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    Have something to say about Clipdiary? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Clipdiary, post it here! If you know of issues with Clipdiary, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Peter Blaise

    I’ve got v5.3 which is clean at VirusTotal.

    This is v5.4 which has 3 hits at VirusTotal – I’ll pass.

    I note that the program is free for non-professional-ish users, so what is special in this giveaway compared to what’s available anyway?

    Feedback: Aside from cleaning up the programming as malware and reports at VirusTotal …

    I’d like to save ALL snips to files, automatically, so the contents are directly available regardless of the program itself working or not ( such as data recovery on a crashed drive ).

    Otherwise, I find the program features and benefits very useful, and I often take advantage of retrieving prior cut-and-past that Windows would have otherwise lost.

    I am developing a new habit of copying web data entry while I am writing ( such as here ), in case the web page refreshes, or the browser locks up or crashes, and loosed my typing, then ClipDiary let’s me past from my last save, and just keep typing once I refresh the browser.

    However, there are many quirks, and many programming choices made that cause many of the features of the program to be inaccessible to me, for example, I cannot figure out hotkeys to get prior contents, so I just open the ClipDiary window, scroll to what I want, right-click, and select [ copy to clipboard ] then go to the window where I want to paste, and then I paste using Windows controls.

    Also, there is quirky behavior where copying, print-screening, and pasting using Windows controls directly, where they seem to hesitate or fail, and I have to repeatedly hitting the Windows controls to get what I usually used to get instantly, and I believe it is ClipDiary doing something, but I cannot figure out what ( a delay or a filter of some sort, maybe saving or writing to it’s database ).

    I presume it’s a successful program, but I’ll bet that users only use about 5 features at most ( though different features for each user depending on their needs, and their discoveries within the program ).

    I hope the developer fixes the infections/malware/VirusTotal problem, and continues to evolve the program to be consistent and clearly controllable, with all features operating smoothly and seamlessly within Windows – and adds a continuous or on-demand dump of ALL clips to files.

    Thanks, but I’ll wait to upgrade for v5.5, presumably.

    I hope my feedback is useful and I thank the programmer for participating here so we can help them grow and be most successful.

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    So I have used this in the past and like it (although now I am using Spartan most frequently), so I decided to update. However I ran into a problem during installation.

    During the installation I was told Clipdiary was open to close it and retry. Well, I closed it in task manager and it closes the installation program so I am stuck in a loop here.

    Any advice on how to escape the loop and get it installed? Thanks

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    I have left positive comments on Clipdiary before. It’s one of the few must-have programs on my PC, I use it all the time. I have not experienced the conflicts with Windows functions that Peter Blaise described, but I’m on Win 10/64 and think he’s on Win 7. He may have something else installed also that monitors keys. I used Clipdiary with Vista, no issues. I’ve tried many other similar programs and liked many of them, especially Clipa.Vu, but find Clipdiary the most reliable and least intrusive in my workflow.

    The review from Clairvaux talks about how cumbersome it is, too many steps, it should be as simple as Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. Well, you can set up hotkeys. I use Windows Ctrl-C to copy. Saves it into Clipdiary automatically. To get to a previous save, I use Shift-Ctrl-X. A window pops up showing the text of the clip. If I release the keys, that clip is copied. If I press X again, the previous clip is shown. Repeat X as needed. To move forward to more recent clips, I press Shift-Ctrl-C to start, repeat C to advance again. To paste as plain text, I used Shift-Ctrl-V. I can’t imagine a faster or simpler way to do this. If I want to search for clips or go back 30 or 40 for some reason, I open the main window with Shift-Ctrl-U. I have it set to never capture anything copied from my password manager, so no passwords end up in the clip history. I don’t use Snipets — yet. That lets you save text that you use a often like email address, street address, phone number, name, etc., and recall by clicking in the list. Would make filling in on-line forms a breeze. If you created documents with “boilerplate” paragraphs (same or similar warnings, disclosures, legalese, company description, etc.) that could really save some time.

    To set up the Hot Keys, open the main interface, select File > Options > Hot keys. Click one you want to set or change, then click the […] three dots box on the right. A window pops up where you can press the keys you want, or click X to delete. I had to change the default “Ctrl D” for opening Clipdiary, to Shift-Ctrl-U, because Ctrl-D is used by Chrome browser, Paint.net and many other programs.

