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Peter Blaise

[ @Dmitrys] Hi, thanks for the ongoing opportunities to explore your software.

I must say the “metro” windows are indecipherable when they overlay each other, and there is no way to tell which program is which, where one window begins and ends – why no borders identifying window boundaries and resizing controls?

Plus, when TWO Windows are open, there is no way to know which is boss, which window is waiting for which window, when it is OK to go ahead in either window, or should we wait for something to happen, and will whichever window is boss tell the other window when it is done, how long do we wait, and so on – too many cooks spoil the broth, someone with two clocks doesn’t know what time it is, and so on, PLEASE make the program work in ONE window only, ONE boss only, ONE cook only.

I just got additional odd behavior where RegRun Reanimator listed a couple of items, and when I right-clicked each and selected [ Open Folder ], Windows Explorer opened with a crash offering only to close Windows Explorer, and when I manually went to the folder location, the item was gone, and when I asked RegRun Reanimator to [ Scan file ], then RegRun Reanimator itself crashed with an access violation error, I had to kill RegRun Reanimator in task manager, and start again.

I do not like the sequence where I don’t yet know the whole story on the whole drive scan before I’m asked in the early steps to make a decision, and what if I wait until the end, then where will all the earlier choices that I delayed making be kept for me to review, do I have to take note on paper myself, and go all the way through without making any decisions, then restart the program with my complete notes in my hand, so I then know what to do when the early step asks me to make a decision, I have a complete picture, a context form which to make those decisions, because I know already know what will be found in later steps, so I can make an appropriate decision in earlier steps?

I’m not even sure how to skip choices in UnHackMe’s steps – will it ignore those entries in the future, or automatically delete them without my knowing, when will I ever see them again so I can make a decision on them?

There are a few other programs like this where I run the scan, take notes, then exit and address things myself, manually re-finding the directories and files, manually uploading them to VirusTotal myself, deciding what to manually move to [ C:\Backup\- Malware ] ( I do not delete things, I let each future anti malware program see the same questionable files, as a test, to verify ), and I have to manually search the registry to remove references associated with whatever else I have removed manually ( Jouni Vuorio’s RegClean v4.3.780 from 2001 is unsurpassed at this ).

Other programs that have messed up are Spybot Search & Destroy v2 multi-window mess, so I still use single-window v1, Jouni Vuorio’s multi-window mess jv16PowerTools now by Macecraft Software, so I still use the last functional single-window RegClean v4.3.780 from 2001, and single-window HitManPro, which has no cleaning capability after the initial trial, so all we can do is manually hunt for whatever it finds, but at least it still finds stuff and works from one window.

UnHackMe and RegRun Reanimator are too arduous to reverse engineer, to figure out, and to master what’s happening.

As it stands, I can’t recommend this for end users, nor fellow techs.

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I appreciate that programming is an incredibly difficult task, let alone all the background support for what the program has to mange, such as inspecting for endless listings of malware, so I fully honor that UnHackMe and RegRun Reanimator probably work FOR YOU, the programmer, because you are intimately familiar with them, and they are an expression of how you think of problems and solutions, and how you use software, and so on.

And even end users who just click and “go ahead” my get no damage, even improvement, regardless of knowing waht happened before, during, or after.

If you cannot incorporate the entire program into ONE window, like Malwarebytes, like AdwCleaner, like SUPERAntiSpyware, then your UnHackMe/RegRun Reanimator combination will always be a quirky outlier.

I think of Dan Bricklin’s Demo Program / Software Garden, where he designed the user interface first.

Thanks for letting us explore, I hope my feedback is useful.

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PS, your web link [ https :// greatis. com/security/reanimator. html ] opens a window that opens a YouTube for a no longer available account, and fails to leave the visitor on the web page – did you think you had a video on auto play?