery options such as search throught deleted files by file type, size, date to recover, and save\load session. Also it warns not to recover files on the same drive those were deleted what is useful for users who do not want to delve deep into the file recovery process. Can recover files to any external media, cant save to network location.

  116. coco

    This is a great VPN!
    The blockade and censorship of our network is the most serious in the world.
    The network I use is 200mb.
    Use windscribe pro to hit up to one-half of the maximum speed on a particular network node.
    This gives me a very comfortable game and browser experience.
    I have been using the free version of windscribe, and the 10GB of free traffic per month is even better than the chargeable VPN in my damn country.
    Until I stumbled across this promotion.
    The price of $69 and everything it offers is perfect for me.
    My evaluation is for reference only. Everyone is in a different network environment. The same VPN does not necessarily have the same experience.

  117. issara Khamhomkul

    I am beginner of editing videos just for a hobby.
    I don’t have a time to learn about vegas, premier …
    This is very easy, and strong, I think.
    I recommended.

  118. heikki laukkanen

    I used to use this application quite a long time ago, back then it needed to be updated, and today it still hasnt received a much needed updated.
    Meanwhile the aim of this app is to hook your fsx flight simulator into this app for tracking your fsx flight movements on google earth which is a pretty good thing, and in real time. The way it achieves this, is by remotely connecting to your internal router and the way it uses your phone’s GPS is by locating and following the aircraft in real time from your home router, which displays the aircraft and sends data constantly to your phone’s gps, so when you look on google maps the aircraft is constantly updated, while being positioned by the gps. It is a very smooth transition. There is a downside, in which your cant really leave your home without disconnecting. The GPS needs the internal router to keep it continously updated. The reason for the 5 stars is that it still works with fsx pilot which is an auto pilot for fsx and p3d v.4.4. This is not compatible with tablets!

  119. Denis Morrow

    I got Pixteller online free version a while back. The watermark for free version was unobtrusive but still unwanted. Today’s offer of Pro Lifetime subscription was too good to turn down, especially with sitewide discount running at a further 20% off.
    Easy to use online editor and thousands of templates makes this a doddle to throw up a poster in a few minutes. Today’s offer will pay for itself in one poster if you need to use it in a professional way for a club or pub party etc without fear of litigation. I like the adjustable transparency feature which allows the saved PNG image to be used as a template in other software for further editing. There are lots of other features but all I really need it for is to throw up a poster for parties without wasting time designing and editing.

  120. Dereck Walcott

    It is the lightest antivirus based on the cloud that I have tried, while still being very efficient in the detection of viruses

  121. Raymond

    I like programs that detect the need for software updates.
    Installation was easy, and the interface is simple and to the point.
    I would like to choose between an auto-update and a manual update – SUMo only offers a manual update.
    I have one concern – it detected the need to update itself, so if I do this does it void the license received via SoS?

  122. SKY

    Just 10 templates to download, to choose from amongst 10.000 + and umpteen categories. Not worth the time and the money, too expensive IMHO.

  123. Clancolin

    Thank you for offering this software today. Here are my thoughts on the product….

    I’ve been delivering training for well over two decades. In that time, I have seen innumerable presentations that use PowerPoint and many that use variations on PowerPoint – relying on whizzy zooming in and out and swinging around the content – so I think I can recognise a good slide when I see one (hint: whizzy isn’t good :-) ).

    One of the standing jokes in our area is that, when you sideline prefessional trainers and allow geeks and most managers to put presentations together, they invariably load the slides with tiny text or very small postage-stamp images, which they then introduce with comments such as “As you can clearly see”. If you are sitting anywhere other than the fornt row, your chance of “clearly” seeing/reading anything on those slides is almost zero.

    I looked at Slideuplift and the site is rife with “As you can clearly see” templates, with lots of illegible tiny text, unnecessarily-huge borders around text boxes, almost no images, etc. I didn’t see a single slide template I would ever use. So I won’t be installing this software today. Remember, “more” does not equal “better”.

  124. Daniel

    I use NIS (Norton Internet Security) for decades and love it. Symantec’s support is excellent, but I rarely use it because the software is near perfect. AND, as my personal experience with NIS tells me, Norton Security is also one of the best anti virus software one would get. Trust me.

  125. Prince

    Does a very piss-poor job in recovering files! It starts and then stops the recovery process midway. Not worth it!

  126. AWG

    I never do reviews of software but I had to for this one cos i seen it as -100% bad rating …
    I relay like it this software !
    I removed some crap spots with the selection tool that pinpointed the crap spots and it removed them !
    This is now my favorite photo editor cos i cant afford the others. It even erased the blurry parts !
    Thers lots of other tools too

    • Jan 7, 2019 at 3:34 am
      I never do reviews of software

      Perhaps better you continue not to unless you possibly hire a reading and writing instructor?

  127. Victor Mai

    8k player doesn’t support or ever does not have an option the change to 5.1 surround sound even I have change 5.1 sound in the control panel, windows media player run well with 5.1

  128. jb

    As per all the ongoing very low ratings, and poor reviews on this program on Giveaway of the day, Softpedia etc. This player as is, has no real exciting features to justify price, and very limited , and mediocre options, even many (freeware) players can do so much more,and has many more exciting features, not sure why Dimo developers, are not really interested in listening to all the poor reviews, in taking the time improving this player, it could be so much better, but currently it is very lacking in design and features.
    This Program still really needs many addtl hot video/audio improvements and enhancement options & features to make worthwhile.
    Many player options missing that even Free players mostly can do.

  129. FB

    Never seen a sh!t player software like this one! And we need normally to pay for that really???
    Ugly and bad interface (no “Configuration” menu???), can’t play FLAC files (no sound), crash randomly…
    Do not download it, worth nothing!

  130. paulnjean

    Yes, but what it DOES do, and what so many of the others don’t, is allow with just a click to “delete empty lines.” To be able to tighten up those spaces, which can be large depending upon the whim of the original author, is valuable. The control Z issue you mention, cannot comment since have not encountered. Possibly if they read, they will address.

    • That can do Notepad2 as well! (and afaik notepad++ and others, too!)
      And note:
      It is advertised as an EDITOR – but an editor should go back and force in your editing activity, even as much as you like!

  131. txuss

    The program does fine what it says, a lightweight basic Clipboard, It doesn’t use any DB, so just keeps the OS Clipboard memory for the session.
    Therefore, if you know what you need, and this is it, just use it.

    • Oh, please. If no spell check makes this “fatal,” then what of all the others, most of them in fact, which don’t have it either.

  132. Sebastián

    How’s possible that a software like this does not really save what I copied?

    To be clear, the program only saves the texts that are copied in a single session, which means that if I turn off the computer or close the program, everything is lost.

    Something similar happens with images and files. If I copy a picture or a file, and then delete it, then i’m not going to be able to paste it again since the program doesn’t really save copies of any previously copied file.

    It does not “duplicate” the files to save them in the hypothetical case in which they are deleted by accident, it simply offers some kind of shortcut to don’t go back to the folder where they’re saved.

    It could be a lot more usefull if the program saved a copy of everything I’ve copied in a day, so the files will always be there until I no longer need them.

    • The program does fine what it says, a lightweight basic Clipboard manager. It doesn’t use any DB, so just keeps the Clipboard memory for the session. Copying whole files for a Clipboard is not of any use, apart from wasting huge amounts of space and processing time.
      Therefore, if you know what you need, and this is it, just use it. Giving a lone star to this program is not fair, if you don’t like it go for another bigger program, but value it at least 3-stars out of 5.

  133. ОLia

    Congratulations on the coming New year! Let the New one bring you prosperity, dreams and hope for a successful future. Let success be your faithful companion in everything. I wish you peace, patience, harmony, goodness, and good luck, family happiness! Happy New Year! Thank you for your work!

  134. Gun Sleepnarn

    My network in THAILAD AIS Fiber 100/30 Mbps
    I am use zools 100 GB Everage everytime UPLOAD Files Rang in under 80 KB/s download Range under 500 KB/s
    Upload file zise 2 GB about more than 1 week Now I am STOP zools all and heading to ASUS Webstorage 1 TB with $13.99/year (Promotion Time period) work better than zools 1000000 %

  135. C

    Suspicious. It wants me to download software from another site, not Google Play to make it work, after I’ve downloaded from Google Play, not going to happen developers website is 404 too

  136. bharat

    not cool , the sounds are mostly the same unless the pics are very different

  137. chris

    dont work no sound.. export sound works but realtime playing not with expensive creative rx card and windows 10

  138. Reza

    I had an older version of this software from their campaign somewhere else, I was happy seeing their campaign again. And I’m glad downloading and activating it. The activation process is much easier than before, also the icon packs has been redesigned. Cheers

  139. Ty Buchanan

    Program causes an error pop up when you right click on any folder on the desktop. Uninstalled it and the error disappeared.

    • Dear User,
      The software doesn’t have any problem, but there may be some conflicts with other software such as “Antiviruses”. please contact our support team at “”. They will be glad to assist you in the shortest time.

      MSTech Support Team

      • Dear SPUD,
        Would please clarify which kind of problems do you mean. We would be glad to assist you, if you kindly contact our support team at “”. Our support Team are always ready to help our users.

        MSTech Support Team

      • Dear MAGDI,
        Please contact our support team at “” to assist you on that.
        MSTech Support Team

  140. dougdingle

    Installs, launches, is able to connect to my Dropbox account THE FIRST TIME, then as soon as I assign a drive letter, it crashes and disappears. Literally disappears out of the system, including from task manager. Just gone.

    The assigned drive letter is inaccessible, and a reboot is required to clear it from the drive table. Next time I launch it, same exact thing happens.

    Uninstalled, reinstalled to try again (because I can really use something like this), same result.


    Windows 10 Pro, Samsung EVO drive, nothing special about my system.

  141. Roger Mialkowski

    I had purchased this program about a year ago since I was having some long file name issues with my previous choice: CryptSync. My backup program wouldn’t backup many files due to the encrypted files were too deep in long folder names. CryptSync says the encrypted file/folder names double in length so you’re limited to about 120 characters total before encryption. Anyways, CrocoCryptMirrorPro doesn’t have this limitation and the backups completed successfully. It’s easy to use and the tech support (from the author) is usually within a day or so and he was very willing to work through my scenarios and give advice which sold me on his software.

  142. Jason

    Don’t let the name “Studio” fool you. It’s primarily a burning program. And for that it works just fine. However, with a name like that, you would expect it to allow you to create DVD or Blu-Ray menus for movies, maybe even edit movies. It does none of that. Decent program, just a misleading name.

  143. Dan

    What a disaster this PageShare be.
    PageShare runs a compatiblity check the first time your open the program. On my computer it reported issues with Adobe Flash Player even though I have the latest version installed and issues with another program. PageShare’s compatibilty check had a button to “fix” these two issues, but when I clicked on it to fix Flash Player, it opened up my default browser (a fully updated Firefox 64.0) and froze Firefox. When I tried to run “Help” from within PageShare, it opened Firefox and froze it again. (This behavior continued even after a computer reboot.) I’m not about to change my default browser just to use PaegShare.

    The only “help” available is online. The user guide is strickly online. The program is far from intuitive.
    Norton Security flagged PageShare as did Windows Defender. I prudently uninstalled PageShare from my computer and hope that it didn’t leave any infections behind.
    Given that PageShare generated these issues, I must suggest that you should install this program only at your own risk.

  144. Bob

    Dropbox, gDrive and One Drive work great, but it doesn’t support FTP or sFTP. :(

  145. Ather

    What a horrible program. You have to close out of your browser or player, launch AudAudio capture, relaunch your browser, than load back up whatever you want to record. How overly complicated and unnecessary. Just launch and record. Boom. Even clicking on it’s list of programs to switch to recording from it would work. But nope. The creators chose to make life difficult.

  146. Dean

    Love it! Absolutely brilliant builder. Managed to create online store AND sales funnel already!

  147. Kevin

    I am beginner of editing videos just for a hobby.
    I don’t have a time to learn about vegas, premier …
    This is very easy, and strong, I think.

  148. lee

    very fast a quick way to clean your system just needs more refinement on uninstalls of large file


    Love it, light and efficient. does good job wide cleaning and deep optimizing computers

  150. Tony

    Only the “light” and “gentle” presets appear to work. They do a very good job on slightly blurred pictures. If you pick a stronger preset, the program crashes. Windows 10, dual core AMD. Older machine may not be up to the task.

  151. CB

    Works well. You open the program, click on browser or player, and whatever you clicked on opens. Choose what you want to record in the browser or player, and it records beautifully. You also have the option to trim the clip in the edit menu. Once you save your track or clip, exit the program, and the browser or player closes with it. Not sure what the concerns above are. It’s basic but does what it says it will do.

  152. Edu

    I have been with pixteller for nearly a year. Before I bought I asked the creators if they would add new features soon, as I thought it was a little basic. They promised me in a very short while they would add “exciting new features”. I ate the bait, and after more than a year, zero additions. Not only that, they added option to edit and export short videos geared towards social netowrks, and they said it is an “extra” feature that needs to be purchased apart (even though it will function within the same interface as the image editing). In other words, they totally lied. IMHO it is a very basic software app as it is. I liked the interface, and based on that I went for it, but certain things i discovered are very annoying like image placement. Very strict.

    • The (dirty) trick is when they sold Pixteller, they sold it as PRO (which is always understood as that, PRO (not basic, lame version), and it had all the features. Now they invented this “Platinum” and all the clients that were once lifetime, suddenly became subscribers if they wanted to edit GIFs. Pathetic!

  153. david roper

    Not a good feeling when it would not even burn to brand new 8GB USB Flashrive nor a 4.7 Sony gold DVD. Running Win 7 Home.

  154. Serge Verdon

    2018-12-04 SurfShark Review

    Obviously, you have not tried the application. When you say that “SurfShark reckons that you will not feel any difference between their connection and your standard internet connection\” you are very far from reality.

    I spent a lot of time yesterday with Sursharks technical support. I’m losing two thirds of my internet connection. I’m paying for a 60mb’s connexion with my Internet provider. The latest speed test gave me 68,55mb/s when not connected to the VPN. I’ve just learned that I’m now paying Surfsharks to Reduce my speed to 24,68mb/s. Of course, I am not using the web in any way (downloading, streaming, etc.) while doing the speed test.

    You can hardly ask yourself in an intelligent way: « Will I reduce my internet speed in such significant ways if I give $ 100 to a company that has a mandate to protect my connection? »
    Well! According to Harry at Surfsharks, I had to expect that. They will try in the future to improve their servers he said.

    But not only that. The speed issue made me look closely to the application. I have changed three times location, going from Canada Toronto server to Canada Montreal server to finally United States New York server. Unless I need to reboot my system every time, I’m changing location, it’s seems the application is giving me the same IP address for all three of them. I restarted the browser, I even checked through 3 different browsers (Edge, Firefox and Chrome) but I’m being assigned with the same IP address
    Obviously, Surfshark does not offer the VPN quality it claims to offer on its website
    I am of course very dissatisfied, Surfshark refuses to reimburse me.
    If you need a good VPN for your protection, I strongly recommend you chose another brand. It’s seems I lost my money, because I won’t be using the device anymore and still have 26 months of a 28 months subscription. If I can at least help make you save YOUR money…

  155. Starlight

    A game about stealing Christmas presents is hardly a true Christmas game

  156. Paul Van den Bossche

    Downloaded, installed on my (GENUINE) WIN7/64pro. Started the program. Chose for CD/DVD rescue. Accidentally pushed “POWER OFF” button instead of “OPEN CD DRAWER”. Computer nicely stopped all running programs and shut down. Rebooted automatically, got message “not correctly closed…”. Chose “SAFE” mode : computer restarted after few seconds. Same when I chose any other boot option. Computer kept resetting after few seconds.
    Started with WINDOWS DVD : OK, computer boots normal. Ran RevoUninstaller, removed Boot Genius, restarted, everything normal again. Lost about an hour installing, removing …
    Thanks, but no thanks …

  157. John E Reese

    The menu was in my way of doing things. Example: I like to use Shift + Windows key + Right arrow to move the active screen to my second screen. I got mix actions and no moving my window. Right-click on the menu for X-menu not there, just full menu. I tried to understand the menu layout and tried to group like programs under common menu item, not one item work for me. Can anybody tell me where the settings wheel is setting? The power switch was somewhat hidden.

  158. Angel Quiles

    I like it . Lots of ways to use it and many brushes and colors.

  159. dan

    Awful! Install with errors and 2010 date?!?
    Uninstalled after a couple of runs.
    Don’t waste your time.

  160. manfred

    Unfortunately, the program can not convert more than one file. Hangs immediately. However, the individual files convert very well.

  161. Jack Sweeney

    I got this the last time it was here. Time goes so fast that it takes an app to remind me to take a break. I can’t always stop when an hour is up, but I try to find a stopping point as soon as possible after the alert. Breaks keep me from getting too cramped in one position and maintain good circulation. I set the “work time” and the “idle time” for 60 minutes each. When the break screen pops up, I hit “keep working” and the app resets. Leave the “show idle time” unchecked. I changed the “alert text” to “stand up” which gives me a command and instead of the description “break.” If I am eating, etc., I just leave the break screen sit there until I’m ready to work again.

  162. Mal

    Pick of the bunch! I have just recently bought the pro version and am finding it does everything it says it will, and very w\easy to understand.

    Do yourself a big favour and get this 6 months totally free version. Should you not like it (I would be interested to know why) it easily uninstalled.

  163. Unkabob

    … I used to use I0bit pro but graduated to ultimate.. and renew every year. It’s the best on the market and won’t suck up the power as stated with pro. I like ultimate so much that I now use all the other I0bit programs.. For the constant user you will be entitled to a discount at the end of each renewal. Go for it. A great company.

  164. Mykee

    Nice app, but this Standard version only (what no on developer’s website), and I cannot add object (text, overlay image). Add on object pack have plus price, but no professional upgrade price. Under wheater only rain or snow, no any (random) sunshine, wind etc.
    Beautiful, if you have a great wallpaper/picture, but as screensaver is not recommended, because many items is static if no use weather or objects (this in professional version only).