    So many capabilities, I only use about 1/10 of what it can do. As Peter B noted, different users will find different features most valuable and don’t need to learn the rest. Explore the interface and options once in a while after you get the basics going.

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    Christine Hemmerling

    I was not able to type without clip diary popping up and not letting me type something to put in it. I do not get it.

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    Peter Blaise

    [ @Mr.Dave] There a 70ms delay inbuilt, plus, as I noted, who knows if and when delays also occur writing to drive cache or other, the the effect is to have unpredictable response to keystrokes where standard Windows [ Ctrl ][ v ] in a text field at a blinking cursor produces no result … so … I try [ Ctrl ][ v] again … and sometimes nothing, and sometimes raw text appears as if I had hit the keystrokes [ Ctrl ][ Shift ][ v ] … and sometimes it just pastes no problem. Variable.

    Caution, folks [ Ctrl ][ Shift ][ x ] closed my browser in mid read of Mr. Dave’s explanation of [ Ctrl ][ Shift ][ x ]!

    That’s why I prefer to open the ClipDiary window, scroll to the contents I want, then [ Right-click ] it and select [ Copy to clipboard ], then return to my blinking cursor in a form field and type [ Ctrl ][ v ] – KISS – I’m keeping it as simple and standard as possible.

    I have no idea nor tolerance for instruction in ClipDiary that show things like Ctrl+C \ Arrow Right … does it mean

    — to hit all three Ctrl+C \ Arrow Right together, Ctrl+C AND Arrow Right

    — to hit Ctrl+C \ Arrow Right in a two-step sequence, Ctrl+C THEN Arrow Right

    — or are they synonyms, and I could do either one or the other, Ctrl+C OR Arrow Right ?

    Trying to resolve ambiguity and lack of clarity is a waste of my time, I have work to do.

    And, nope, I have no other keyboard utilities running, and yes, I use Windows 7 64 Pro almost exclusively.

    – – – – –

    “… I was not able to type without clip diary popping up and not letting me type something to put in it. I do not get it …”

    I’m not sure from your description what you are trying to do, but ClipDiary is NOT a text editor, it is a supplement allowing you to look into and use your Windows clipboard history.

    To add something to ClipDiary, open Windows Notepad and type something, highlight it, and tap [ Ctrl ][ c ] to copy it,

    … then go wherever you want to past that and tap [ Ctrl ][ v ]

    … and if you highlight a whole sequence of stuff, say, 2, 3, or more separate different things over time, even over days,

    … then you can paste any one of them by:

    — opening ClipDiary,

    — scrolling to the clipboard entry you want,

    — [ Right-click ] it,

    — select [ Copy to clipboard ],

    — then return to your form field where you want to past it,

    — and tap [ Ctrl ][ v ],

    … and viola, you have something from 2 or 3 or more cut-and-paste actions from the past.

    Whereas, Windows own clipboard only allows access to the ONE most recent cut-and-paste information.

    KISS Keep It Simple and Standard at first, and then after success, explore WHEN YOU HAVE TIME, and see if you can figure out additional features, as [user=’Mr.Dave’ id=’15224410′] apparently has – we each explore differently, and we each are after different features and benefits.

    Let us know what you find.

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    Peter Blaise

    What’s missing from ClipDiary is integration into Windows File Explorer such that I SHOULD be able to point to any directory, [ Right-click ], and select [ Paste ] to paste whatever is in the ClipDiary buffer, or whatever I have selected form the previous ClipDiary buffer, such as IMMEDIATELY pasting a new text file or a new image file.

    Look folks, how many times do you point somewhere and [ Right-click ] and see that [ Paste ] is grayed out and NOT available?

    THAT is where ClipDiary could expand it’s features and benefits.

    THAT would be terrific!


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    Peter Blaise

    ”… I am using Spartan most frequently …”

    Tanks for the teaser, I found [ https ://m8software. com/compare. htm ] and I found their presentation overwhelming, NOT “spartan”, I’ll pass.

    Comparing the features and benefits of ClipDiary and Spartan … spartan ITSELF appears both complex AND spartan in that they have way too many versions, their comparisons are NOT clear, and their feature set seems less-than ClipDiary … for me.

