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I have left positive comments on Clipdiary before. It’s one of the few must-have programs on my PC, I use it all the time. I have not experienced the conflicts with Windows functions that Peter Blaise described, but I’m on Win 10/64 and think he’s on Win 7. He may have something else installed also that monitors keys. I used Clipdiary with Vista, no issues. I’ve tried many other similar programs and liked many of them, especially Clipa.Vu, but find Clipdiary the most reliable and least intrusive in my workflow.

The review from Clairvaux talks about how cumbersome it is, too many steps, it should be as simple as Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. Well, you can set up hotkeys. I use Windows Ctrl-C to copy. Saves it into Clipdiary automatically. To get to a previous save, I use Shift-Ctrl-X. A window pops up showing the text of the clip. If I release the keys, that clip is copied. If I press X again, the previous clip is shown. Repeat X as needed. To move forward to more recent clips, I press Shift-Ctrl-C to start, repeat C to advance again. To paste as plain text, I used Shift-Ctrl-V. I can’t imagine a faster or simpler way to do this. If I want to search for clips or go back 30 or 40 for some reason, I open the main window with Shift-Ctrl-U. I have it set to never capture anything copied from my password manager, so no passwords end up in the clip history. I don’t use Snipets — yet. That lets you save text that you use a often like email address, street address, phone number, name, etc., and recall by clicking in the list. Would make filling in on-line forms a breeze. If you created documents with “boilerplate” paragraphs (same or similar warnings, disclosures, legalese, company description, etc.) that could really save some time.

To set up the Hot Keys, open the main interface, select File > Options > Hot keys. Click one you want to set or change, then click the […] three dots box on the right. A window pops up where you can press the keys you want, or click X to delete. I had to change the default “Ctrl D” for opening Clipdiary, to Shift-Ctrl-U, because Ctrl-D is used by Chrome browser, Paint.net and many other programs.

So many capabilities, I only use about 1/10 of what it can do. As Peter B noted, different users will find different features most valuable and don’t need to learn the rest. Explore the interface and options once in a while after you get the basics going.