  165. Mario

    In the “old” days Winutilities used to be a GREAT program – today called application.
    So I jumped into it immediately.
    First task asked – find duplicates.
    Yes, it finds them quite fast.
    BUT, when the results were shown, the first thing I did, absolutelly obvious, was to click on the title of de size colums, so all the findings would appear in SIZE order – from biggest to smallest or vice-versa. And what happened? NOTHING!!!!!
    So please, developers, tell now what to do? Shall I go thru more than 14.000 files one by one to find the ones that are really important, and that make any difference? Shall I loose MANY and MANY hours to choose and delete thousands of 50 kb files, instead of one bigger 50 Mb one?
    Common guys – ridiculous!! Did YL fired all previous programmers and kept only interns??? Because only a programmer without any clue of real world would not allow sorting by size on a duplicates files report!

  166. Chris Sun

    I’ve been using this little program on my 2 PCs for 3 years now, and I like its power control functions most. It deserves strong recommendation!

  167. john calvin

    never finds anything. ever. all it does is track you and send your data to china. it supposedly uses bitdefender engine, but fails all lab tests where bitdefender is top of tests. this indicates it isn’t really using bitdefender engine, or it is using a very very old one.

  168. wayne kroncke

    been using it in pro version since earlier versions on win7, makes win10 usable again. love it. Metro theme works great with win10 and aero transparency. rs6 insider previews. Just try the options to customise it, and you can drag, drop borders, etc. LOTS of options.

  169. Alexandre

    I first checked SM-X almost 4 years ago for my W8 laptop and don’t regret doing it.
    It got flaws like crashing or stopping to work. For example, not responding to W-Key or showing W-screen.
    But helps a lot for bringing back the old S-Menu almost as it should be. Also working as a customizable extension of the Status Bar.
    Not to mention, the Chronometer. As just a few programs have options to turn off/sleep after the tasks.

  170. Master Bear

    I have used this program since it was freeware years and years ago. Why? One simple reason: On a single screen I can see every program I have and launch any of them with a single click. Additionally, I can select other ways to view my system, such my program files, my control panel, my desktop, or any other program grouping I’d care to create.

    Additionally, Its customization options are bountiful, especially helpful for a visually-impaired person like

    Its truly an all-in-one Start Menu solution, well worth my 5-star rating!

  171. John USA

    It is supposed to support Windows 10as well according to their information here:
    Unless this free version is an older version and cannot support Windows 10. This will be a big shame.
    I just checked this free version and it is dated March 2017.
    I downloaded the current version from Tenorshare and it is identically this same old version as well.
    This is NOT Ashraf’s fault but Tenorshare’s fault as they are very lazy and NOT updating this program.
    A very big shame on Tenorshare.

  172. Gene

    Long on promise, short on delivery. I’ve tried this on various boot-failure problems (older hardware, Win 7 — which is supposedly more in this program’s wheelhouse) but with no conspicuous success to date. I’m afraid your House reviewers with their standard high praise continue to have a low level of credibility. Nevertheless, I’ve kept this program in the toolbox, due to the promise of the idea, in the faint hope it might one day surprise me. But, you know, in most cases I think I’d rather take my chances — in a full manual approach — with a Hiren’s or a Strelec Win-PE disc, and whatever I’ve managed to learn over the years.

  173. Cait

    This software checked for updates to my program. When I went to update my Adobe Flash Player, it took me to a RUSSIAN site. I did not proceed, but went manually to Adobe to check…My Flash Player was up to date. Scared me big time, Uninstalled this program immediately with Revo.

  174. Gramor

    This is the best uninstaller I have ever tried and the version offered here is the latest, so I would highly recommend it. In my opinion it is the best, followed by iobit uninstaller and then advanced uninstaller. It also works as a software (not driver!) updater. The user is always in full control of what to uninstall or update.

  175. Paulo A.

    I believe this is not a fully tested software.
    I tried to correct a Vista system Registry and it messaged me that this function is not availabe for Vista and above.
    Another bug I found: I have a dual boot system. Sometimes it detects both OS, sometimes don’t.

    I wonder what more bugs and limitations it has…
    Not trustful, for me.

  176. Toto

    I’ve bought it years ago. My iso file is from 2014. The version offered here in 2018 is exactly the same, it has not been updated since.
    I could not use it with a motherboard from 2013 (Asus M5A97) because the USB mouse was not detected, and I could not navigate through the menu with the keyboard only, so it was totally useless. The support said they were sorry, and that’s all.

    It is based on Windows PE from Windows 7, so if you’re lucky it could work on your system. If not…
    As it is free on SoS, it is worth downloading anyway.

  177. Ty

    It makes you wonder what coders are thinking when they create software. For example, when you view the list of saved notes the whole text of each document is shown under the titles on the left side. You have to cursor down through miles of text to find the document you want to edit. The text for each note is shown in the main window. Why would you want to see the complete text again in the title list?

  178. joe

    They promote their product as
    – “This is a 1-computer lifetime license”
    – “You get lifetime free upgrades”
    See here:

    Yet when I enquired as to why I am not getting upgraded to v6 they respond
    – “PDF 5 and PDF 6 are 2 different programs now. ”

    Arrogant & appalling!
    iSkySoft cannot be trusted.

  179. Ty

    Useless! It has no built in dictionary. You have to build your own dictionary one word at a time. How could a developer overlook this essential feature?

  180. Paul Schmidt

    Does exactly the OPPOSIT of what it should! If starting, the fan slows down and the Laptop goes to energy saving mode in order to prevent overheating,thats a game stopper!

  181. Qiff

    On Toshiba laptop, When turned on sent temp to 90 degrees not normally over 60 degrees when multi tasking, Uninstalled and back to norm,

  182. XYZsuftmeal

    I love for this. Efficient Software Company is just great, i have been using the Reminder version and not atleast once it has failed.
    This is another amazing software, i think i’ll make a purchase of this software. I just supporting this company.
    Good companies needs to survive and as user, i need it. too!

    • I just tried the link on 3 different browsers and and got no such it possible your AV software flagged a false positive?

    • Thanks for the review Alf. However, I’m not receiving these errors, nor did you even talk ABOUT the product. I know we’re conditioned by our mainstream media (eg. the NYT) to accept such low standards, but, I come here because it’s not the mainstream media.
      This tool can be useful for people who want to convert videos to a particular format. However, it also provides some cropping/trimming capability. To be honest, I couldn’t see the difference between the two. I should be able to remove a section from a file (eg. an advert) and leave the rest of the file intact. However, I couldn’t see how to do that.
      I only used the program for 10 minutes and these are my initial thoughts.
      + Converts video
      + Converts quickly
      + Allows for cutting a section of video
      – Doesn’t allow for removal of sections of a video (eg. adverts)
      – Doesn’t do lossless removal of sections of a video
      = The interface is a little more complex than i’d like. However, that’s probably a tradeoff between complexity and capability

      I’d really like to see proper cutting (eg. removal of segments) and the ability to perform lossless cuts.
      In Summary, this is a very good video converter as it does more than most.

  183. gsvirdi

    Hello, First of all I would ask you to not to confuse this utility as a pdf reader/writer tool. Nope!! This is a beautiful & clean interfaced utility which will basically work on previously existing pdfs. Using this tool u can ONLY convert Doc & Image files into pdfs which can be perfect for a basic user. Which means u can not convert ms excel, autocad, ppt files into pdf using this utility. U want to make a pdf of ur gmail conversation thread?? Nope sorry, u can’t do that too!
    This utility is divided into four parts (Document, Pages, Content, Security) and all four categories have five items in them:
    Document: PDF to text, PDF to image, PDF to rtf, Image to PDF, Doc to PDF
    Pages: Rotate, Crop, Extract, Watermarks
    Content: Merge, Split, Extract text, Extract Images, Remove Images
    Security: Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign pdf, Metadata, Protect.
    Conversion from PDF to RTF sure works very good and u can open that RTF file and can save as DOCX file. But the files should directly be converted to the DOC version instead of RTF. The converted file had incomplete images 2 times out of 5 conversions, but I will give it a benefit of doubt.
    Conclusion: A very basic, but very nicely created utility, it can surely handle PDFs nicely. I really loved its clean and simple UI. Utility will not allow user to do any settings, all settings are pre programmed into it. I would vote it as a very useful BASIC pdf utility.

  184. Son Nguyen

    This is excellent software for working with pdf documents. It’s appearance look nice. Thanks

  185. tony

    it does a good job at stopping stuff. however the interface now used is overly complicated. your drowned in to many modules, you can not make heads or tails of it. its overly protective, and caused disk thrashing (both dvd and blu ray burner. its a space hog also. 1.2 gig? why? i am an old subscriber from 2016. what they have done is ruined a perfect product.

  186. Nik

    This must be hands down the worst Timesheet application that I’ve ever seen. It’s a joke that the developer actually asks money for it. Stay away… Just…. stay. away.

  187. Kenan j Miller

    It’s an ok program, but with a little googling, better can be found and legitimately free. ThrottleStop is the number one piece of software in the gaming community. Instead of de-clocking the CPU, undervolting keeps the clock speeds up and allows the CPU to run at cooler temps. ThrottleStop does have a steep learning curve, but there are plenty of “how-to’s” on it.

  188. Richard Wheeler

    Amazing Laptop Cooling Wizard “cools” my laptop by cutting the CPU speed to about 1/3 the clock speed. When you’re running low-demand apps such as a word processor, this is not a problem. When you’re running multiple browser windows with a video ads, it’s a big problem. Also, it cuts the CPU speed all the time rather than adjusting the speed only when the temperature rises, and there are no preference settings (such as allowing you to set the temperature at which it turns on or the amount by which it cuts back on the computer’s performance).

    The only thing amazing about Amazing Laptop Cooling Wizard is that it does not speed up the fan. That is the FIRST thing I would do to cool the CPU. If the fan ran faster, the CPU would not heat up as much and then there’d be no need to cut the clock speed.

    It also dims the screen, which may extend battery life a bit but has nothing to do with the temperature of the CPU.

    I will keep the app on my computer for now while I try other solutions. Sometimes, it’s better than nothing.

  189. Tony

    Indispensable. I downloaded ADM months ago and it was a pleasant surprise. Very easy to use even for me that I don’t get lost in endless readings of manuals. Even in my laptop with 2G of RAM is fine, with the browser is always ready thanks to the extensions. You can download everything and there are many ways to do it, the speed is good, developers improve ADM with regular updates and the support staff is always ready to give you help. I do not know what you can ask for more in these latitudes!

    • I do not know what you can ask for more in these latitudes!

      We are in the Southern Hemisphere. Do you know if it would work here as well?

  190. DD

    How or why would you even need this?
    How about turn the speaker off when you boot?

  191. dan

    Not only did it work as described, but it also reduced the size considerably!

  192. Patrick R Stevens

    If you like a news feed from several places around the world this is probably for you. I personally block all newscasts at home as I can get depressed enough on my own. This resource intensive version of freaking CNN in a multitude of languages is not for me.

  193. Nick

    Install requires Windows Media Player, which is not included with Windows 10 any more. Won’t open without it. Uninstalling.

  194. Bill Michalek

    Couldn’t even get it to work the first time. Using Windows 7 with 32 g of RAM. The program couldn’t even find my email carrier, Microsoft Outlook. Waste of time, I uninstalled it.

  195. Ken Meyers

    There is no need for this product if you are using Windows 10. MS has this as one of the features and would just be redundant.

  196. Bob

    Downloaded and installed without problem. wasn’t too sure how it worked at first but having spent a little time playing it seems to work really well – even on some sites that my other downloader was having problems with. I was a little sceptical after reading review of earlier versions but so far it appears that the developers have paid attention to the comments and resolved the bugs

  197. Milan

    This is really good and the deal worked fine. I am really happy and it does what it says it does.

  198. Lyle

    Very cool concept, but this website is down more than it is up. They do not respond to anything; this is the number one complaint in the reviews. I wish was somewhat reliable, but it is not. It is very disappointing and I hope someone buys them because the concept is awesome but the reality is that they have big problems keeping it running.

  199. Catalin

    LookupPal is a good translate program.It translate with a big precision.I use it to translate scientific papers.
    CONS: It can only translate 5000 words in one go,but isn’t an impediment
    It uses google translate and other sites for translation.
    Is very easy to use.

  200. Doug Pardee

    Color Projects 4, being offered in 2018, is a highly-featured program equivalent to the Professional versions for some other Franzis products. It has many, many more features than the current Color Projects 5 Elements. Compared with the top-of-the-line full Color Projects 5, it lacks compositing (the ability to replace part of the image with another image, such as replacing a sky), a few presets, a few filter effects, and reworked film simulations.

    Franzis products try to give you a simplified “first cut” at your editing by providing a large collection of presets. From there, you can drill down into a seemingly bottomless rabbit hole of modifications, adjustments, and tweaks. If you do modify or adjust a preset, you can save the result as a personal preset, if you’d like. Or you can save it to disk. That’s important because when you’re done twiddling an image, if you only save the final JPEG, the modified preset is NOT stored with it. If you want to come back to twiddle some more, you’ll either want to either save the preset or save the whole project — but be aware that when you save a project, Franzis will make a full-size copy of the input file in the project folder.

    The Franzis user interface is an acquired taste. One particular annoyance is that there is no “undo” capability. You can forget about the CTRL-Z; it simply doesn’t work in Franzis. Unless you happened to save a project checkpoint, you’ll just have to reset everything manually (if you remember how they were). Furthermore, changes made in the “RAW” module (whick also works on JPEGs) can’t even be reset once you’ve applied them. This is counter-intuitive to those of us who think of Raw development as re-adjustable while later detailed edits might not be. If you want to undo or adjust changes you’ve applied in RAW, you’ll need to either start over by re-opening the input file, or load a checkpoint you saved before making the RAW changes. There is an option for the program to automatically save a checkpoint every time you open the RAW module — you might want to turn that on.

    If you can get on with the Franzis user interface, Color Projects 4 provides a lot of power.

  201. Ewan Le

    It seems to have a lot of filters so you can easily apply after you review. It’s a time saving tool for those who want a quick graphic manipulation. Highly recommend this

  202. Danial

    Fantastic and useful as ever will definetly give it 5 stars you’ll miss if you don’t try it trust me

  203. craig

    I love it but must point out, that your credits do not roll over to the next month if you buy this deal.

  204. werneeInThailand

    I use that programm since version 11 already (newest version is “14 anywhere”, including android – specially for europe channels (I’m swiss. living in thailand), so a perfect programm !! (if u like to buy the newest version, it will be about 18 Euros)

  205. KRANSKY

    This review in an addendum to Malik’s review. I concur with Malik that the UI is pretty.

    However, Backup4All generates backups using the generic zip format so that you can restore unprotected backups without using Backup4All using zip compatible programs like WinZip, WinRAR, 7zip, etc.

    Furthermore, the Standard edition of Backup4All can not backup to any web based services (eg. Dropbox, Google Drive). However, the professional version can.

    If you can live without zip file backups, you may be better off with AOMEI Backupper. It’s free and it does cloud backups, local backups, entire disk backups, file backups, full backups, incremental backups, differential backups and more (eg. Whole disk images, partitions, sector copy). Most of all, it’s easy to use. However, its UI is not as pretty as Backup4All, mainly because of the dated colour scheme.

    It’s worth considering the upgrade to Backup4All Professional for cloud backup support. It’s a lifetime license for $49.99 (or $20.00 upgrade). It has zip file backups and cloud backups. If you don’t need zip backups, AOMEI is a better choice because of its extra features and free price tag.

    If you don’t want cloud backup, Backup4All Standard is a good option. If you want cloud backup, AOMEI Backupper is a better option.

  206. Agy REG

    This(Standard) version can not be saved in the cloud !
    (only in the professional version!)

  207. Rick Carlson

    So my PC has some issues and I was thinking about reinstalling Windows anyway so I DLed this and on the first attempt, I select reinstall. The next window asks which image file I want to install with nothing in the box and defaulting to my Documents folder to search for it. I’m relatively experienced and couldn’t find one on the PC anywhere. The image file certainly isn’t in nor would be in my documents so the program should default to wherever this file is if it’s actually on my HD. I tried using the walk through provided on the page that popped up but though that was nice, it wasn’t helpful . Excellent idea but in my opinion, for inexperienced users, this would be an unusable program.

  208. Ali

    Very helpful software , it combines 3 leading translation services together at once , it helps me to compare the different translations with one single click by choosing the service I want then choosing the second or the third one again , all from the same window .

    I gave this version only 4 stars because it seems to me this version has an annoying bug or feature ! , ( The American flag just appears on my screen on the typing section then moving with the sentences while I’m typing in English , even though the software was minimized down the screen , The Egyptian flag appears while I’m typing in Arabic , then the German flag appears while I’m typing German and so on ) , I don’t know whether this is a bug or a feature .. maybe they will solve this bug in the next update , however this giveaway has no updates , for once we update it it became automatically unregistered .

    Only those who have paid for this software are able to receive free updates , so anyway whether it’s a bug or a feature , it’s little annoying , I highly advice the developers of this very helpful software to remove it .

    Thank You .

  209. Mr.Dave

    I used another program at work that didn’t offer most of the features of Snap 9, and it consumed about 4X more memory than Snap 9. Snap 9 is excellent for screenshots, especially when you need to crop or blur or add text or symbols, and I like the way I can rename the picture before saving it, and if it’s not the shot I want, I can delete it before it goes to my disk. Once you add a symbol or text you can go back to it later and change it. I think I started with Snap 6 years ago, and Snap 9 is the best version yet. Don’t know what Snap 10 does differently but I’m very happy with Snap 9. Recommended if you do any screen captures, or need an easy way to mark up a page and send it to someone!

  210. Muzik Mama

    windows 10………second time i’ve had it and both times it doesn’t work

  211. Mr.Dave

    This is a fun and useful program! Aimed at guitar players who want to know the chords to a song so they can play along. Pitch and tempo changes would be helpful for any instrument or vocals. Note: this is same version I got from SOS in May:

    Tempo shift is very usable even at half speed, letting you hear details of instruments and rhythms and learning notes and chords at a more manageable pace. When you can play along flawlessly at 110% speed then you’re ready to go out and perform! The pitch shift lets you match the tuning of a song to your guitar or vocal range — you can adjust by semitones (frets) and fine tune as needed. Sounds good across a wide range. You can drop the pitch a whole octave to turn a guitar part into a bass part. The adjusted (processed) audio can be saved as a .WAV file (no MP3 or OGG or FLAC) so you can share it with someone else in your band who wants to learn at a slower pace in the singer’s vocal range. Or, save the file to your phone or MP3 player so you can practice on the porch or in a hotel room. The Chord Viewer section shows a fretboard diagram of how to play each chord, and even shows what chord is coming up next so you can be ready for it. A chord finder lets you look up a chord you want to learn. A built-in metronome can help emphasize the beat. And you can focus on a section of a song you need to work on, by setting a loop. Easy stuff.

