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    Have something to say about Simply Good Pictures 5? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Simply Good Pictures 5, post it here! If you know of issues with Simply Good Pictures 5, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Some things I noticed.
    * The Offer is headed Simply Good Pictures 5, yet the blurb underneath explains how Simply Good Pictures 4 works.
    * I already have Simply Good Pictures 5 on my pc. I wanted to check which version, and was offered an “upgrade” that seems to be for a free version of Simply Good Pictures. If there are actually two different versions, and the SOS version seems to be for the Pro version, not the free version, then perhaps it should be stated more clearly that the offer will install the Pro version?
    It may well be that the “free” upgrade is a free-to-download upgrade to the version I have and this is just a language miscommunication? If I’ve already bought version 5, I don’t really want to overwrite it with an offer version and lose my personal licence.
    * On the subjectof language miscommunication, on the website for Simply Good Pictures, you can choose German or English language web pages. The default is Deutsch of course, but some parts of the English web page have not been translated from Deutsch. The website owner might like to fix that, because if the web pages are poorly translated, that might make some potential users/purchasers feel the software itself may also be open to errors.

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    Just thought I would add a clarification here regarding Version 5 of this software; upon clicking on the website link in your posting Ashraf, the site does state it is #5; however what people need to realize is the version for this software has a different build to it and that is what is changed apparently. You even state this on the manufacturers link. Some of the giveaways here even state that the license is lifetime, and some have free updates, so long as it is a build update and not a version. In other words if update claims it is for a #6, no it wouldn’t be a free update but in this case, it is an update of the build # which Ashraf so states. Simply Good Pictures 5 Manual/Build 5.7242 So if you have #5 with a lower build number, then it might be free pursuant to the instructions that were previously given with your previously installed version. In order to check what build you have, simply pull up the software, click on “Help” then “About” and whala, it will show you the version and the build #.

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    No option on where you can install this. As someone with a small SSD as my C drive I have to manage the programs that I put on it. I usually install programs like this on my secondary HD which has plenty of space, but this program just installs to my C drive without asking.

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    [ @John]

    I agree re: no option as to where to install it. I don’t like it.

    Worse, it would not create a license key for me. I completed the specified screen (email and checked the newsletter box) and the result was “ERROR – no license requested.” A pretty bad bug.

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    I seem to have just the opposite experience. I downloaded, installed and ran the program. There was no request for registration nor opportunity to enter the license. Nonetheless, when I click on “About,” it shows I have the Full Version.

    P.S. Program can now save modified files as .tiff.

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    Robert Ippolito

    Access is denied 0x80070005 and program will not install even in admin mode.

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    Does Not Work, Invalid license!? The Company is renowned by flooding you with spam mail (Engelberg ..).

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    I found an older version already installed on my PC, still 5.something. So within the program I told it to check for updates, and then to install the 5.0.7242.24545 version it found. It tried to install to a folder I didn’t want (C:\Program Files\Engelmann\Simply Good Pictures 5 Free” or something close to that), so I clicked the Options button which let me pick a new folder.

    Something I’ve never seen before, it would not let me select the folder where the older version was installed, said it could only install to an empty folder. VERY lazy developers that can’t overwrite their own files, and force a user to create an empty folder (or empty an existing one, like I did). Who knows what happened in the Registry or any of the other many places it put files. If the programmers are that lazy, I don’t expect much from the program itself. I’m hoping their Master Programmer wrote the program, and an intern / apprentice programmer wrote the installer, but it makes the whole thing seem Simply Not So Good.

    After install, the About box says it’s the “Full Version”, I did not need to enter a license code. Sorry, after all that I don’t feel like even trying the program today…. I do appreciate being able to upgrade within the same major version, so a big plus for Engelmann on that.

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    Hello Thank you very much for your wonderful and excellent website

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    After installing the program, the engelmann website does not open and then there is an error after sending an email asking for a free license key, any suggestions.
    greetings herb

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    Very easy to use. Good automatic an manual modes.

    Only thing I did not like : impossible to modify, in any mode, color strength which become much too strong: faces become red, blacks acquire unwanted colors.

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    Automatic? No way. 1500 pics and no butch mode. Uninstalling.

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