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What a shame. The developer obviously put time into creating this program, just not enough.
1. Why am I getting a refusal to allow me to activate the program because a potentially unwanted program was detected? This is a “notes” program. It shouldn’t be doing anything that an anti-virus program would flag.
2. There only seems to be one data file for all the notes.
3. I can’t change the location of the data file (I consider this a critical ability).
4. I can’t do a “Save as” so I can easily make a copy of the data file.
5. No spell check.
6. No special formatting (automatic indents, bullets, tab stops, etc.)
7. No way to set the program to start automatically when Windows opens.
8. If you want to search only titles, you have to make a change in the settings. Why not a separate icon to do a titles only search?
9. Why is there such a small limit on the number of search results?
10. No “About” box to show me what version I’m using.

In short, while the programmer may be very capable, the product isn’t. The only thing I see that would make the program special is the “table of contents” idea. Not enough to make me switch from the other programs I am using. I’ll wait for version Two-point-O.