    Using a capo? The capo option in the program lets you set the fret for the capo, then all chords are adjusted. So for a capo on 5th fret, it shows an E chord as “B”. You would play a B chord to get a sound like an E chord. This makes it simple!

    One of the stranger features, and what could be the most fun, is the Riff Builder. It took me about 10 minutes to figure it out, using the on line help file. It lets you grab beats of a song and save them as a riff. You can grab several beats in a row for a chord, or single beats for parts of a solo, and you can combine up to 16 beats into a single riff, up to 6 riffs. Then the Song Builder section lets you combine your riffs in any order, up to 16. Say you have a song with this chord pattern: G Bb C D G Bb C D…. You could save out a C as riff 1, a G as riff 2, and (this is very cool) save a G as riff 3 but drop its pitch down two notes to F. Now you can make a new song in Song Builder by adding your riffs as 1, 3, 1, 1, 3, 3, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2 to get a 12-bar blues (C, F, C, C, F, F, C, C, G, F, C, G). The possibilities of grabbing sections of a solo and rebuilding it are limitless.

    The program also lets you isolate what you want to hear in the song, letting you pick the frequency range and filtering out high/low notes, and switching between mono and stereo. I completely knocked out the vocals on a song and the guitar was still very clear. On another I wanted to isolate the organ part but couldn’t really lower the guitar & bass parts. So it depends on how the song was recorded, but can be very good.

    All is not golden. The program has some serious limitations, depending you your skill level and what you’re trying to accomplish:
    1. It only recognizes major and minor chords, in order to improve accuracy. I know people who perform in public that don’t know any other chord types, but a lot of music needs 7th, 9th, suspended, and chord sequences with descending or ascending notes. So this gives an excellent starting point for beginners, not so much for experienced players.
    2. Chord Finder is limited to major, minor, 7th, major 7, minor 7th, sus2 and sus4. Big improvement over only major and minor, but no way to hear the chords and there are a LOT more chord types out there.
    3. On longer songs (like 29 minutes of “Ashes are Burning” from Renaissance) it takes a 30 seconds or more to detect chords, and you’re limited to how far you can zoom in the waveform. Hard to see the individual chords! But the solution is to cut large songs into sections with Audacity or a similar program.
    4. Can’t enlarge the window. Not terrible for me at 1920 X 1200, it fills just over 1/4 of the screen, but people with high-res monitors will only see a very small window.
    5. No concept of time signature, it’s all just beats. So 3/4, 4/4, 5/8, etc. don’t have any effect. Metronome clicks the same for every beat. I haven’t tried it on a song with a swing rhythm (beats alternate between long and short) but assume it would pick some average value. It would be close enough for learning.
    6. Program crashed once as I was adding riffs to the song builder.
    7. Riffs are named as A,B,C,D,E,F. This gets confusing since those look like chord or note names. I think numbers would be clearer.

    Overall I like this program a lot and can see using it when I want to learn a new song. I can take the major/minor chords listed and figure out if they should 6th or 7th or 9th, etc. The speed and pitch change is one of the best I’ve heard and easy to use. Being able to save the songs out means I can practice without my PC. User interface is nice to look at and not cluttered, although it does take some effort to understand the Riff Builder aspect. Highly recommended even for experienced players, and a Must Have for beginners!

  212. jboy

    I have been using an older version and am quite happy with it. A simple program that does what it says.

    As an example, I have a weekly backup scheduled of my “Documents” folder to an external drive. It works like a charm, creating the backup as a zipped file on the external drive. Pops up a little window at the start, clocks the process, then lets you know the end status, whether complete or if there was a problem. If no documents have been changed since the last backup, it tells you that and does not make a new one. If a scheduled job is missed for some reason, such as PC not being on, it tells you that when back on. It runs smoothly and is not a resource hog.

    My needs are fairly simple and I imagine much more can be done with this software that I am not utilizing. I have not had the opportunity or the need to get deeper into it. The GUI is simple and basic, not flashy at all, but don’t let that dissuade you, it works!

    Many thanks to Exiland and the SOS team.

  213. Liberty

    Downloaded without problems (as always from this site). I received my personal license key within *seconds*. The installation was flawless.

    I just have to double-click on one of the tv channels on the left panel for it to load within seconds.

    I was looking for a free application to watch all the main British and German tv channels and now I’ve got it!

    A big thanks to ‘SharewareOnSale’ and to the publisher of this application.

    Top rating from me. Thank you.

  214. Svend Östergaard

    I have not tested this program, but will do it.
    I am currently using Vera Crypt, which is free (Open source) and I found it very useful, since I can have an encrypted partition that I open with a strong password and then acts as a regular disk while I’m logged on to the computer . It automatically closes when I turn off the computer. Very handy for me, since I can have the partition on a USB hard drive or, for example. on my NAS.
    VeraCrypt adds enhanced security to the algorithms used for system and partitions encryption making it immune to new developments in brute-force attacks.
    VeraCrypt also solves many vulnerabilities and security issues found in TrueCrypt.

    As an example, when the system partition is encrypted, TrueCrypt uses PBKDF2-RIPEMD160 with 1000 iterations whereas in VeraCrypt we use 327661. And for standard containers and other partitions, TrueCrypt uses at most 2000 iterations but VeraCrypt uses 655331 for RIPEMD160 and 500000 iterations for SHA-2 and Whirlpool.

  215. Hardeep Singh

    Bitdefender just wouldn’t let it run as it is sending some password unencrypted to their server. Get this prompt ‘An attempt to send your password unencrypted was about to occur on We blocked the connection to stop your private data from being exposed and tampered with.’

  216. Paul

    Online TV for locations around the world that mean nothing to me. Sorry devs but unless you can provide local content then for me this application really has no use.

  217. Mark

    Good deal, but there are about eight or ten additional extras that could add up to a hefty annual bill.
    The cpanel is rich and well organized with everything one needs to manage a site in one page.
    The only one I thought was excessive is the unlimited SSL upgrade charge. Nowadays, everyone expects every website to be encrypted. It does look like at least a few self-signed certificates are included, and it should work with free 3rd party certificates.

    • P.S. No free subdomains are available. You’ll need to purchase a domain name, and point it to their servers.
      is an option for this, but they are only free for up to 12 months. I don’t think free renewal is an option. If you don’t mind changing your website URL once a year, you could theoretically get free lifetime hosting that way.

  218. wosa

    I know and use this Program since ~2 years and I find it useful…
    But I want to make some remarks:
    – You can get this version (13) always for free
    – You should note that even this “Pro” version DOES NOT provide access to data, that you can not anyhow access for free as well …

    I want to do some special notes on downloading files from the “mediathek”:
    The bad:
    – This is not too convenient: you will not be informed about size of those files and also you will get no info about progress in size and estimated remaining time (but at least you get a progress bar – and finally: it DOES download the content well)
    – I don´t guess, there is any other data beside that form german free TV plus a little bit of ARTE, france in french…?!
    – It seems, that you can´t download more than one file at the same time – neither from the same nor from other sources…
    – You can´t even in the meantime search for choose another movie… instead (and even worse!!!), you will not even automatically be guide back to the offers of the station where you were before – and also not to the before chosen time-range; too bad :-(

    The good:
    beside this I found the tool very convenient because for me it appears well structured and worked since now flawless.

    Final note:
    Be warned: I could not find any progress in version 14 – which you will be a little be urged to upgrade to.
    The only slight progress seems to be that they dropped the need for an installed flash-player.

    Now it is up to you to decide :-)

  219. mark

    Not a whole lot of channels its just news and stuff if you are living in america, defenitly not worth the download.

  220. Greg

    Downloaded it, installed it, tried it, uninstalled it. Don’t waste your time! have the programs don’t work. You want free TV on your laptop or desktop. This software pales in comparison. Not worth the effort. An hour of time I’ll never get back.

    • have the programs don’t work (have..what?)
      software pales in comparison (pales in comparison to…what?

  221. Ken Maughan

    I had 14 tv stations displayed on the program , so not a lot of good for me.

  222. Eddy O.

    Nothing special. You can do what the software does on Google, Bing and others to translate without having to install this extra software. In fact this software uses Google and Bing for its translation function.
    1. Snippets
    1. Does not give you an option where to install. Will only install on C: drive
    2. No (X) tab on main window to close the program. Only minimize tab on main window. So when it’s open you can not (X) to close it. Or you have to right click on icon on bottom of task bar and select the close option.
    3. Because of the issue mentioned above most people will just minimize it and the program stays running in the background.

  223. Master Bear

    I have been using the free version of SoftMaker Office software for sometime now and I’m thrilled to get the full version for free. Besides its compatibility with MS Office products I found it much easier to learn and get a handle on the advance features than MS products. Additionally, I prefer the menu bar over the ribbon bar which SoftMaker allows and even allows me to use large icons so I can actually see what I’m clicking on without having to stretch out over my keyboard to see. Speaking of the menu bar, it is completely customizeable, including which tool bars are shown, which icons are included, and creating your own custom items for both tool bars and icons.

    While the overwhelming amount of my time is spent working with their text application, TextMaker, whenever an app has called for me to open an application requiring a presentation or planning app, SoftMaker has been able to render the file without any errors or missing elements. Also included with the Office Suite is the complete ability to work with frames for pictures and artwork, drop caps for artistic formatting, tables, headers and footers – and each with their own individual tool bar that can appear when you use that specific function (or not, your choice).

    For all these reasons and more, I rate this product 5 stars.

  224. Mark

    This is not really a full hosting package. It is a build site by template only site. There is no ftp, cpanel, ability to add a blog, forum, etc. No way to access site content directly, or write code for an individual site page.

    • First of all, the seller never talked about Hosting Package but about Hosting included in the websites builder. Second, it was easy to search their website: Here you can find more details about the service offered. I am not an Obior affiliate.

  225. Frederick

    Totally useless because it is only the free version. Better off with ccleaner. It is like they throw you a bunch of free fishtales hoping that you buy their fish. Wise Care 365 has a free version much better than Steganos Tuning PRO Freemium which really is no pro version just marketing deceitfulness to luring in a person to buy their paid version. Yes Wise 365 also has a paid version but in their free version you get much more than this marketing gimmick that Steganos is promoting.

  226. Roger

    I bought the Bitdefender AV (the basic version) at a really great sale on, at a retail price of Rs. 150 (nearly $2 ) for a 1 PC, 1 year license. They immediately gave me a license key via email, which I added to my Bitdefender Central account and downloaded the latest 2019 version. I thought it was such an amazing deal; the best AV (as reviews on the internet say) at such a throwaway price. But alas! I was wrong.

    Problem 1: The detection engine is good. I was pleasantly surprised as it immediately detected a few malware in my PC. But a few days into it, it started detecting some genuine software as malware, along with false ransomware detections. At first I believed the software, but a bit of research on the internet showed me that it has a history of detecting many genuine software as ransomware, with no way to unblock them. So much for over-the-top protection.

    Problem 2: My PC has i3 with 4 GB of RAM and Windows 8.1 64 bit. But Bitdefender seems to need a lot more that that. My PC practically freezes when Bitdefender is doing a random scan. Sometimes, it’d start an automatic background scan when I am actively using my PC. These are supposed to be done in idle state. Apps take a lot more time to launch and my system is in a constant state of slowdown with that stupid AV. So much for an ‘optimized’ software.

    Problem 3: The update thing is broken in Bitdefender. Most won’t notice it, but I am used to manually updating my AV software everyday when I turn on the PC, even though the automatic updates are enabled. I do the same in Bitdefender, and noticed that it takes a lot of time to update, not to mention the huge amounts of data it consumes in the background when updating (somewhat like 500-700 MB). Unlike other AV’s which download updates in the range of a few MB’s. Very suspicious for such a trusted AV. So much for ‘streamlined’ updates.

    Problem 4: I like having control of my AV. Most users are install-and-forget type, but not me. Bitdefender has a very confusing layout, with lots of hidden settings and everything. Even after using it for a month, I was continuously discovering new settings almost everyday. I hate its Autopilot mode, which essentially makes me the slave of Bitdefender, not the other way around. So much for a ‘user-friendly’ software.

    I finally got fed up with it, and decided to abandon it even though my license said that over 250 days were left in my subscription. I paid peanuts for the software, so it was easy to discard. I toyed around with many free AV’s such as Avast, Kaspersky Free, AVG, Norton IS Trial, before finally settling on a paid Kaspersky Basic AV and CyberReason RansomFree for Ransomware protection. Kaspersky is ultra light, and allows me to be in control with an unparalleled detection rate. Planning on renewing my subscription of Kaspersky after this one gets over.

    This review is of Bitdefender Basic AV. I can only imagine the horrors of Bitdefender Internet Security with its more controlling features.
    No, thank you.

    • Roger is quite right, but I still use BD. Detection is good, as is their Safepay feature, and, most important, it is affordable. I don’t deny some of the BD downsides mentioned above to be true, and if Kaspersky would offer the same deals, I would be off like a shot, but for the time being I will stick to BD.

  227. XYZsuftmeal

    I already have purchased this, few weeks back. And its a good choice to make a purchase and use the future upgrades as well.
    Great software.

  228. Joseph Ato-Biney

    I’m not here to spoil anybody’s business. What this software does is similar to that of Night light included in Microsoft Windows 10. Just type into settings Night light and it takes you there. What you have to do is just move the slide toward the left side; you will see the brightness reducing until when you think it is okay for. Bingo! When you are satisfied turn off schedule. It is done. Any time you turn on your PC it switches automatically thereby reducing the brightness oof your screen. Thank you very much!

  229. Holger Klein

    If I open a picture, the preview of this is very nice with a lot of settings. The suface of this software seems a little bit old fashion.

    But the problem is the speed. For a normal photo e.g. 4.500×3.500 pixel, the software needs up to 8 minutes to apllye the effect. And it doesn’t work with my bigger photos 6.000×4.000 pixel!

    I use other software from SoftOrbits and the Sketch Drawer has the same problems. Too bad…

  230. Jo

    Disappointed by this software.

    Very long to convert a tiny picture portion.

    Impossible to safeguard transformation.

    The basic software which I have on my low mobile phone of game makes much better

    Do not waste your time with this software.

  231. William GORMAN JR.

    Works with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit but not with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. As a consulting engineer I recommended this program for backup but suddenly it gave up working on my Windows 7 Pro machine and the company did not respond to my request for help. I have returned to Norton Ghost as the backup program for Windows 7 but still use Eassos System Restore for Windows 10.

  232. Verna

    It is a good PDF editor
    – change the text and conetnt of any paragraph
    – change the font, color size..etc of any text
    – align text to left or right, change the line spacing between lines
    – moving, resizing, flipping or rotating any picture
    – inserting texts, images or shapes (such as lines, arrows and polygons)
    – just like many PDF readers, it can highlight a text, underline a text or add notes
    – add page numbers and watermarks to all pages
    Basically it is like Office Word but for PDF files, and something great about it is that it wouldn’t change the entire structure for every page when you make a change in one page.
    – The UI is a bit old similar to Office 2013
    – After opening a PDF file , at first I couldn’t edit anything until I noticed that it asks whether I wanted the PDF file to be read or edited, it wasn’t much clear in my opinion

  233. Keith Maddox

    Simply the best video editing software for anyone, if my wife can use it for her channel at Wild Willows Way! Then anyone can use it.! FULL FEATURE SOFTWARE! I highly recommend it.


    I was just waiting for a black Friday discount and bought it at a good price.

    I highly recommend this deal.

  235. njwdt

    I was pleasantly surprised at how well this works as a pdf text editor.

    The install was a bit clunky and needs tidying up, but the program itself works very well

    • Further to my review It seems that the program installs two Dlls to run at startup.

      1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Perfect PDF 9 Editor\weprvw64.dll
      This creates thumbnails of your pdf documents for when you’re viewing a folder in ‘thumbnail’ view

      2. C:\Program Files (x86)\Perfect PDF 9 Editor\weagent64.dll
      This is a context menu handler – obviously adds some functionality to the windows right click menu

      It does not affect the functionality of the program if you decide to disable these Dlls from running at startup

  236. Franklin Moore

    Good enough to replace Bing Desktop wallpapers for me! Terrific library of high quality beautiful images for desktop use.

  237. jboy

    A good sudoku game with each of the 4 difficulty levels being its own category/folder . Each category shows the games played, when you played them and how long it took to solve plus all those yet to be played. Game is responsive and the functions are easy to understand. If you enjoy sudoku, this is well worth a download.

  238. Ron Shirley

    I downloaded the software and installed it in my Windows 10 computer desktop. I thought it was improving my system so I went ahead and purchased the registered version from Elitebytes. My experience with the full feature software is less than acceptable. The manual that comes with the software is less than clear and leaves many questions to be answered. The manual apparently is designed to support all 3 software programs that Elitebytes sells. The dialog and illustration are not from the VeloRAM software purchased but have illustrations from all of the programs and are not specific for the purchased program. Also, many features are given for items not available with the VeloRam program. I tried to contact their customer support and seldom got replies from them. I tried to find answers on their customer builtin board and found it is empty with no topics. I thought this was odd but after posting several questions I discovered that the moderator removes any comments that Elitebytes does not approve of.
    The web page claim that the software will accelerate you system 10 fold. My experience is that that is a false statement or else my software did not install properly. That brings me to the final complaint with the manufacturer. Elitebytes does not support their software. Questions on the software and instillation problems were seldom answered. Repeated request resulted in few responses from their customer support. If the software performed as claimed on their web page I would gladly recommend the software but my experience is that their claims are excessive and the customer support is terrible.

  239. Lucas

    Shadow Defender es el aliado perfecto en la lucha contra los virus y los programas dañinos. Con él podrás probar aplicaciones sospechosas sin que tu equipo corra peligro, semejante al Deep Freeze.