    – – – – –

    ”… So I have used this in the past and like it … so I decided to update. However I ran into a problem during installation. During the installation I was told Clipdiary was open to close it and retry. Well, I closed it in task manager and it closes the installation program so I am stuck in a loop here. Any advice on how to escape the loop and get it installed? Thanks

    Do NOT update, instead reinstall v5.3, which is clean at VirusTotal – this v5.4 has 3 hits at VirusTotal.

    Ignore errors during installation, apparently ClipDiary installation sees itself and thinks ClipDiary is running, but select to ignore errors anyway and finish, it worked for me.

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    I hope the Clipdiary devs are reading all these comments. Lots of good suggestions and issues with software and registration process that need to be worked out!

    Peter Blaise, I really like your idea of being able to create a file from the contents of a clip. For many years I’ve been using something called Filenote (part of ShellTools, http: //www.moonsoftware.com /shell_tools ). It lets me right-click on any file, select Filenote, and a text file with the same name is created in the same folder and opened in Notepad. Then I can paste what I want into it. Has saved me a lot of time, since I generally create such a file for everything I download so I know what it is and where I got it – programs, music, etc. Would be great to have that built into Clipdiary, especially if it could create a file that would accept graphics and formatted text (if that’s what the clip contains). A Paste-to-new-file function, with a default name and folder based on whatever you have selected.

    :-( Sorry Shift-Ctrl-X gave you problems. I’m using Chrome and many other programs and that’s never gotten in the way for me. I think I had to add that to the hotkeys in Clipdiary, and maybe it then overrides other use of that combination? Everyone uses Windows (and computers) differently, I’ll try to remember to include a warning in future comments.

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    I’ve got v5.3 which is clean at VirusTotal.

    I’d like to save ALL snips to files, automatically, so the contents are directly available regardless of the program itself working or not ( such as data recovery on a crashed drive ).

    Check out https://cresstone.com/apps/clipLogger/. This developer (no affiliation, just a satisfied user) has a style of small, sharp tools that I really appreciate. His clipLogger and notes apps are indispensable to me, and freeware to boot! The dev is very responsive, earlier this month I reported a bug and made a feature suggestion for the notes app, both were addressed within a couple days.

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    Peter Blaise

    “… I really like your idea of being able to create a file from the contents of a clip …”

    Saving ONE clip is already in the program:

    [ Right click ] > [ Advanced ] > [ Save to file ] … or … [ Ctrl ][ Shift ][ S ]

    See what I mean about us each using only a few features, different for each of us, and there are so many more features hidden deep inside the program.

    I save print screens of VirusTotal results and put them next to the install file ( VirusTotal itself has no way of saving results ).

    – – – – –

    But more than just one clip at a time, I want to save ALL clips to separate files, and do it continuously, so all clipboard contests are available for review without using this program, for example, later in life when recovering and searching through my ageing hard drives offline, I want to see historical clipboard contents.

    – – – – –

    And let me repeat another feature I want:

    Whenever we have contents in the clipboard, I want to be able to past it directly wherever I place my cursor, including in Windows File Explorer, where, now, the [ Paste ] feature is grayed out, and I have to save from within the ClipDiary program, and I cannot save from the Windows user interface.

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    For me, the best of the best clipboard manager is Ars Clip, true freeware, from http://www.joejoesoft.com/vcms/97/
    I have been using it for years and I have tried a lot of programs of this kind, including clipdiary.

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    Dave Cole

    @Peter Blaise – VirusTotal reported 2 viruses [ virusi? :) ] for me – Win32/Trojan.873 and Trojan.Banker.ClipBanker.nm.

    Could not find info on google for Win32/Trojan.873; googling Trojan.Banker.ClipBanker.nm led me to https://staging-blog.malwarebytes.com which firefox told me it was not a safe site!. Proceeding anyway, the generic clipbanker virus targeted big banks.

    I spot checked Clipdiary.exe with MBAM, SuperAntiSpyware, and Malware Hunter. All reported it is clean. The Throwing caution to the winds, I installed it.

    Now I’m wondering. Does the report from MBAM, SuperAntiSpyware, and Malware Hunter offset the VirusTotal report enough that I should keep the software?

    Always greatly appreciate your input, Peter.

    P.s. Always appreciate The Boss, and all other contributors, too!.

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