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Many nice typefaces, thank you!

Odd that there’s nothing to push you to buy other products from Eldamar. I looked at the link on the SOS offer page, and they have lots of other font families, many are like handwriting. Many are on sale from 40% to 90% off, and prices seem good. No, I don’t have any relationship to the company, but I like their gift today and it looks like I may need get more from them. Just wanted y’all to be aware there’s something good here!

Also, no interference on the download from Bitdefender, no password needed to open the .zip file.

TO INSTALL FONTS: there should be lots of help on line (note that different kinds of fonts install in different ways). Or, right click on one of the .otf files and select “Preview” or “Install”. Or double-click one of the .otf files to preview, and from the preview window you can choose to print or install it. I think that’s all there is to it — I’m using Win 10.