    El objetivo de Shadow Defender es crear un entorno virtual seguro, idéntico al sistema en el que trabajas habitualmente, pero donde no se aplican cambios a ningún fichero de Windows.

    Así, en caso que sufras una infección, al reiniciar el ordenador dicha infección habrá desaparecido, igual que los cambios que hayas hecho en tu software o documentos.

    Shadow Defender ofrece una lista de directorios y ficheros que sí sufrirán cambios, útil para guardar capturas o informes de cuanto hagas en el modo protegido. Además, podrás proteger el programa con contraseña.

    No guarda cambios durante el modo Shadow
    Lista de archivos y carpetas excluidos
    Protección con contraseña
    Requiere reiniciar el sistema


  240. Augusto

    Melhorou muito no quesito ser muito mais leve que as versões anteriores, o visual tb mudou e está mais interessante é complexo porém eficaz, meio chatinho para desativá-lo todo caso queira fazê-lo para rodar algum crack ou algo do gênero, considero-o hoje um dos melhores antivírus que existe, batendo de frente o Kaspersky e ou outro de renome. Hoje no Endpoint é Bitdefender e ou Sophos Central que comandam bem uma rede de grande corporações o Bitdefender é muito bom mesmo e no caso desse Internet Security ele é top no quesito segurança. Está digamos bem aceitável pelo que oferece porém ainda prefiro o da Central para Endpoints que é mais básico no visual porém completíssimo na segurança tb. Podem usá-lo estarão hiper seguros.

  241. greg

    Does not get windows login password. did try to scan my network didn’t show any items. was good on browser web pages, shows all the places you go to regardless if needs a password. Not sure how helpful this will be but will keep in case need.

    • It says nowhere in the description that it gets windows login passwords. And if you have LAN connection, sure it wont display any items for network because that’s different than wireless connection. About browsers probably you have chosen not to save those logins and that is why it reports an empty or blank spaces for passwords.

  242. Gregory Anderson

    I got this while it was on sale for $0.00 and it loaded and ran right away. No permissions were required, although Google Play Store app set my location off. I promptly dismissed that. I’ve run it through three scans, and am leaving it on as the protection it has promised. But I must admit I have an old style smart phone, and don’t know how those are impacted by the program.

  243. John

    My initial reaction was similar to MARK R. MAGILL’s, there must be more to this program that I am missing. When I realized the full extent of the program I failed to see any possible use for it! That being said, it would be an ok program for a child/ teenager to use for a diary except for the fact that you cannot attach any pictures or other content to it!

  244. dan dan

    The best antivirus in world ! Just ignore “haters” comments from other antivirus software !!! It’s not heavy on resources , has best detection and properly configured is your best ally !

  245. CompNetTeach

    I will point out the main reason I do not recommend BitDefender for PCs, having tried out multiple anti-malware suites: The use of NTFS ADS. What happens is BitDefender writes a checksum for executables & potential targets as an Alternate Data Stream. If you don’t know about ADS, what happens is that NTFS (the default file storage system for Windows) allows another chunk of data that is attached to the file that you normally cannot access, but is available for primarily alternative system uses. Unfortunately, this causes two problems:
    First, this can appear to be a viral infection to other anti-malware programs which treat files with ADS (that are not well known system files that use ADS) as suspicious.
    Second, files with ADS are usually classified as “unmovable” so they cannot be defragmented, and prevents other neighbouring files from being contiguous. So, if you have a drive that reads / writes a lot of files regularly, you will end up with a heavily fragmented, slow, and undefragmentable drive. Not to mention if you are trying to back up the drive, the backup image is not as compressed nor readily accessed.

    Yes, it is heavy on resources. Way too heavy as far as I am concerned. It does generally does a good job though at protecting your system.

    And if you are paranoid, BitDefender is a Romanian company.


    Very good for normal user home user its very nice working good auto pack up smart managing uploading files

  247. Kindly Ol' Doc Webhead

    It’s based on the world of Glorantha (first published in RuneQuest), a stupidly well-thought-out Bronze age high fantasy world.
    You won’t win this game by thinking like a 21st century person. You actually have to get into the role of a barbarian chieftain before you’ll succeed. This is one of those games that I have bought on other platforms, but this version is even better than the others, with improved interface and more content.
    Clicky the thing already!

  248. Andreas

    it’s a pretty decent antivirus although i prefer BitDefender any day of the week. you should include the duration of the free antivirus in the description if it’s just for 1-3 months i would prefer not to waste my time, but thanks eitherway! at least you can give it a testdrive and see if it’s worth buying the full version.

  249. Jeff Wilson

    I’ve been using Bitdefender Internet Security for about four years now. It provides a firewall, and secures my surfing, my email and my hard drive. It does its job and I haven’t had a single virus. Some say it’s heavy on resources. On my computer, it uses around .5% of processor and about 3% of my installed memory. For all around security, that seems very good to me. Bitdefender also scores very high(usually first or second) in all virus tests. To temporarily disable it is not as easy as other security software. You have to open the program. Then it takes two more clicks to disable the antivirus, which isn’t terribly cumbersome. FYI, I have two other security sofwares, which I run manually from time to time as a second opinion. One is Malwarebytes, the other is SuperAntispyware. They are both free versions. I would definitely recommend Bitdefender. If it doesn’t work for you, just uninstall it. What the heck…It’s free for now.

  250. Roy

    I installed the android version no problem and signed in with my MS Live email, which synced and brought all my previous notes to my mobile. BUT and a big BUT it will not allow me to sign in on the PC version on my laptop because it says my email doesn’t look like a Business email! What in Good Heavens name do they expect? Plus it installed a lot of other MS Office stuff I do not really need either

    • I think the issue is that this page states OneNote 2013, but the download is for 2016, which also, doesn’t let me log in with my personal, just a school or business account. That is really quite dumb!

  251. Rich

    I agree! it is much easier for a user, to take their time deciding whether to add a feature or features, during their own spare time, as opposed to having their workload interrupted and being forced to learn about all the features at once, and to attempt to ascertain whether they are causing any problems. Perhaps a better alternative would be to have the user install the generic program and then have a wizard walk the user through each of the choices for addition to the context menu? It would also be desirable to let the user know in advance that a re-boot is required. that way, they can install at a time when their workday and work flow will not be interrupted. I love the idea of the program, but do wish there was more consideration of an individual’s flow of work.

  252. Dionisii

    I finally lived to this hour! Each program adds its own menu. As a result, I have a huge menu list and I scroll through it for a very long time. Thank you very much, dear software developers!!! Now I can shorten the context menu! :)))

  253. Clairvaux

    Don’t rely on the following if you’re looking for a comprehensive review. This is an evaluation I made for myself, testing the major features that are necessary for me. However, I believe many users have similar needs, and you may be interested.

    My data disk drive is split into 2 partitions, D (235 GB written) and E (98 GB written). A significant part of E are files that are redundant with D, which is my main data partition. I have begun cleaning the duplicates, trying different programs in the process. But a large number remain untouched.

    I scanned those partitions with Wise Duplicate Finder Pro. Then, I scanned them again with Duplicate Cleaner Free, which is the best free such program I have found up to now. I stopped evaluating Wise Duplicate Cleaner Pro when it became clear that it failed the basic, minimum requirements for my needs.

    I set the scan to Exact Match, because this is what you need for maximum reliability. Comparing on file name and/or file size alone might be enough in some cases, but file deduplication is a dangerous operation, and there are many times when it would be foolish to take chances. Exact comparison on content is of course slower. The question is by how much.

    That particular scan took me 5 hours on Wise Duplicate Finder Pro — and counting. The progress bar was almost at its end at that stage, but there could have been a long time left. I canceled the process. Fortunately, the program delivered results, albeit after 2 minutes of computing them. More than 5 hours for such a scan is much too long to be usable.

    Especially when Duplicate Cleaner Free managed the same scan in 9 minutes and 41 seconds. The huge difference may be partly explained because I set Duplicate Cleaner Free to check files’ content based on MD5 hashes. I don’t know the method used by Wise Duplicate Finder Pro to check on content. But using hashes to that effect is perfectly acceptable.

    Even with the supposedly super-safe, alternative setting of byte-by-byte comparison, Duplicate Cleaner Free completed the scan in 36 minutes and 45 seconds. That’s more than 8 times faster. The report displayed 76 433 files and 119 GB scanned, 14 427 groups of duplicates, and 37 347 files having duplicates (totalling 4,53 GB).

    Canceling the scan on Wise Duplicate Finder Pro brought up the second critical part of such a program : the screen which allows you to select redundant files in order to delete them. The program shows you the list of all duplicate files, grouped together, and then the aim of the game is to pinpoint correctly all the excess ones, without deleting any necessary files, and especially system files.

    This is a delicate task. It needs an array of tools to be done right. Wise Duplicate Finder Pro only offers Keep One and Invert Selection. There’s no way to filter results. You can’t say, for instance, delete all duplicate files on E which have a copy on D. If Keep One does not satisfy your needs and you have more than a few dozen duplicates, it’s impossible to move on from there. Keep One, obviously, does not let you chose which one. Shift and Ctrl keys don’t even work the standard way to ease multiple row selection. You’re left with clicking away on possibly thousands of boxes to complete the task.

    Other, lesser annoyances of the program included :

    – Primitive interface to select folders to be scanned.

    – No information on number of files scanned, Gigabytes scanned, time elapsed, time remaining or percentage of task done.

    – The option allowing backup and restore of wrongly deleted files may prove to be an anti-feature. While it does offer theoretical security, if you activate it on tens of Gigabytes of duplicate files, just deleting duplicates may send you in another hour-long copying session, possibly without warning (I did not actually test deletion).

    – Imperfect high DPI awareness. Users with high DPI Windows 7 setups may need to tick the relevant box in the executable’s Properties panel to un-blurry the interface, but even then, there remain at least 2 menus with exceedingly small fonts, almost unreadable.

    Unless you need to deduplicate a modest number of files, and you are satisfied to compare them on name and size alone, Wise Duplicate Finder Pro is not fit for use, even for free.

    It’s even less of an adequate proposition at the regular price, which is 17 € (inclusive of tax, promotional) or 22 € (list price), and then 12 € every year. Asking for a subscription for a dedup program does not hold water.

    Especially considering how much more Duplicate Cleaner offers for free. And that’s not even taking into account the Pro version, at a very reasonable one-time price of 26 € (inclusive of tax, promotional).

  254. Gramor

    I installed and tried the program, and I am going to keep it.
    I wanted to dedupe the folder where I download photos and videos from my camera. I opted for the slow exact match type.
    I was distrustful at first as any photo/video gone would be irreplaceable. So directly in the results page, with right click, I individually opened and compared about 100 of the about 5.000 duplicates found.
    The results were accurate and all pairs or triples were exact copies although the file name could be different (depending on file naming according to the program that I had used to import them, or due to a drive crash in the past ie. recovered photos).
    It was a bit disappointing that there was not any option to see large thumbnails in the results, but this is not so bad as such an addition would slow the scanning / results screen down. The details had |date created| and |date modified|. Here it would be better to have a |shooting date| column for example for photos, this was missing and the resizing of the column width was also clumsy.
    The program however, did not detect duplicates that had been rotated eg. 90 degrees. But that is ok, better to err on the safe side. With some videos I realised that some files were with different extensions were in the results page, it was not the main video file eg.avi or mpeg4 but .ifo and .bup files; these I carefully unchecked after pressing keep one (the oldest) from the results screen.
    So all in all, it is a program that you can trust if you use exact match and if you take the time to check the results. Deleted files will be zipped for every delete operation as a backup to be restored in case of mistake to a folder in the C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Wise Duplicate Finder folder, but only to be restored by the program itself when needed and only as a bunch not individual files. When working with photos it is advisable always to have a backup at another location or in the cloud and to sync this every time you download photos, so as not to lose any precious memories. But overall the program works good and is trustworthy, saving hours of checking and valuable space and it works at a reasonable speed. What I like most is the option at the results to automatically select to keep only one of the several duplicate files and delete/check all the rest, and here you can also specify if the version kept will be the newest/oldest etc. this is missing from many other competitor programs and it saves time.

  255. John B.

    I loaded this on a test machine and boy am I glad I tried it there first. This software and service gas no business being on a machine that contains anything you don’t mind sharing with who knows who. Zoolz security and privacy are absolutely lacking. You have virtually no control over what it grabs off your machine unless you preempt it, which is not acceptable software behavior. It’s fails as a cloud drive, it’s only accessible from the web, that’s pretty limited use.

  256. Mark

    There is no limit to the size or number of torrents that can be stored.
    It has a built in torrent search.
    Files anyone has transferred to the system are available instantly.

    You don’t really get functionality for life, because
    torrents with many files have to be downloaded one at a time.
    The ZIP feature requires points that are an additional monthly purchase,
    and when it works, it only generates invalid zip files that cannot be repaired or opened,
    so it is useless for large collections. (Other services generally include this.
    No response from Streamza customer support after reporting this.)

    The help and FAQ links are broken.
    e.g. (Removing the double slash doesn’t help.)

    Documentation is sorely lacking.

    You can only add torrents by magnet, not by torrent file.
    (I have found no way to add torrents from sites like
    Deamonoid which does not provide magnet links.)

    All download links are void JavaScript functions, so you cannot share
    a torrent link with anyone who does not have an account on Streamza.
    Competitors like Seedr and TorrentSafe provide this.

    This also blocks the use of download managers like DownThemAll or XDM, and
    routers that will download for you while your computer sleeps.

    Tiny scroll bars, and the inability to sort or mark files as
    downloaded make it hard to track a large collection of files on Streamza.
    The User Interface is awkward, and hard to use compared to Seedr.
    Also some magnet links never work, even though they work fairly quickly on other services like:

  257. Sebastián

    It has some problems and I’ll list the most important ones here

    Looks simple and it’s free but… Nothing new?

    As an option for Microsoft Office, Vole Office its a… Weak option. It’s main problem is the lack of something new. The mayority of the options from the Microsoft program are included here, but many others are not. A good example are styles and designes, because it only includes 3 very basics.

    As for Excel, the differences are very specific. In general it includes the same options and has the same capabilities with some very puntual exceptions.

    High resources consume

    Vole Office consume A HUGE amount of resources when it starts and while it’s running, making it a bad option for office machines or computers that are not equiped with a decent hardware capable of run it and execute any other program at the same time (like a web browser).

    It also executes Office and Excel at the same time for some reason.


    Vole Office has only 6 languages, making it difficult and almost impossible to work in documents in any file with a language not included (as in my case with Spanish). Becoming a clear disadvantage compared to the software offered by Microsoft.

    It’s… ugly

    This could be a demanding complaint, but the design of Vole Office is too outdated and unpleasing to the eye compared to the minimalistic and attractive styles of today.


    In short. This is not the best option to replace Microsoft Office.

  258. wosa

    Not much to say about this, beside this:
    – installation slow
    – registering fuzzy
    – loads r-e-a-l-l-y slow
    – fuzzy interface
    – does not load my spreadsheets: netther from EXCEL nor from Planmaker
    – faulty all over


    • Although I believe that you are an independent reviewer, I still hope that you can publish your detailed test data. This will not only increase the credibility of your article, but also help the reader understand the truth.

  259. Vlodko

    Very promising idea, but the application crashes every time I am trying to map a cloud. (Acer Nitro 5 with Windows 10 x86). What a disapointment!

  260. .mau.

    @Ashraf, do you know if these problems have been addressed? I understand that **upgrading** a freebie could result in an end of the free license, but if they said that the license for this version is “lifetime, for commercial or noncommercial use” I expect I can use that specific version forever.

  261. Daddy Cool

    Downloaded, installed and registered really easy. When registration is complete, you got this message on the screen:
    Thank you for installing AnyUTube for Windows!
    Click on YouTube in the top left corner, and you have the options on left of your screen. Ther’s also tips, which tells you how to download.
    It works for me on win10 Education 64bit

    Thanks ShareWareOnsale and AmoyShare


    It works as it says. However IT NEEDS AN OPTION for instead of shutdown when x clicked minimize to system tray instead of closing ( where the start minimized is) . It is far to easy to attempt to shut down, when we have it set to autorun. We dont want to fight the program from closing, when we just want it closed to the system tray.

    • Also to those who experience crashes. i also had them until Air Live Drive completely sync with the cloud. It keeps a copy on your hard drive- until this was completely done i experienced crashes. However I found that it keeps a copy of your cloud contents on your local drive as a cache. This could be a major security problem for those who are not liking big brother. Also it ate up a lot of a ssd Space. i will try to install on conventional and update.

    • There is an option to minimize to system tray (down on the right-hand side, by the clock) if that is what you are asking.
      To get that option you will have to open up the settings and I believe it is the 2nd or 3rd option down (Minimize to system try). I hope that helps.

  263. Jack

    This is an absolutely FANTASTIC program. It turns OneDrive into a local drive that you can use just like any external drive hooked up to your computer. It will work the same with other Cloud drives if you have them. Plus they have an extremely inexpensive lifetime license available on sale today.

  264. Sorin

    Not workink with Google Drive or on Windows 7, with error message “Dokan library not found, please reinstall AirLiveDrive”. And I reinstall it 3 times, and nothing. I do NOT RECOMMEND, except if you want to waste your time.
    Zero Stars !

    • works on my google drive for sure i got it mounted as a drive just fine don’t know what your doing but your doing something wrong

    • The dokan library downloads from the internet. If you disable your firewall during the install it should work just fine. It worked for me anyway.

    • The installer needs access to the internet to download some stuff. Then it will work most likely.

    • I also got this error on a Win 7 pro 64 bit machine, and the software opened and let me setup my box, Dropbox, and Google drive accounts, but crashes when I try to access them through the software. It did install and and work fine on a Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit laptop, though. With the laptop, I saw a splash screen saying Dokan Library during installation. The desktop installation did not display the Dokan Library splash screen during installation.

  265. David V

    This is very flaky software.
    At first I was unable to download anything. The feedback the program gives is non-existent.
    Initially the search function produced no results and gave no error. Then I tried the discover section and that download icon was floating there, but did nothing for me.
    That was when I posted my first angry review which was censored out.
    However the next day I tried again and this time the search function did work 1/2 the time. And the download icon also took ages but a download “box” did come up and I clicked to attempt various downloads.
    There was no feedback given on the progress of these. After waiting ages I did find that some of the downloads were successful, but some had failed due to copyright reasons (music).
    I’ve given this 2 stars because I did get a few downloads that I wanted. However the UI needs to improve the feedback. It needs old-fashioned status bars, log windows and error messages.

