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Peter Blaise

Sorry, but I have never gotten any useful function out of GreatIs software, it all seems to lack intelligent awareness and instead depends on me to not only derive the nuisance or function of any found objects, but also depends on me to intuit how the user interface is supposed to function.

There is no:

– please wait, inspecting …

– here’s what I found and what it means and what I recommend you do, click to toggle recommended action on or off …

Does a check mark mean keep or delete, there’s no popup indicator.

Note: a check mark, especially a GREEN check mark, universally means [ OK ], good, keep.

An [ X ], especially a RED [ X ], universally means bad/remove/delete.

I think this software uses a green check mark to mean bad/remove/delete.

Let me inspect the two items found:

I click on a found object, and it says: [ VirusTotal, not tested ] … why not auto test at VirusTotal, like every other program does, why make me do it manually, what’s this program for?

So I right-click and select [ Check ] and it seems to interrogate VirusTotal … and both suspect items were good at VirusTotal ( so why highlight them as suspect ? ), then I click back on each item, and one now says [ VirusTotal: not checked ] even though I just saw it check at VirusTotal.

Perhaps each module within this program suite does not communicate and play well with other modules withing this program suite.

THis happens every time I run any program from GreatIs – I am reminded of why I might use it once, awkwardly, as a tool, then turn off all features, and never use it again, finding all other tools easier to operate and interpret results and unambiguously control the actions they will take.

It does not default to display everything it finds, and when I ask it to display everything it finds, it asks to scan and search all over again as if it does not remember the prior scan and search … and did not offer me any controls over the first scan and search so I could just say “show me everything” from the start, so I have to what, run it twice, the first time to get to the control to say what kind of second scan I’d prefer?

Then as I [ Check ] other items found, the program craps out with “Access violation: Reanimator”, and now something is scanning, and I can’t control the windows to see who or what or why.

It says [ You are unprotected > Click to fit it ] along with [ Network shield is on ] … so what will happen if I click to “fix”, will I see a new screen with controls, or is some unidentified “fix” going to self-install without my control?

I think that Unhackme and Reanimator are separate programs, and Reanimator crashed out, so Unhackme is all that’s on screen now … so how do I get reanimator to reopen?

Now Unhackme offers only [ > Fix it! ] as an option, there is no [ Inspect the results ] option … being hopeful and brave, I click [ > Fix it! ] and up pops a window offering 5 different separate scans – no results, just 5 different scan types to run … whenever.

Uh huh.

So, what are the [ Malware issues found: 2 ]?

Why can’t the software tell me?

It’s nice that this PROMISES to add anti malware references for our hosts file, if anyone cares, BUT my host file shows absolutely nothing added.

What have others found in using GreatIs software?

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[ @Laura] The download itself from SOS is clean according to VirusTotal 70 software scan.