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Some things I noticed.
* The Offer is headed Simply Good Pictures 5, yet the blurb underneath explains how Simply Good Pictures 4 works.
* I already have Simply Good Pictures 5 on my pc. I wanted to check which version, and was offered an “upgrade” that seems to be for a free version of Simply Good Pictures. If there are actually two different versions, and the SOS version seems to be for the Pro version, not the free version, then perhaps it should be stated more clearly that the offer will install the Pro version?
It may well be that the “free” upgrade is a free-to-download upgrade to the version I have and this is just a language miscommunication? If I’ve already bought version 5, I don’t really want to overwrite it with an offer version and lose my personal licence.
* On the subjectof language miscommunication, on the website for Simply Good Pictures, you can choose German or English language web pages. The default is Deutsch of course, but some parts of the English web page have not been translated from Deutsch. The website owner might like to fix that, because if the web pages are poorly translated, that might make some potential users/purchasers feel the software itself may also be open to errors.