  266. Matt (Grafton NSW Australia)

    This program has the feel of a beta release. It does work, but the results are a little ‘hit & miss’. For example, I entered a YouTube playlist, which it did process. This playlist had 18 items. One of these items was incorrectly reported by AnyUTube as having a file size of 0 – when it went to actually download this file, it has then got caught in a loop, with the progress not moving.
    There does not appear to be any help of instructions for this program (that I have been able to find so far).
    If I paid money for this program, I would be quite disappointed. The program shows that it is release number which to me suggests it has had a number of revisions and should be a better program as a result. If it undergoes further improvement, it does have potential of being a good program.
    AnyUTube has an interface that resembles a browser plugin rather than a stand alone program (even though it is a stand alone program).
    Also, I find it a little suspicious that the developers site has so many high scored reviews, and no scores that reflect AnyUTubes short comings.
    If you are going to pay of a YouTube downloader, I would recommended considering a different paid version.

  267. Psdiium

    Installation, initially nothing was in the program folder after installation. A second attempt was successful, I tried a download of 79Mb, very slow. The program showed it had finished download, but when I opened the download folder, there was a *.mp4 file, also a *.mp3 file, these were combined after the program was indicating finished. My confidence in the program has been somewhat diminished. I would rate it only a a beta version.

    • Thanks for your important feedback! We’ll optimize the speed. Pls let me know which country you are in so that we can test it.

  268. John

    Only setting option available is file format you record to. Can’t change any other settings.

  269. Windel Ballew

    I trust Glary Utilities Pro above all other similar products and have been using it for several years. Keep up the excellent work! And thank you.

  270. Catherine A Smith

    I have used this program for years, and it is one the the best out there for your computer! It helps keep my computer running smoothly and problem free.

  271. wayne kroncke

    Great software. If you have it installed and updated from earlier give aways, get it from here anyway, and use the new license code to extend your pro license for a year!

  272. Julia

    Easy to use and works very well for single images, which is all I need. Reminds me of an early version of InPaint, which I always liked. Not perfect but much closer to five stars than four. Thank you, SoftOrbits and SoS.

  273. clear sky

    fine with me, great program, it removes the ugly moments in photos and various unnecessary details. thank you very much for familiarizing yourself with such a program. simple and convenient, the main support of the Russian language

  274. Dr. Octopus

    I love Windscribe – I’ve used the Pro version for years and was about to run out (got it on a crazy sale, like $17 / 2 years) so I was happy to see this. I didn’t get the Lifetime, I paid $24 for the 3-year subscription, and added it on to my current account very easily, just a single code to unlock.
    Windscribe used to be fairly slow, but the speeds have increased dramatically the past year or so, as has the number of locations available. I love finally being able to choose between cities & not just regions like it was earlier on.
    The speed is definitely adequate for me. I hardly ever experience any sort of noticeable slowdown, and I use the browser extension as well to double hop, and still load things fine, open multiple videos on YouTube, Netflix, etc. in Full HD without a hitch.
    Plus the fact that they finally put out a Windscribe android / iPhone app is awesome. No more running connections through OpenVPN on android or using crappy phone VPNs. I can actually use my unlimited data, fast as hell Pro VPN.
    They mask your IP pretty well. I’ve never had a DNS leak, afaik, when I’ve checked. I had someone mention earlier that they’re in the 5 countries that share data, but I’m positive that they don’t save any of your data (besides the email/pw you’ve provided them). They’re from Canada, btw, so to me that’s a positive.
    A great deal (especially for the 3-year plan – I’d rather do that than lifetime) on a great product

  275. wosa

    Let me begin with a statement, I had to make for all those “folder-hiders” that I found floating around and that I could test until today:
    In hiding folders NONE OF THEM were secure – including this one frome “Wise”!

    Immediately I had to realize, that “hiding” a folder is done by “Wise” as well by a “filter driver” (a .sys driver), too…
    … but a driver must be present(!) AND beeingLOADED(!) to do it´s job:
    and that is not true, if your run Windows in safe(protected) mode or you make access to the drive by a Winows-PE or, e.g. a Linux OS…
    So what I found in due course was, that I had full access to the “hidden” folder when I ran Windows in safe(protected) mode.

    But let me as well mention the good:
    “Wise” at least offers optional (additional..) encryption, which is not to bad if you are concerned with safety.
    (I have to add: I didn´t test the strength of their encrytion, nor searched their encyption for faults, weakness in aspects of handling the key etc. etc.!)
    But with this beeing said, it might be at least a better solution with both offered features together:
    – a “hidden” folder is not visible at first sight
    – IF the folder were found (see above), its data content is not accessible – or at least only with a lot of extra effort.

    Wether this software comes in handy for you, is another question: for me it would be easier and sufficient to (safely!) encrypt data, that I would not want to be seen by others.

    But all that you have to decide by yourself.

    Under this special circumstances I would not like to have my data only safe (if anyhow?!) for just a few month and additional have the risk of deleted/lost/destroyed Software instead of a reliable encyption tool, wich I could ALWAYS get again and restore my data.

  276. Tobyb B

    I actually paid $49 for this and it’s no better for a paying customer. Once installed it doesn’t let you select what is being backed up. it just starts doing it., Theres no indication of progress but its certainly, probably at least a week or two to back up a drive. Who knows about restoring. Weak security, no two factor authentication available. No interface to see files except through at their web site. Don’t make any hardware changes or your screwed. Privacy policy is very unclear.

  277. Hadron

    I don’t want to repeat what has already been said about this software. The two in-depth reviews are through effort and are more less to the point. Mind you, some of the ‘cons’ mentioned are either nit picking or I have not been able to reproduce them myself.
    The software itself is decent enough and did what it advertised.
    Would I recommend it? Yes. If only I have not yet come across anything better. The give away is well worth it.
    Would I buy it: I certainly toyed with the idea $14.95 US (or $22.37 NZ) seemed reasonable enough but the other con’s mentioned in the two in-depth reviews swayed me enough to put such a purchase off for a wee bit at least.

  278. Mr.Dave

    I like this program, I like what it does to transform pictures. I’ve had fun trying out the different styles available and how they impact different pictures. I have not yet tried combining styles by running the same picture through 2 or more styles one after another, I think that would open up new possibilities. I like that you can select an output size, so you can preview a smaller output in a few seconds and then give the program a minute to render your masterpiece at a higher resolution. My wishlist is small: would like to tweak the intensity or resolution of some of the styles, would like save pics I like with a “save” button, instead of it saving everything I try so there’s less to clean up later, and it would be very cool to blend different styles (one style in the center or a selected area, and another style everywhere else, or start with one style in a corner and transition to another style in the opposite corner, or all 4 corners…..) I’d like to be able to add more styles or create my own by loading a picture with the style I want, it has a limited number.

    Runs well on my PC, hasn’t crashed yet and I find the rendering time is acceptable for the results you get. I’m running Win 10/64 with 16 gb memory, core i7. Don’t know if program uses hardware acceleration but I have an Nvidia Gtx 750 Ti if that makes a difference. Well worth trying!

  279. AnAceBuyer

    I tried this current version, v2.2.0.4, and found it worked pretty well, at least for 512x512px output. I’m running a Win 10 x64 HP on a laptop w/i7 quad core, 16GB and 2TB SSD. No real complaints, since it did not bind up the OS or poach significant resources. Made nearly 30 interesting variants of a portrait, some with multiple passes. Only takes about a minute for the processing of each image to complete. Keeper for me…

  280. Wayne in Indy

    I have been using Genie for several years and love it. I have it on all my laptops and desktops to backup user files to my network server storage. It has saved me several times when either I had a hard disk crash, or accidentally screwed up an excel or word file, or just needed to go back and look at an earlier file version. I love that it does incremental backups so once you get it set up and it does the initial full selected (by file type and/or major folders) backup, then it is only backing up files you touch from that point on so has almost zero impact on the system performance.

  281. Mr.Dave

    No discussion page for this one so here’s my “review”. Can someone post if this has improved? I download One Note last February from SOS and installed. It wanted me to subscribe to office 365 before it would let me use it or register it. Program installed other MS Office programs that still run to this day (services) and I don’t see an easy way to stop them or know what will happen to Windows if I do. Has someone installed this recently? Does it work without Office or Office 365 or Outlook, and without installing “helpful” services that I don’t need? I’ve used One Note at work and think it’s pretty good as a way to organize related bits of random stuff. At home I don’t need MS Office (and at work, I often wish we had something that worked reliably — might be how they install it, but I still think Excel, Word and Access were better in 2000!)

  282. Gene

    “endless diagnosing loop of repair tests” “Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC.” I’ve seen a couple systems trashed this way (Win 8.1 & Win-10, I think), and although these did not happen to involve Qiling, it was a sufficiently negative situation that I’m very wary of revisiting it. I did get this software from a previous promo, but am pretty sure that it has never been invoked on any system of mine. But now I’m prompted to see if and where it was ever installed, and if so to remove it. There is a strong argument to be made in favor of sticking with proven, known good tools — once you find them. For me, in this category, that is the tandem of Acronis Disk Director & Acronis True Image. They’ve been my “Go To” for several years now. I’ve also used Shadow Protect (may go by another name now ?) with good results. Thanks, but I’ll stick with those. [ENDLESS Captcha frustration in the Discussion area renders that section practically worthless. I could not have missed the right squares THAT many times in a row !]

  283. geo

    I tested this app on an underexposed and an overexposed pics. It did a good job of correcting the exposure of each pic. Thanks.

  284. jboy

    I must second Darrell Beard’s post. After installation a message popped-up over the installer’s finish screen stating something like ‘could not complete installation, restart your PC and then run this install again to complete’. I restarted and the bootup screen gave ‘attempting to repair’ message, then a ‘diagnosing problem’ message, then blue screen reading ‘couldn’t repair your PC’ with the choice of “turn off PC” or “restart” or “advanced options”. First I chose “restart” and the exact same thing happened so I then chose the latter, went into “troubleshoot” and between “reset PC” and “system restore”, again I chose the latter. Fortunately, I had created a restore point earlier!

    There are numerous similar occurrences mentioned on the discussion page.

    While I appreciate all offerings on this site, my one star is based on Qiling not addressing any of these issues. I believe that if a vendor is making an offering here, they should have a representative checking in on the board periodically to see that things are going smoothly.

    • The fact that the Q is followed by and I (vs U) should be a tip. “Cleverness” is often a sign of needing to cover up something more sinister.

  285. Phil Tobin

    The quality of what you put into this image program determines what you get out of it. So it’s no different that any other software of this kind. It therefore means that if you’ve some truly lousy cellphone pictures that you’d like “improving” with a one-button click, then this is for you. If however you give it halfway decent shots from a halfway decent camera, it seems to do nothing at all. Conclusion has to be that the mix of algorithms it brings to the party are defaulted to under-performing rather than over-performing to avoid the end result being too garish. It needs to strike a much better balance between those two extremes for it to be worth recommending to anyone.

  286. rudy

    Tried to System Clone , but getting I/O error.
    Scared to use further after reading the previous review!

  287. inon

    this software should be removed from this site and from any other website!
    installation has ruined my windows!!!
    got a message when installed the software, said I need to manually reboot my pc.
    after that it got into repair mode and nothing helped!
    needed to install windows from scratch! BEWARE BEWARE!

  288. Darrell Beard

    I’d give it 0 if I could. Installation crashed a perfectly good Windows installation. Now having to reformat and reinstal windows and all files. Upon trying to install the program gave an error and when I rebooted, it went into repair mode. Wasn’t able to repair, could not system restore either. Only option was to reinstall Windows. WARNING: THIS WILL SCREW UP YOUR SYSTEM! STAY AWAY FROM THIS.

    • Thank you for the truthful review after the paid-for glowing praises in the previous 2 reviews.

  289. gmon

    None of the glowing reviews mention how difficult it is to actually save a video from this program, which is naturally the first thing you would want to do once you create your kaleidoscope. However, the instructions say click in the middle, which stops the animation and it presumably starts saving in the folder designated in settings, however, it does not, it does nothing, so it’s utterly useless.

  290. Bindegal

    Simply Good Pictures 5 is a very simple program to fix images that could be yellowed (old),
    foggy or lighter blurred.
    Its extremely simple and can be easily used by all users, even those with limited
    knowledge for editing images.
    The program simply supports “drag-and-drop” function, so it couldn’t be more simple!

  291. DamageInc.

    Program keeps locking on a desktop shortcut @ 99% finished and will not finish the scan. 11 objects found but upon reopening of the application after a forced close it does not have a history of previous scans, so can not even look at what if found previously. 10 out 10 i would uninstall it again…. scoring 1/5 only because it is required to leave a 1 star to leave a comment.

  292. MikeFM

    There are some problems with this software. The screen is tiny and you have to hover over the detected items to halfway read them. I can’t find an adjustment, so this is inferior to most other programs. Also, it removes software than scans clean with multiple other highly regarded programs (Bitdefender, Comodo, Malwarebytes… and it leaves fragments of the programs it removes… and I will need more time, but seems to have altered some settings…it comes up listed on boards as malware by several major software antimalware programs…and, last but not least, it tells me my computer is infected and asks me not to log off after it reportedly “cured” my computer. A 2015 review called it dismal. Well, I will monitor this closely…

  293. David Banks

    Quick download and I installed it on to a USB, ran it and it found 15 files despite this supposedly being a clean PC (scanned with malware bytes, system care and unhackme). I reviewed the files and the seem to be consistent with reports of them being suspicious. Some of the files were identified as being PUP’s (potentially unwanted programs) rather than a Trojan but still good to get rid of them

  294. Grunt Bosslo

    Simple as A B C.
    Over the years I’ve tested many backup solutions. Never, til now, have I found one that seems to fit my needs.
    Genie Timeline 10 (GTH10) installed without problem and it was easy to setup a backup task, which was carried out without error.

    After testing GTH10 for a few days I decided to uninstall it and have a look around for alternatives. To my surprise I found no other Backup software that is as easy to use and does what I want. So I re-installed GTH10 and re-activated the license, again without any problems.

    If you’re looking for backup software that is REALLY EASY TO USE, features a GUI that’s easy on the eyes and intuitive, then I suggest you give GTH10 a go.

    That’s my experience with GTH10, plain and simple.

  295. John

    Seems good so far.. just had a little play but looks like it could produce some nice results… Thank you

  296. Rheea T

    It did what is in the description until I created a cache, then my HP Pavillion Power Desktop 580-023W would turn back on after attempting to hibernate, sleep and even shutdown.
    I was unable to get into the ‘control powercfg.cpl’ to check and alter configuration. I used IObit Uninstaller to remove without creating a restore point because I was not able to properly shut down my machine even after removing the cache I had created. My computer was back to normal after program uninstallation and was able to access the power configuration controls.
    My HP Laptop is functioning alright with VeloRAM. I believe it had something to do with high SMART attributes on my Desktop’s hardrive, which I ignored and went ahead and created a cache anyway. Just not compatible. Do not create a cache if you receive a SMART warning!
    4 Stars because works well on my Laptop.

    • On my desktop PC, it works like a charm, with no problem whatsoever.

      For people with hard disk drives, but with lots of RAM, it improves the usability of the PC to a great extent.

      This is a great tool!

  297. Spyros Mouza

    Lots of space for a great price. I manage to raise the space over 10TB with the free offers but backup is very slow and makes PC also slow even on Normal Mode. If you enable Turbo Mode your PC is not functioning. So in the end of the day you cannot use the space. Also you can not do anything but selecting what to backup. For the phone works better.
    I gt that and Zools. Zoolz much better and it works

  298. razibu

    Lots of false identification: I had several DIFFERENT files (large videos) identified as identical.
    They were totally different.
    This software is dangerous as you might loose important document that way.

  299. Bob

    Thank you ABBYY. This is a great screen reader with OCR. You select a area on the screen which contains text (even if it is on an image) and it translates it into text and places it on your clipboard. So far It has worked great for me. I use it to capture small amounts of text such as error messages.

  300. Buyer

    I just bought this from there, however…. when I bought it, it show me I can only install @1 pc only.
    Even I change my pc, I can only change 1 pc per 1 year… WT…?

  301. mahdiameri28

    Amazing! Unlike the other apps, so uncomplicated! This app, it is so easy to use !
    Just a little touch, and your smartphone is connected to a VPN server!!
    Say goodbye to the country’s limitations.Fast and it’s really helps,
    Surfing speeds for me are above average.Very Good ,speed is very high,
    With the incredible speed of Babar Open the Blocked Sites.
    This VPN more than 5 stars .Only Lifetime Premium VPN PRO .
    Thanks for your sincere cooperation,.
    have nice day.

  302. wiwin

    Best software for mind mapping. Easy to undestand, easy to use, and easy to make my mapping.

  303. Leroy Jenkins

    I agree with others concerning customer service. No contact after repeated attempts. The impression they give is that after you fork over your money they are done with you! Trust me…RUN!

  304. Mr.Dave

    Con: does “Upload File” mean to load it into the program, or is it sent to the program’s website for processing? Nothing about that in any privacy statement. Do they save the pics they like for selling to others? Send them to other websites?
    Con: scary to hit the “Save” command. There’s no “Save As” option. Does “Save” overwrite my original file? I made a copy of my pic first, then hit “Save”, and got a File Save dialog that let me change the name.
    Con: interface is confusing to anyone familiar with MS Windows. Clearing a checkbox is similar to Undo. It IS possible to compare before/after pics at full size — double click one of the images shown, it zooms to full size and there are “” arrows at the bottom of the window to switch between original and modified pic.
    Pro: very fast. I mean less than a second fast. Of course, I have an i7 processor, but other programs take 3 to 20 seconds or more to do similar things.
    Pro: very effective. I only tried one image, it was 3.2 MB to start. I tried with quality level set to 70, 80, 90 and got 229 kB, 301 kB and 468 kB. All looked very close to the original pic, although I could see 90 was better than 80, 80 was better than 70. The differences were very hard to see even when zoomed in to full size.
    Summary: If I need to send a large pic to someone, I’m going to reduce it in this program first. It will save their time to download, take less space in their email (and mine). Easy to use, fast, and results are outstanding! Would I use it to reduce Gigabytes of pictures to save hard drive space? Tempting… Black Bird Cleaner has done a nice job with this program.

