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    Have something to say about 40 Creative Fonts? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than 40 Creative Fonts, post it here! If you know of issues with 40 Creative Fonts, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Nice collection, but useless for me, because no includes hungarian ő and ű characters :( But thanks!

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    what’s the code?
    it need a code to unzip the file.

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    Great fonts and giveaway ! Thank you very much !

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    Un mot de passe est demandé pour la décompression du fichier ! Quel est il ?

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    >”what’s the code? it need a code to unzip the file. tks”

    No code is needed to open the Zip file. In Windows Explorer (or your favorite File Manager) double-click on the ZIP file, and it should open, showing the names of the 40 typefaces. All the typefaces are of the “OpenType Format” (otf); type comes from Typeface.

    Note: A font is a typeface at a particular size, weight, style, etc., so the company is wrong in calling these “fonts.” You get 40 typefaces, and with each, you get nearly an unlimited number of fonts, depending on which attributes you use when formatting your document. In other words, Andalos Regular at 24 points is a different font from Andalos Regular at 25 points. Likewise, when you add Bold, Italic, or any other attribute, you have a different font. The definition has remained constant since Gutenberg’s time; it has become misunderstood due to computer usage, starting when Microsoft introduced the Windows SDK, which had the word “Font” over the name instead of the word “Typeface.” Hope you learned something.

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    Sushil Kumar

    Why is it a.exe file.

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    Your hub downloader triggers an alert from panda antivirus.

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    Many nice typefaces, thank you!

    Odd that there’s nothing to push you to buy other products from Eldamar. I looked at the link on the SOS offer page, and they have lots of other font families, many are like handwriting. Many are on sale from 40% to 90% off, and prices seem good. No, I don’t have any relationship to the company, but I like their gift today and it looks like I may need get more from them. Just wanted y’all to be aware there’s something good here!

    Also, no interference on the download from Bitdefender, no password needed to open the .zip file.

    TO INSTALL FONTS: there should be lots of help on line (note that different kinds of fonts install in different ways). Or, right click on one of the .otf files and select “Preview” or “Install”. Or double-click one of the .otf files to preview, and from the preview window you can choose to print or install it. I think that’s all there is to it — I’m using Win 10.

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    Great collection of fonts. Thank you very much!

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    By the way, instead of installing fonts in the system, you can use the “FonTemp” program.
    Verified on these fonts.

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    You all have to run the exe so the swos installer can download the zip file. Then you can extract the zip without a password and install the fonts normally. It works like a charm. The only thing that asks for a password is the swos exe file – which you don’t want to extract – you just need to run it. I download swos installers all the time. Just do it and you’ll have the 40 nice fonts!

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    The only thing that asks for a password is the swos exe file

    I did not have this file. The archive only fonts.My file have not requested a password from any file.

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    Google has LOTS of free fonts, just Google “Google free fonts”

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