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[ @Brian M]

Correct, this WinToHDD program by EasyUEFI is incapable of putting our working Windows to HDD.

You wrote: “… [@Peter Blaise] Peter, it seems you are talking about two different programs, EasyUEFI and WinToHDD are not the same applications. I think the WIM/WAM/Whatever file which you mentioned is the “Install. wim” file found on/in the Windows OS installation disc (perhaps the Windows installation folders). Search for that, and you may have some success …”

IF I have the Windows OS installation disc, THEN why do I need this program, WinToHDD by EasyUEFI?

( Note, it’s now “Hasleo Software” formerly called “EasyUEFI Development Team” BUT it’s still at [ EasyUEFI. com ] – makes sense, right? )

I’m now guessing that their intention is NOT to make a working blank or full copy of my working Windows, BUT their intention is for a mass-production PC-build shop to build a stack of prospective Windows HDD drives that will boot up and then continue self-installation and hardware-driver-self-install when these HDD drives are later installed into ANY subsequent computer and booted up for the first time ( and licensing for Windows relative to the new PC comes from where ?!? ).

As I wrote: “… I presume this software is for shops that have original WIM/WAM/Whatever files, not actual working systems …”

But NO ONE has verified my speculation – the vendor is nowhere to be found in these threads.

Thanks for speculating.


NOTE: This product is apparently FREE anyway, here, from their website:

“… Hasleo WinToHDD, FREE and all-in-one Windows deployment tool which allows you to install, reinstall Windows without using a CD, DVD or USB drive, or clone current Windows installation to another disk …”

Nope, it’s never done ANY of that for me.


Oh, and another thing … it expects us to select destination partitions … because?!? Does it NOT know?

My Windows installation media does ALL that AUTOMATICALLY.

So I need this NON-EASY, NON-AUTOMATIC, NEEDS OTHER RESOURCES, NEVER WORKED, non-tool tool because …?!?