  305. Francisco Cesar

    What a hell is that?? You need to give them a lot of important personal information just to read a e-book of $ 4.99! That’s bullshit!

  306. Jim

    Do not waste your time with this company. Bought a lifetime subscription in 2016 but computer crashed in June 2018 and had to purchase replacement. KeepSolid refused access to files to reinstall the software on the new computer despite four attempts to provide an explanation on my part. A company that cares about its reputation would go out of their way to provide the support and guarantees made when software was purchased. Look elsewhere for VPN software at all costs.

  307. romrussia

    The program checks 500 Gb HDD over 3 (three !!!) hours. It’s so slowly!

    • hey, the 500 GBytes is roughly 1000 000 000 sectors. if the scan took 3 hours, it means the program tested about 10 000 sectors per second. Quite good result, actually…

  308. Scott

    I have to agree with Mark.
    All of the points he has made are completely valid.
    Also, the zip function regularly fails costing you points (which you have paid for) but never actually zipping the files requested.

  309. David Williams

    Worked great, until it prompted me with “download update for free”. As soon as the update completed, my registration was nullified, and I could not re-register with the license I got here. Even reverting back to the originally downloaded version, since I am past the 100 days since the registration code was generated, I can no longer register unless I pay for a 1 year license.

    If you have this installed, DO NOT install any updates, even if they say it is free.

  310. Gian Covre

    Horrible. Even using H.265, the final size of file is bigger that original, while others conversors (like Apowersoft) reduces file size by half or better.

  311. Antonio

    This softare will NOT mark the bad sector, so is basically, useless.

    What is the point of a scandisk software who dont care to mark the bad sectors??? Disappointed, i waster basically 8 hours for a scan who did nothing about the bad sector this scandisk founded in my hard drive.

    • I was thinking the same, then i search a lot and sadly almost no software mark bad sector, also, is not good to mark bad sector because the closest one will be, likely, bad too, soon enough. the best way is to find out where are the bad sector, with a software like this one and then partition the hard drive in a way a partition will have inside all bad sector and closest one, and then make the partition with bad sector, invisible and unused, this way operative system will never write around the bad sector and likely the hard disk will degrade less in time.

    • What do you mean ? Macrorit says : “When bad sectors/blocks are found, we mark them as red. The bad sectors are in scan log.” There are screenshots supporting this on their site.

  312. Cait

    I honestly saw no difference in the before and the after. There were no other controls, just drop and the program did whatever it did and showed you the after. I had some poor photos I saved to try these kind of correction programs on, but this one did nothing I could see. I work with photo correction programs all the time. I cannot recommend this one.

  313. Darlene Crochet

    It does a good job on the pictures but I have to do them one picture at a time it says I need photolemur spectre to do more than one image. Not what the description says, so disappointed

  314. David Roper

    OMG the results of my home iPhone cameras was outstanding. Beautiful pictures from my so-so JPGs. Things I don’t like: PIX must be at least 800×600, you cannot increase it with irfanview either?? Wording afterwards should be Save As or Replace or just add (1) or (PE) to pix name. Warning that new pix may not be saved was Confusing to me.

  315. I Sang

    No one should ever name their product PhotoPus. Photos of “a thick yellowish or greenish opaque liquid produced in infected tissue, consisting of dead white blood cells and bacteria with tissue debris and serum”?? No thanks. Once you see that image in your mind, you can never unsee it.

  316. KRANSKY

    When it comes to security, Heimdal is one of the few tools I bother to keep on my system. It compliments an antivirus and a malware scanner nicely.

    1. It monitors inbound traffic. From my experience, this is very effective at identifying malicious trafffic that other tools miss
    2. It monitors outbound traffic. From my experience, this is very effective at identifying malicious trafffic that other tools miss
    3. It monitors programs for vulnerabilities and warns you or updates them
    4. There are frequent updates to the engines and the application
    And despite having tested many other products, i’m yet to find any other products that cover this area as effectively as Heimdal does.
    As of Version 2.5.130 RC, the program has started to give meaningful summaries of system vulnerability. It’s definitely improved the User Interface greatly.

    The current User Interface does a poor job of explaining some of the terms used, eg. TTPC, APT Strain, etc. I believe this is because i’m running a release candidate. So far, I’ve found the developer to be very responsive to feedback (and that’s quite rare )

    This lifetime offer represents excellent value for money. I research and evaluate products carefully. I highly recommend this tool after using it solidly since 2017.

  317. John H

    Popup ads…in the PREMIUM, REGISTERED version???
    This is ridiculous. It has an ad popup every five minutes or so! I can’t get through editing an entire image without a popup…and at this point it’s just telling me over and over that the PRO version has been installed!
    Sorry, but I don’t accept popup ads in what’s supposed to be a premium version of a program.
    I’ll stick with GIMP…it does everything this does (as far as I can tell from a day’s testing) and more…and no popup ads.

  318. The Claw

    WinExt is definitely software to avoid (in my humble opinion).
    I installed it in July 2017 and it was not very impressive. When I fired it up it worked my PC really hard for a long time and was unresponsive. As a result I simply did not run WinExt and I thought nothing more about it. End of story? Unfortunately not.
    A few months later I was getting short of disc space and couldn’t figure out why. I eventually tracked down what had been wasting all the space on my C: drive – WinExt. I found 2GB of log files.

  319. Duncan

    I second Mr. Dave’s opinion. But I still feel that the little app is useful despite looking and feeling something out of Windows for Workgroups 3.11.

    You get a drawer system, within each drawer that you can name has a folder(s) with notes. I can see this as a good tool for cataloging a collection of items. Being able to use it via a thumbdrive is also useful. It’s definitely an oddball application, but one I find rather charming despite its shortcomings.

  320. Harold Chandra

    Seems good for MP4 files. I tried just one folder with 35 tracks and it worked all right. Will keep for future needs.

  321. Torben Larsen

    I really don’t understand the need for this kind of software!!
    The function ‘Sticky Notes’ is already in windows 10, and also in win 7, so why should I use 3rd party software to add this function?

    Just asking!

  322. Mr.Dave

    This program has potential but needs a LOT of work. Seems like a Win 3.1 program that had a basic implementation but no testing, bug fixes or updates as time marched on (yes, I was around when Win 3.1 started replacing DOS).

    Author warns you in a ReadMe.txt file and in a .jpg file that it needs to run under WinXP (.txt file) or WinXP Service Pack 3 (.jpg file). Gives me the impression no serious work has been done on this for a long time.

    User Interface is very poor. When you change a folder title, it doesn’t show on the screen until you click in the folders list. When you open a folder, the description of the first task is shown instead of description of the folder. This thing has been around since 2015 at least, has no one ever used it?

    Description on the page says you can use your favorite folders or pictures for the drawers. You can’t change colors independently. Clicking the “Change Drawers Color” button (which only shows up after you open then close a drawer) changes ALL the drawer colors at once. Each click cycles through the next color option, most have all the drawers the same color and one has the mix of colors shown on the SOS Giveaway page. Nowhere is there a way to add a picture (or even an icon) to a drawer or folder.

    I set a reminder on a task. It asked me to pick a date. There was a blank grey box on in lower left and when clicked the arrows in it (“<>” characters, not arrows) it showed, then changed to a different month. It never showed any dates within the month, just an empty box. I clicked inside where dates would likely be, and it assigned July 18 for my reminder. No way to make it weekly or monthly or daily or every third tuesday, this program is designed only for tasks with a specific end time (or start time, or week-before-start time, however you want to interpret the reminder date). When I exited the folder and drawer, then reopened them, my reminder time was no longer displayed.

    There’s a status column with a checkbox to mark as Complete or Incomplete. I assume checking the box marks it complete. I didn’t see any way to hide complete tasks but there’s a report that run the lists incomplete tasks. If you change anything (like marking tasks complete or adding new ones) you won’t see your changes in the application until you exit completely and restart it.

    I like the drawer / folder(project)/ task approach. And folders can have subfolders although I didn’t test this out. This is definitely for casual use, since there are no task dependencies (Task A & B need to finish before C can start), no way to assign a duration or start or finish date or track progress. Seems suited for remembering birthdays and as in their examples, when bills / taxes are due. I could see using drawers for Birthdays, Bills, House Repairs, Car Maintenance, Long-Term Plans, Vacation to-do lists, Shopping lists, and maybe track doctor appointments/medicines prescribed. But the complexity and buginess of the interface really makes me wonder why it’s any better than using a simple .txt file with Notepad? You could have a folder on your hard drive that contains a text file for each “drawer”, or even subfolders for each “drawer”, and then add whatever you want in the text files. Easy. All you would miss is the list of all incomplete tasks. At work, I use a single notepad file and move completed tasks down below the incomplete tasks as I get them done. First few characters of each line say what project the tasks relate to. Works for me.

    I ran this on a Win 10 64-bit system, lots of memory, NVidia GTX 750 Ti graphics. It may work better on your system! I could see this program being useful if the author would get 10 people to try it, listen to what they say, and implement their suggestions. I can put up with bad graphics and colors if the functionality is helpful and solid.

    • II am the author of the software.
      I have made this software for someone (long time ago), respecting his requirements.
      The date box should be visible… i don’t know why on your computer is not shown.
      For the rest of the issues, you are right but, in order to fix things and improve the program i need to see people are interested and willing to buy a license.
      I appreciate your review and i will try to fix things and improve the program in the future versions, as long as I will have time for this.
      Thank you.

    • Most of errors you pointed out are related to your system only.
      If your system allows the software to properly run and you follow the instructions included the program will work.

      I have made this software for someone (long time ago), respecting his requirements.
      I appreciate your review and i will try to fix things and improve the program in the future versions, as long as I will have time for this.

      Thank you.

  323. Jerry Smith

    I’m a little disappointed in this software. It appears to be easy to use – maybe too easy, as it leaves out at least one key feature that other CD or media converters have. The one in particular feature missing is the inability to change or even designate the album name and or track on the fly when ripping a CD. This is a must have for folks who rip audiobook CDs. The album, disk number and track info are often missing from the disk’s metadata – and the integration with the FreeDB internet database, though a good feature for music CDs doesn’t really work for audiobooks. I took a quick look at the actual conversion features between one format and another – and it really has been setup as an easy process. Newbies should like it. To be totally honest though – if this wasn’t free through Sharewareonsale, I would be looking for a freeware app to do my ripping.

  324. Mark Gillette

    What’s the point? Media Human does all this and more, freeware. DBpoweramp rules them all [not free]

  325. Hour Sokaon

    Its service slow down the internet very much. It doesn’t work with Streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, FOX…
    Submitted too many tickets to the support center but no reply or solution, very bad support services.
    Wasted of my money, will open the case very soon.

  326. Michael Sweeney

    I’d like to hold review when I see this change. With Nvidia Shield, when you put the Sideload channels on home page, the icons are huge. You need to allow editing on appearance size or keep it the same size as favorite app row. Then, it would garner a highly deserved 5 Stars

  327. Ethan Gresham

    I would also like to write something about this Anti-malware. I installed the soft and it went well. Tried for 2 days already and have some points to mention. I’m not a writer so here’s just my pros and cons.
    Pros (for ME):
    + the first that catches my eye – easy and intuitive interface
    + On-run protection and Internet security are enabled constantly as i’m working on the internet all day long!
    + you can set hourly database update and also today the version been updated (despite the free key)
    + tabs are quite navigative and i easily understood what and where to look for
    + some online-casinos and other unwanted pages used to open from time to time when i surfed the internet, they are GONE now i.e. blocked by internet security option!
    + the scan has found so many things some other my antiviruses didn’t even mention about (so-called parts of threats)

    – too many dialogue windows i don’t like that
    – i’m not savvy enough as said below but even i see false positives with trusted softs i will definitely report to the support team
    – can’t play my favorite online-game with the internet security option on (i tried to switch off and it worked as before)
    – you have to inspect carefully at least the first result of the scan not to quarantined/delete normal stuff

    In general i’m more satisfied than disappointed and i keep on testing Anti-malware of course.

  328. Helene Boucher

    Devrais etre traduit en francais ( plusieurs langues )
    Excellents logiciel

  329. Robert George

    O&O Defrag Professional analyzed my SSD C: Drive at 19.59%, Trimmed and remained at 19.59%.
    Smart Defrag 5 analyzed my C: Drive at 1.29%, Defragged and Optimized it to 0%.
    I ran another Analysis with O&O Defrag Pro and it was still at 19.59.
    Am I missing something here or does it only Trim, something Windows does for itself.

  330. marco

    This software is not working well, is deleting every program that I have, and some programs that I got on this website, every scan finds viruses and doesn’t clean anything.

  331. Mike Norvick

    Very easy to use app with some nice features. Loaded complete USB drive with 15000 photos without problems.

    Speed: fast thumbnail generation, fast sorting
    Easy to use controls, image resize and crop tools are great
    Working on many photos is straightforward, each file has own change history
    Built-in duplicates check

    Editing RAW files is not possible
    No light UI skin, only dark interface
    No channels/shadows/highlights tools (Lightroom)

    My verdict
    For a serious photographer the software lacks some advanced features. As a general photo organizer the ImageRanger is quite convenient.

  332. jacky philippe

    Merci beaucoup pour ce très bon logiciel dont j’était à la recherche: Ce site est vraiment fantastique et félicitation à vous. Par-contre y a t’il une clé s’il vous plait ! Merci

  333. Neil

    Formerly known as ‘Trojan Killer’ which was a software with a mixed reputation. Under a different guise It seems to have inherited the negative aspects of that software. Principle among these is the unacceptable number of ‘False Positives’ some of which, if removed, can cause functional issues with legitimate software. If you’re savvy enough to spot the false positive and ignore them it can be a useful tool as part of a multi-layer security set-up, if not better to leave well alone.

  334. Jonathan

    Very very basic image viewer, not much else to see, agree with Peter in that this feels like an Alpha release of a program were most features are still not ready and it’s very early days for the program… The program did also not auto-rotate my JPEG files but did seem to work with some RAW files… there are many free applications that can offer the same features and allot more so I think ImageRanger has some way to go before users will start using it… If you only after a very small and free viewer I would recommend FastStone Image Viewer which is free and offer many more features)

    • Thank you for your review!

      In this release ImageRanger has the following features:
      – Search and removal of duplicates
      – Auto sorting photos into folders
      – Bulk image adjustments (resize, contrast, sharpness, brightness, cropping, etc.)
      – Image search (GPS, face detection, out of focus image search, etc)
      – Save and load custom image collections
      – Bulk image tagging, rating
      – Batch operations

      We would be happy to hear from you about the features you would like to see in our next release!
      Simply drop us a line to the support address.

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    Thank you for your honest cooperation.
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  336. Peter Blaise

    OOPS — DESTRUCTIVE EDITS, when you click [ Save ], it overwrites your original JPGs after editing, and cannot be undone — a serious NO NO that totally disrespects user’s original images.

    Note that more mature programs, free from Google, and for a fee from Adobe, do NO-DESTRUCTIVE EDITING, leaving your precious originals intact.

    This appears to be an alpha-test release compared to the maturity of the features and benefits of the marketplace it has entered.

    • To Undo your changes, use right mouse click -> select Undo in the pop up menu.

    • Not a fair criticism, Peter. Most, if not all, image-editing programs do the same when the User carelessly chooses SAVE as opposed to SAVE AS. This includes Photoshop, IrfanView, XnView, Zoner, ACDsee, etc., etc.

  337. Alfie

    This program is great! found all the old photos I had been looking for and allows lots of changes and to save the ones you want to a specific place. Also includes manual and gives prompt tips if required. Made my Day!

  338. NGD

    Their customer service is appalling. Ask them about transfer of site hosting and domains and they just ignore you.

  339. wosa

    a quota from”downloadCrew” (

    PDF Anti-Copy works as advertised, and its unusual method will prevent some users from copying your documents as editable text. But the process also prevents users from searching your documents, which could be a big deal, and determined attackers could still use an OCR program to extract the content.”

    Above comment is exactly what I found.

    So my verdict is:
    – A good idea
    – And a tool that comes in handy
    – But never forget: those, who don´t hesitate to steal your work anyhow, will find their way; e.g. by an OCR ScreenReader program.
    – At least those people will have some (or even much…) extra work to do to extract and copy more than one single page of your PDF file.

  340. alex

    disappointed: too many false positives – even tried to prevent access to my bank page (the largest state-owned bank of the large country). very annoying

  341. Ralph Zazula

    Poor Software, Mediocre Company, Terrible Service!!!
    Pros Cheap software, although FREE is not really free and more than competitors!
    WinX applications do not work very well, are confusing to use. Long processes fail to complete on High End i7 PC with lots of RAM & Disk. Lifetime licenses need paid upgrade after minor releases! Resulting files are out of sync. Technical support is terrible! Customer service is deceptive!
    Summary Don’t buy any WinX Products! Don’t Buy anything from Digiarty! Never install any upgrades! I am a licensed user who paid for software and was taken advantage of.

  342. Malik

    Nowadays, users in growing number cater to read magazines on their mobile phone through searching online. But it’s a challenge for the publishers, to make their publication work well on the mobile devices. That’s where the newsstand application come to use. Newsstand applications on both iOS and Android are basically hub for all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Publishers can create newsstand magazine app or standard app for Apple Appstore and Google Play to publish their work and make it available on mobile devices. There are now applications available that allow you to easily do this on your own.
    Mag2GO Pro is an application designed to help you digitally publish your magazines, periodicals and other publications into mobile devices. It lets you create mobile apps for your magazines without coding required and easily use your exiting PDF to create the magazine newsstand app.

    Installation & Set-up

    The installer size is ~145MB and the installation process is simple and straightforward, taking no time at all to complete. Before the application starts, it asks you to activate and register the application. You can enter the registration name and code to activate the application. Once done, you can then launch and start using the application to create application for mobile devices and publish your publications.

    User Interface

    The UI of the application is simple and straightforward, designed to be easy to use for all types of users with different experience levels. On the top, there is the menu bar with usual drop down menus, followed by toolbar with buttons to important features and options. Clicking the ‘New’ button opens up New app wizard. The whole process is wizard guided and you can create new applications in a few easy and simple steps. You can distribute content into native app for online and offline reading and customize interactive content for your magazine.


    – The UI is simple and intuitive, designed to be easy to use for all types of users, even the novices.
    – No coding or special learning is required in order to create applications with this tool.
    – Ability to set a preview of few pages, this lets users preview a few pages before subscribing.
    – Content inside the application is available for both online and offline viewing.
    – Allows your reader to share any page to the social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and more.
    – The application remembers the current page that was being read.
    – Send push notifications directly to your readers home screen, even if your app is inactive.
    – Real Time tracking allows you to watch live what your customers are reading and where they are from.


    – Lacks a few features that are offered by other similar applications.


    Mag2GO Pro is an easy to use software solution, that helps you create applications for publishing your magazines and other content. The application comes with a great set of tools, that comes in handy in many different situations. The application runs smoothly, without any lag or crashes. It is definitely recommended.

  343. Lucy

    The UI is completely unintuitive, the information is poorly tracked, the program is completely sluggish even with only text entered (no images, video, etc.) and only gets worse when you start adding those. I can’t get it to save as a note of a certain subject, only the date so I still have to keep track of a separate file/paper/etc. to know what date to go back to in order to get access to my notes again. It does let me enter data, save images in notes for reference, etc, but I could get that out of a Word Document.

    Not worth the hassle.

  344. Malik

    Windows To Go allows users to deploy a bootable Windows environment onto a USB flash drive. It is a full version of Windows with all the features that you can use in any PC, and carry around with you wherever you wish to. Many applications are available nowadays, that allow you to create Windows To Go on your portable drive. Some of these work well, while others are buggy.
    WinToUSB Professional is a lightweight and reliable software application, that can help you to install and run Windows OS from a USB storage device. This application allows you to install Windows directly from a USB drive, using an ISO image or even a CD/DVD to deploy it on the removable storage device.

    Installation & Set-up

    The installer size is ~5MB and the installation process is simple and straightforward, taking no time at all to complete. The application can easily be activated, using the provided license key. Once activated, it requires a restart of the application for the changes to take effect. After this, you can then start using the application, and use it to install and deploy Windows on any portable storage you wish to.

    User Interface

    The UI of the application is simple and straightforward, with an old and outdated design, without any fancy icons and colors. Simplicity makes it possible for all types of users to understand and use the application without requiring any prior experience and knowledge. To install Windows on any portable storage you need an ISO image, or a CD / DVD with the required data on it. You can select the tool from the top right down menu, Windows To Go conversion, Installation USB, and CD/DVD to ISO are the options available. Moreover, the language of the UI can be changed to any from the ones available.


    – Creation of Windows To Go directly from ISO, WIM, ESD, SWM, VHD, VHDX image file or CD/DVD drive.
    – Clone existing Windows installation (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2016, 2012, 2010, 2008 R2) to USB drive as portable Windows.
    – Create a Windows installation USB drive from a Windows 10/8/7/vista/2016/2012/2008 installation ISO image file.
    – Also supports creating a bootable Windows PE USB drive.
    – Cloning speeds are impressive.

    lag or crashes. It is worth-trying.


    – The UI looks and feels outdated, is not visually appealing at all.


    WinToUSB Professional is simple and easy to use application, that allows you to create Windows To Go and Windows installation media on USB drive. The application runs smoothly, without any

  345. Duncan

    This is a handy little application to have. I’ve used similar software in the past, but was glad to see this one on offer as it was one I considered purchasing a couple of months ago but did not.

    Windows only allows you to protect folders if you password protect your user account. So if you plan on letting someone borrow your computer and you don’t want them snooping in your personal stuff, this app does a great job at preventing that.

    Basically, it makes your folders hidden. I’m not a security expert, so I’m not sure at how well it does its job besides making it so the average Joe doesn’t realize there’s a folder hidden from them.

    There are free alternatives out there which allows you to create encrypted virtual drives but they’re honestly a pain to work with. This software isn’t. You open the application, set a master password and then choose the folders you’d like to hide and voila, you’re done.

    The interface is a little outdated visually reminding me of something from 2005. But the bones of the program and the interface is solid and rather intuitive. I was able to hide a folder without any fooling around.

    Update the interface would be my only suggestion so far. And for the price (free for a limited time) it can’t be beat.

  346. DoktorThomas™

    Too limited. Add any DVD transcribing and this has potential. ©2018

    • This is not a transcribing software. It allows you to download transcripts/caption files from YouTube if they are available.

  347. DoktorThomas™

    Potentially nice program. I endorse trial use as a sales ploy.

    It took three years but I finally bought a popular PDF program (Acrobat) after using a giveaway. I bought not one but versions 9, 10, and 11; some multiple times. Had I not gotten to use the program enough times to realize its virtues I would not have bought multiple copies of Acrobat, which was significantly more expensive than this software.

    This trial is six months. How many times in six months might one use this unless they are working on a public/company computer?
    How would you know in six months if your private folder was protected from prying eyes?

    My point is the severe time limitation prevents me from trying this software.

    Then there is the subscription issue.

    I still have working versions 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11 of Acrobat. With this offering, you are forced to buy and re-buy every year.

    This may be a profitable arrangement for iobit, but not me. I want a full license for as long as the software works on the computer on which it is installed. Profit is already high because they do not provide the install disk (download only). And they reselling the same thing to everyone.

    For this computer, #4 in my house, win7 is being used as the OS. That means there is a limited future/life for any download to this computer.

    Every time there is an OS update, there is potential to have incompatiablity requiring buying the software again. (Even win10 will be replaced because of an allocation flaw in services that is vulnerable to hacking and cannot be patched. Windows needs a complete re-write; so the single down for life would have to be re-bought a last twice in the near future.) Three times, one computer is more than enough profit.

    This a model–trial and ownership–I cannot support. ©2018

  348. Alicia

    à l’attention du modérateur : Pourquoi mes propos ont-ils été transformés en un charabia incompréhensible ??????

  349. Mike

    Hard to understand the low rating. If you look past this page, you’ll see that there are 8 (eight) programs available for about $12 (beat current average price). The deal is NOT only for Burning Studio 19. Click on “read more”. $12 will get you 8 amazing Ashampoo programs. I’ve used several of these (previous versions) for years, and they’re top quality. Check it out before the offer is pulled.

    • I can think of three reasons people are downvoting it:
      1) They don’t actually have the names of the programs listed or even prominently displayed anywhere in the description! If you don’t read every “The Pitch” entry, you don’t know what programs are available.
      2) I already have 1 of these programs but an earlier version, 3 of these programs at the version listed, and 3 of the others are things I don’t use (like a windows “optimizer” that fools around with the registry). So that means there’s only 1 new programs in the whole “bundle”.
      3) They used to give these away individually…now they want $12 minimum for a bundle that is mostly stuff I don’t want.

      I’d rather see them go back to offering the programs individually, even if they charged a couple bucks instead of free.

    • it entirely depends on your own personal view of outstanding and amazing software. Ashampoo have figured poorly because of the rubbish they make, including their anti virus software, which is the pits for quality..that being it might as well not even exist its that poor. You cant turn a sow into dairy cow, just like trying to claim ashampoo as a company is amazing, the general concensus is that they are not for very valid reasons. It wouldnt matter how little they charge, the damage they did to their own image is there for all to see over the last few years, they are one of the last companies online anyone should trust at this moment in time

  350. wosa

    “Privacy Protection
    …, the only way to access these files is with your password.”
    Above quota pretends, your data is safe. Oh, that sound great!
    … But as with all those tools it took me just a few seconds to find out how it works and how to access the data inside the “protected” folders:
    As they use a “filter driver” (sic…), the easiest way is/was to restart the machine in protected mode or via a Windows PE.
    Et voila: Folder and its files could be accessed at once – without any restrictions;
    – the folder exists in the same place
    – and with its original name, too!

    – because the “filter driver” IS NOT LOADED (not present) in protected mode or while starting up any machine through an independent operating system (including Windows PE builds).

    This, too is just a light weight solution for quickly “hiding” contents – no more no less.
    Decide your own if this fits your needs…

  351. Stuart

    Easily defeated by anyone who simply starts Windows in Safe Mode, because this stops all but essential Windows system files from loading. iObit’s software is not a Windows system file, so therefore, it doesn’t load. And if it doesn’t load, it isn’t active, and if it isn’t active, it can’t protect anything or, more to the point, hide anything. Once the PC is booted in Safe Mode, it’s a simple job to run ‘Everything’, the freeware search engine, to search the computer for all files and folders or all files with a selected file type. It’s also easy to order the search results by file size. I’ve busted iObit’s so-called ‘protection’ within 90 seconds on several occasions using the combination of Safe Mode boot followed by a fast ‘Everything’ search by file suffix and/or file size. iObit is well aware of the huge flaw in this software but has done nothing about it. . . because it can’t do anything about it. iObit also does not regularly update this product in the way that an anti-malware specialist publisher (like Malwarebytes) has to constantly update its signature base. All AV publishers, be they Malwarebytes or any other, incur a substantial staff cost overhead in maintaining their databases. By contrast, iObit incurs little or nothing. And yet it still has the cheek to try to charge the gullible an annual recurring charge: why? Answer: to make a profit out of those who don’t know any better. The only reason this developer rents its software instead of providing lifetime licenses is because of sheer greed. Why it gets such a high rating here is inexplicable.

    • Great Review Thank you are there any Softwares out there that can defeat the safe mode ??

  352. yataguebou

    très bon logiciel pour la sécurité des fichiers et des dossiers, fiable, rapide, et utilisation très simple.

  353. Alexandre

    Given that the developer gave a racist reply against spanish and latin people, I’ll pass this one.
    Even looking so interesting.

  354. Malik

    Keeping a diary means having a place to write down your thoughts, feelings, memories and personal impressions about life. This can be healing and teach you to know yourself better. In a similar way, notetaking has its own benefits too. It can improve focus and attention to detail, promotes active learning, increases creativity, and improves organization skills. Both of these activities were performed with pen and paper, but in today’s world, where we spent most time in front of a PC screen or a smart device, these activities are now performed using software applications.
    Vole Magic Note Professional LTUD is a note taking software application, that comes with many handy tools, to help make your note taking process easy and improve your overall experience. It allows you to write a diary and keep it secure on your computer, fill it with images, videos and hyperlinks, preview media, set reminders, and more.

    Installation & Set-up

    The installer size is ~80MB and the installation process is simple and straightforward, taking no time at all to complete. To get the license and activate the application you first need a Sanwhole account, where you can import purchases using the codes. You can then download license file in TXT format to your PC. This file can be activated inside the software easily and quickly. Once done, you can start using the application and all the tools that it comes with, to create notes that are actually useful.

    User Interface

    The UI of the application is divide into different panes, and has an old and outdated look to it. You do have option of 6 themes to choose from to suit your needs. At the top you have buttons to different options and tools. On the left you can view all your notes and search for them. The bigger box on the top shows content, while the other one shows the media content selected. The UI is not intuitive but you can load a sample to help you get started. Moreover, you can use the help documentations if any help is required.


    – Create and organize multimedia containing notes with ease.
    – Create Pageshare notes, each note is a complete HTML5 website.
    – Integrate in notes audio, video, and other online resources.
    – Add Rich Text, images and hyperlinks.
    – Powerful search function to search for notes with ease.
    – 6 different themes to choose from and ability to change the language of the UI.
    – In-built media player to preview media content.


    – The UI looks old, outdated, and is not intuitive. This makes it difficult to use and understand.


    Vole Magic Note Professional LTUD is note one of the best note taking application out there, but it is definitely an application that can be used on daily basis once you get used to it. It comes with many handy tool, the application runs smoothly and lag free. It is worth-trying.

  355. Matt

    I purchased the standard version and I guess I didn’t read the documentation but you can’t use a usb device with that version. I had to upgrade to the professional, which was frustrating but it was cheap so I upgraded. I followed the instructions and received an error message and now had to upgrade to enterprise. I followed those instructions and still received an error message. I tried to contact support but couldn’t find a number. Sent them an email and several hours later received some instructions that were completely unhelpful. By this time I had found another solution and was able to reset the password. I asked for a refund but was refused and offered another one of their products instead. Not happy with the software, support or my experience.

  356. Malik

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    SoftOrbits Photo Editor Pro is a lightweight and intuitive photo editor application, that can help you adjust and enhance your photos appearance with the aid of many useful tools that it comes packed with. It lets you edit and adjust the appearance of photographs, remove spots, apply text watermarks or crop the images, and do more.

    Installation & Set-up

    The installer size is ~10MB, and the installation process is simple and straightforward taking no time at all to complete. Once the installation completes, the application can be easily activated and registered using the license key. At startup, you can drag and drop any image to the UI, or use file explorer to navigate to the picture and select it. Once a photo is loaded, you can start using tools and features of the application to make your photos look better.

    User Interface

    The UI of the application is clean and simple, and all the features are well-organized making the UI easy to navigate through. At the top you have the menu bar with usual drop down menus, followed by toolbar with important features and tools. To the right is the toolbox, which shows tools relevant to the function you have selected from the toolbar. Rest of the UI is the image viewing area. Information like image resolution and the format are shown on the bottom right.


    – Clean and Simple, designed to be easy to use for all types of users, even novices.
    – Supports formats like JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIGm TGA, PSD, PCX, WMF, and more. The edited image can be stored in these formats too.
    – Tools like Crop, Rotate, Remove, Add text, Image Correction, and Resize.
    – Add Text Watermarks, Remove objects from images by different modes and methods.
    – Menu bar lets you undo or redo certain actions, go to next or previous picture and restore the original.
    – Improve portrait photos by removing small imperfections such as pimples and wrinkles.


    – Often crashes while processing images.
    – Object removal takes a lot of time, but the results it produces are only satisfactory.


    SoftOrbits Photo Editor Pro is a simple, lightweight, and intuitive photo editor designed to be simple to use, and aimed at all types of users, allowing them to edit and enhance their photos with ease, without any photo editing knowledge or complex photo softwares. The application runs fine, with a few stutters and crashes here and there. It is worth-trying.

  357. Malik

    Files that you delete from your hard drive are merely hidden, marked as deleted but not really removed from your hard drive and can be recovered with widely available data recovery software. This can lead to unauthorized access to your important and personal data, which can be misused too. The solution for this is to use a file shredder software application, permanently overwrite and shred any sensitive files or data on you decide to delete. There are many applications available, but not all work the same.
    Macrorit Data Wiper Pro is a simple software utility designed to help you permanently delete files from your computer and hence, make the deleted data on your drives unrecoverable. It allows you to completely wipe your entire hard disk or a partition on you PC.

    Installation & Set-up

    The installer size is ~20MB, and the installation process is simple and straightforward, taking no time at all to complete. The installer comes packed in a zip file, which also contains the portable version of the application, that can be carried around in a flash drive to be used whenever and wherever it is needed. After launching the application, it can be easily activated by the registration code. Once done, you can then start using the application do remove your personal and confidential data permanently from your PC and drives, so it cannot be recovered.

    User Interface

    The UI of the application is simple and intuitive. It allows you to perform the task of deletion and wiping, all from one window in just three steps. You need to choose the wipe target, then the wiping method , and then select the partition and hit the ‘Wipe Now’ button. The disks and the partitions on it are viewed graphically, and information of size and its type are shown and represented. Moreover, there are many different ‘How to’ guides that can be accessed from the top, these take you to a link where the information is provided. There is also a button at the top that lets you create WinPE bootable media on removable storages.


    – Clean, simple, and one window operation UI, designed to be suitable for all types of users, even the novices.
    – Portable version available. Easy to use and easy to carry around.
    – Works with all storage devices, external or internal. Supports 2TB+ and non-512B sector size drives, Support large IDE, SCSI, SATA and new GPT/uEFI-formatted hard disks, USB 1.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 flash memory drives. And FAT16/32, NTFS file systems are also supported.
    – Wipe free/used or unallocated space with fast algorithm.
    – Wipe C Drive, or system partition without bootable CD.
    – 6 different wipe methods to suit your needs.


    – Does not come with Windows Explorer context menu integration like other similar tools.
    – Other similar tools offer more wiping methods.


    Macrorit Data Wiper Pro is a simple yet powerful application, designed to help you remove your important and personal data securely, so it cannot be recovered by anyone using recovery tools. The application runs smoothly, without any lag or crashes. The system resource usage also remains low at all times. It is definitely worth-trying.

  358. Malik

    File compression is a process of ‘packaging’ a file or files to use less disk space. Compression software allows you to take many files and compress them into one file, which is smaller than the combined size of the originals. There over 50 different formats that can be used for file compression, common ones include zip, 7-zip, TAR, GZIP and ISO. There are many different compression tools are available nowadays, but there are only a few comprehensive tools that come with all the important features, support all the key formats, and works well too.
    PowerArchiver 2018 is an intuitive compression tool, that comes packed with a rich set of tools. It allows you to compress files and extract archive content, connect to cloud storage accounts and FTP servers, compile ISO images and burn files to discs, and more.

    Installation & Set-up

    The installer size is ~37MB and the installation process is simple and straightforward, taking no time at all to complete. The application can be activated by the activation codes provided by the developers. Launching it for the first time, it asks you to choose the skin of UI, the mode of the UI (novices and advanced), and also select/deselect file format associations. After this, you can then register and activate the application by entering the registration name and activation code. Once done, the application restarts and can then be used for all you file compression and decompression needs.

    User Interface

    The UI of the application is clean, simple and intuitive. The UI has two modes, one for novices with less options and buttons, the other for advanced users with complete list of options and options to suit your needs. The application also comes with a few skins to choose from, and make the UI look as you want it too. Moreover, you can choose display style, icon view style and toolbar options. You can also drag and drop files to UI to add them to an archive. The application also adds several useful entries in the Windows Explorer context menu, to readily compress and extract files, without even the need of running the application first.


    – Simple and Easy to use, flexible UI, that comes with two modes suitable for different experience levels. The UI can be tuned in many ways to suit the user’s needs.
    – Support for over 60 various compression formats like ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, PA, ISO, TAR and more.
    – Support for the PA format.
    – Multi-core compression, Unlimited size, full ZIPX, 256 bit AES Encryption and more.
    – Comes with great useful tools like Convert tool, Encode tool, Repair tool, Write/Merge tool, Batch ZIP tool, Multi-Extract tool, SFX tool, and more.
    – Full support for Windows Explorer shell extensions.
    – Tabbed interface so you can deal with more than one archives at one time.
    – Fast startup, fast compression speeds, and low to moderate system resource usage.
    – Cloud sharing is supported for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Azure, S3, Attachment Cloud, Attachment Cloud Beta, and Box.
    – Use a built-in FTP client to download and upload files, create full, incremental and differential backups that run automatically within a custom scheduler.


    PowerArchiver 2018 is a fast, reliable, and intuitive compression application that comes with useful and powerful collection of tools that are a must, and also some other tools for added functionalities. The application runs smoothly, without any lag and crashes. The system resource usage is low to moderate too at all times. It is definitely worth-trying.

  359. John Weber

    I’ve been using power archiver 2017 since I won it in a giveaway a few months ago. I liked it alot. I ended up getting a key for the 2018 version afterwards and started using that. It was even better. The featureset is quite expansive. I particularly like when I’m opening an archive with an executable that it prompts me on if I would like Powerarchiver to automaticallt install the program for me. There are some cool skins for it as well as other forms of customisation. It starts up and works quite quickly in my experience as well. All in all, after trying dozens of archiving software over the years, both free and paid options, this is my favourite one so far. I do have the toolbox version which is like the full set with additional features such as ISO mounting etc but this standard version is fine for the average user.

  360. Null

    Pro – A lot of backup space, for a pretty good price.
    Non C-Drive space can be included, making this more useful than most typical cloud backup services.
    Con – Very little control over the process. You can pick the folders to be backed up, but you cannot determine the backup schedule, and if you want to know if a backup had been successful, you have to go through the restore process. No immediately apparent way to monitor results.
    Backup agent takes up a HUGE amount of computer processes, so when it kicks in, things like image editing or video viewing may slow and fragment.
    I’ve asked about these issues, and so far, the publisher has not responded. If or when they do, I will update this review.
    Overall: good, but could be better. Caveat emptor and all that.

  361. Graham B

    US Servers don’t work with netflix (Netflix knows you’re using an unblocker or proxy and stops you dead). Most servers don’t work at all, and throw out “server not found” errors when trying to load 99% of websites, including Google.

  362. Malik

    For a long time, people have been using PowerPoint to create presentations and other visual content that aids presentations. Nowadays, a lot of presentation makers are flooding the market, with the aim of providing an alternative to the PowerPoint point. However, there are only a few of them worthy enough to be said as alternatives to the PowerPoint. Others do not work well, are missing a few features, or are not user friendly.
    Focusky PRO is a simple and intuitive software application on Mac and PC, which can help you create professional-looking applications for business or school work, without any difficulty. It allows you to design creative and dynamic presentations and then publish them online.

    Installation & Set-up

    The installer size is ~300MB, and might require a fast and stable internet connection to be downloaded. To be able to activate and use the application, you first need to have a FOCUSKY account. You can register a new one or use an existing one. The license key provided here can be easily activated in your account. You can then login with the account on the Mac or PC application. The installation process is simple and straightforward, taking only a few minutes to complete. Once done, and logged in to your account, you can use the application to create professional-looking presentations.

    User Interface

    The UI of the application has a modern design, and is clean and intuitive. From the left side you can access different tabs like, Recent Projects, Used Templates, and Online Templates, and other different categories. The 4 buttons on the top allow you to start a new project, open an old one, import one from PowerPoint, or open a new one from published files. Moreover, you can search for questions and templates too. The presentation interface is simple and easy to use also, it has a side bar with important functions, and also a navigation bar to zoom, scroll, and move through slides.


    – Great-looking, clean, and intuitive UI, designed to be suitable for all types of level, with all experience levels.
    – The application comes with a lot of video tutorials and other help documents, to help you get started with the application. These guide you on how to perform certain tasks with the application.
    – 3D transition effects such as 3D zooming, panning and rotating effect make your presentation play like a 3D movie.
    – Multi-language Support, you can install different fonts of your language too.
    – Add background music to presentations, and control when to play/pause/stop the music.
    – WordArt & Texture, Various Shapes & Curve, Formula Editor, 1000+ Built-in Animated Characters, 3D Background Templates, Caption and Voice Narration, Built-in Visual Charts and video player, Screen Recording, and many online templates.
    – Export your projects as HTML, EXE, ZIP, APP, MP4 and PDF formats.
    – Encrypt your presentations and contents to prevent unauthorized access.


    – It does lag sometimes, and system resource usage is high too when working on larger projects.


    Focusky PRO is easily said to be one of the best alternatives to the PowerPoint. It is feature-rich, powerful, and easy to use. The applications run smoothly, with a few lags here and there. It is definitely worth-trying, if you are looking for a presentation tool.

  363. Perter Burgs

    This is such an amazing VPN service I’ve ever used! Hope this will become better and better.

  364. stephen

    download burnt disc, it worked its magic and no longer password locked out. Works on windows 10 start up .defiantly a keeper. thank you tenorshare

  365. Jesper S

    No lag when recording, and great quality on the videos! Amazing software, I strongly recommend it!

  366. Malik

    Many people do not pay much attention to and do not have much knowledge about the password recovery tools. Most users think they are useless and they won’t ever need them. But sometimes we get stuck in situations where a password recovery tool may be the only option that can save you. Imagine losing your administrative accounts password and having no way to recover it. The only possibility other than use of a recovery tool, is to reinstall the operating system. There are many recovery tools available, some of which do not work well.
    4WinKey is a small and lightweight application, designed to help you when you can’t access your user or administrator account due to forgotten password. It allows you to reset lost Windows administrator and user passwords by creating a bootable CD/DVD or USB and booting your locked PC from the newly created disk.

    Installation & Set-up

    The installer size is ~3MB, and the installation process is simple and straightforward, taking no time at all to complete. The version provided here comes pre registered and activated to be used. Other versions can be activated with the license key. Once done, you can create a CD/DVD/USB drive using the application wizard, and boot from it using the locked PC.

    User Interface

    The UI of the application is simple and intuitive, so its easy to use for all. The UI is wizard like, and guides you in the process of creating a bootable CD/DVD/USB. This is done in 3 simple steps. First, you choose the current password reset file, then choose the CD/DVD or USB device, and hit the ‘Burn’ button. Once the bootable disk is created, you can then use it to boot from the locked PC.


    – Easy to use and Wizard guided UI designed to be suitable for all types of users.
    – Recover or reset all administrator and user passwords.
    – Reset Domain Administrator password.
    – Reset passwords by creating bootable CD/DVD/USB.
    – Supports Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server.
    – Supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file systems.


    4WinKey is a simple and straightforward tool, designed to help you and save you from situations in which operating system has to be reinstalled. It quickly allows you to create bootable media, which can reset and recover all your account passwords. The application works smoothly without any lag or crashes. It is definitely worth-trying.

    • “Once done, you can create a CD/DVD/USB ” Thats not correct. This version does not let you burn a usb. Uninstalled.

  367. mark

    I gave up trying to remember my login password , and had resigned myself to re installing windows 10 again .out of desperation I tried this software ,glad I did less than 2 minutes and was up and running again.thank you for great software.

  368. Thomas P.

    This is definetely worth trying. The product woorks noiseless in the background, it doesn’t affect the PC’s performance. It even speeds it up, with the clean-up module, you can get rid of useless files and invalid registry keys.
    The password manager is a very powerfull tool, just worried if I loose the master password :S
    And the VPN… awesome tool, but it’s limited in this version. I might try Panda Dome Premium after this 6 free months, curious to see how the full VPN works. I’ve seen it with a 50% discount somewhere!

    In terms of virus detection… What can I say, they are the best according to AV-Comparatives.

    Thank you Panda and Sharewareonsale for this great giveaway.

  369. Jean

    This is a great program. It makes my computer run faster. Thanks for creating a wonderful program

  370. ted

    awkward download on android had to do it via my laptop but works okay and anti theft very handy and spot on location

  371. Darla Lamb

    Bitdefender Is, by far, the best security solution for any device. I have paid for a subscription for a few years and encourage others to switch to it as well. Customer service is top notch too. Less expensive than others

  372. Mr.Dave

    BitDefender and I got off to a rocky start. It kept deleting several of my music applications, especially the ones I paid for. I quickly learned how to get files back from quarantine and whitelist them. I found the SafePay program annoying, it pops up on all kinds of websites and wants me to use a BitDefender safe browser to complete my transactions. I figured out how to disable that, although I might check it out someday. For about a week I had trouble running many of my programs. I suspected a BitDefender update was the culprit, and after the next update all the problems went away. Otherwise, this program has been great. My version is call BitDefender Internet Security, and it seems to have all the features on offer here. I haven’t had any malware issues, although two different programs from Game Giveaway of the Day were blocked. Program doesn’t slow my PC down except at startup, so I turn everything on and do something else for a few minutes. No big deal. I’m careful with the software I install and websites I visit, but Bitdefender makes me feel safer. Easy to use, many online services. Their support team has generally been ok, if a bit slow to respond. Overall it seems a good step up from Avast!, which I used (and paid) for several years. I’m happy I switched to BitDefender and think others will like it. Give it a few weeks to settle down and I think you’ll agree. Worth a try even if only for 6 months.

    • Safeway can be set for specific sites you enter banking information or purchases. I find it very helpful and secure. It did take a bit to get used to.

  373. tuthanhphat

    A great PC protection program, I always recommend to friends, relatives when using PC

  374. DBP

    I don’t know about the app, but I love their pitch! Even if it is in broken English. ;-)

  375. captainfepa

    I use Bitdefender for my several home computers and have been generally satisfied with it; moreover, they have technical support which is actually awake and generally responsive. Although I don’t find it worthwhile to switch A-V providers for six-month free use trials, the product is usually available for several devices for under thirty dollars a year total; I can live with that. I have tried free programs, such as Avira, but found them too intrusive. I have made two suggestions to Bitdefender in particular (and am not certain whether they have implemented them or have plans). One is to provide a PAUSE feature with the tray icon, to easily pause both scanning and downloading of BD updates; when I log on, these activities often take much longer at 100% disk usage than I want to wait for a quick check of email, etc. The second improvement would be to easily enable whitelisting by not merely software name, but of name and file location, and checksum or possibly date and size. The reason for the latter is that numerous standard security softwares (such as many by NirSoft) are considered by BD malware or Potentially Unwanted Programs, thus warning me at all times that my computer is INFECTED! (Be afraid – be very afraid!) However, I would imagine that programs such as these would be known by attackers to be frequently whitelisted, and thus preferentially targeted for hijacking. (Since NirSoft is all portable, I’m just going to move it all to a thumb drive when I get the time.) Another item to consider is the BitDefender Box, a security appliance now in its second iteration. I’m interested in reviews of the new version, and in comparisons against similar devices which are now hitting the market. In the old days, Astaro (Sophos, now) provided (free) software for a centralized unified security appliance, if you’ve got a small computer with two NICs. These days, I believe, they are selling something on that order.

  376. Malik

    Antimalware (anti-malware) is a type of software program designed to prevent, detect and remove malicious software (malware) on IT systems, as well as individual computing devices. Antimalware software uses three strategies to protect systems from malicious software, including signature-based malware detection, behavior-based malware detection and sandboxing. There are many applications available nowadays, all claiming to provide the best protections. In reality, only a few are up to the mark with today’s standards.
    Bitdefender Total Security 2018 is a complete and feature-rich security solution with strong malware and ransomware defenses. It comes with with anti-theft, anti-phishing, firewall, autopilot, rescue mode, intrusion detection, ransomware protection, parental control, browser sandbox, password manager, and more.

    Installation & Set-up

    The installer size is ~440MB+, so a fast and stable internet connection might be required to download it. Considering the number of features it comes packed with, 400+ MB download is worth it. Once the download finishes, you can continue with the installation process. The installation process does not take much time at all to complete. You can then login to your Bitdefender Central account, because that where all your devices are linked and can be managed. You can also manage your subscriptions from there and more.

    Complete Data Protection

    Bitdefender is one of the strongest antivirus out there. It protects you from viruses, worms and Trojans, to ransomware, zero-day exploits, rootkits and spyware. Quick, system, vulnerability and contextual scans are available to suit the users needs. Real-time protection and real-time guard is extremely fast at detecting and eliminating infected files. The Autopilot is stronger and silent than ever, it runs in the background and takes care of everything without disturbing you.

    Multiple Pre-configure Profiles

    The application comes with some pre-defined modes to suit your needs, settings can be changed manually too. These modes include the autopilot mode, work profile, movie mode, game profile, public Wi-Fi module, and battery mode profile. Each of them can be activated, configured and adapted based on your requirements or your computer hardware.


    – Clean and easy to use UI, designed to be suitable for all types of users.
    – Comes with Password manger, Secure browser, Ransomware immunizer, File shredder, Virtual Keyboard, Wi-Fi Scanner, and File Encryption.
    – Parental controls allow you to keep track and limit your childs activity and keep them safe from the internet world.
    – Even with a plethora of tools and features, it does not have much impact on systems performance.
    – Detection rate and action time are amazing, one of the best in Anti-virus world.
    – System tune up tools also work great, firewall and online backup tools always come in handy.
    – Applications for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.


    Bitdefender Total Security 2018 is a great application, that comes with all the tools and features that you’d ever wish for in a security application. It runs smoothly, without any lag or crashes. The system resource usage is also low to moderate at all times. It is definitely one of the best of its kind out there.

  377. leo

    Program is useless, mainly only Youtube. There are many other free programs that download videos from multiple sites without a single problem.

    • IDM (Internet Download Manager), which you pay for, is excellent! I have been using it for over a year now and it sits in your Taskbar and waits. If a site has a video, a small popup window appears asking if you want to download the video on that site. I have found NOTHING better than IDM and I have used them ALL, including MovieJack.

  378. Malik

    Viruses, worms, and the like often perform malicious acts, such as deleting files, accessing personal data, or using your computer to attack other computers. Nowadays, it is rather very difficult to keep yourself safe and protected from viruses, trojans, worms or other forms of malware that are getting stronger day by day. A strong and reliable anti-virus software is a need of almost all PC users, so all there files can be scanned and infected files can be fixed or removed rapidly.
    Panda Dome Complete as its name suggest, is a complete package, to protect you against viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers and online fraud, to safeguard you against all types of known and unknown threats, and to protect you against all kinds of threats with the help of plethora of tools that it comes packed with.

    Installation & Set-up

    The installer size is ~2MB, and the installation process is simple and straightforward, taking no time at all to complete. At the start of the process, it asks you to enter the license key to continue the process of installation. After that it asks you to choose a few installation options, like changing your homepage and default search engine. You can untick the options if you do not want them. Once the installation process is complete, the application launches. You can then start using the application to protect your PC, network, and other devices.

    User Interface

    The UI of the application comes with a modern design, attractive colors, and visually appealing backgrounds. The backgrounds can be changed from the settings. You can access the tab on the left, which contains options like My Account, My Devices, My Products, Help, Supports, News, and more. In the middle is the ‘View Summary’ buttons, and under it the application shows the number of files it has scanned so far. Under is are the buttons to all the different features and options. The ‘Complete’ version, has 22 buttons, namely Scan, Antivirus, PC CleanUp, VPN, My devices, Data Shield, Wi-Fi Protection, Support, Personal Firewall, Application Control, Parental Control, Safe Browsing, USB Protection, Process Monitor, Anti-Theft, Rescue Kit, Online Backup, Virtual Keyboard, File Shredder, File Encryptor, Password Manager and My Products. The application keeps scanning your files in the background, and you can perform on-demand scans too.


    – Good-looking and easy-to-use UI, designed to be suitable for all types of users.
    – Anti-virus offers protection against virus, ransomware, and malware.
    – Comes with Parental controls, app lock and call blocker.
    – Three types of scans: Critical Areas, Full Scan, and Custom Scan.
    – Firewall allows you to be secure and free from hacking attacks, whether you’re at office, home, or a restaurant.
    – Safe browsing blocks malware, pishing, fraud, and other malicious items while you are browsing the internet.
    – Process Monitor works like Task Manager, but it shows you the total number of processes running, total that are accessing internet, and the ones that have high/low threat level.
    – VPN allows you to protect your internet connection and keep your browsing activity untracked.
    – Application Control identifies harmful applications, and USB Protection protects against viruses on USB devices.
    – Rescue kit allows you to create a USB to fix PC which won’t boot because of viruses. Moreover, you can also run advanced virus scan if you think your PC is infected.
    – Virtual keyboard to replace an actual keyboard if you suspect there’s a keylogger installed on your PC.
    – You can also control and manage other devices you have linked to the account.
    – PC clean to ensure your PC runs lag free and does not contains junk.
    – Online backup to cloud to save and secure your precious data.
    – File Shredder and Encryptor for data security.
    – Password manager to secure your password to different accounts in a secure location.


    – VPN still only offers 150MB traffic.
    – Rescue Kit offers advanced scan, but this results in download and installation of another product by the same developer.


    Panda Dome Complete is a complete PC optimization and security package. It comes with a plethora of tool dealing with PC health, security, data security, and more. The application works smoothly, without any lag or crashes. It is definitely worth trying.

  379. nick sheesan

    When I went to their website to get more information, this program was not listed. I could find no information about this software anywhere on their site. Makes you wonder……

  380. wosa

    Don´t know whether to laugh or to cry…
    Took me just about 10 seconds to realize how it works:
    1. renamed the “Hidden” folder to another name
    2. set attributes of this folder to h (hidden) and s (system
    3. moved this folder to the drive´s root.
    4. renamed all files inside this folder to nnnn.db (nnnn for numbers – beginning with “1”…)

    viewing those files would instantly show their type (archive, text, exe/dll, etc.)

    So again: (as all of?!…) such software is ridiculous – at least for any halfway experienced computer user.

    Better than average:
    – those folders are and stay in the same state (“Hidden”, name scrambled, …) in and for any other OS or Windows instance.
    – you must have at least the idea that there IS suchg folders/files.

    Worse than average of those tools:
    – you have direct access to all files, as soon as you find out about the existence of such files/folders.
    – not even any need to reboot to save mode (… or Windows PE or Linux …)

  381. Malik