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Peter Blaise

”… I am using Spartan most frequently …”

Tanks for the teaser, I found [ https ://m8software. com/compare. htm ] and I found their presentation overwhelming, NOT “spartan”, I’ll pass.

Comparing the features and benefits of ClipDiary and Spartan … spartan ITSELF appears both complex AND spartan in that they have way too many versions, their comparisons are NOT clear, and their feature set seems less-than ClipDiary … for me.

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”… So I have used this in the past and like it … so I decided to update. However I ran into a problem during installation. During the installation I was told Clipdiary was open to close it and retry. Well, I closed it in task manager and it closes the installation program so I am stuck in a loop here. Any advice on how to escape the loop and get it installed? Thanks

Do NOT update, instead reinstall v5.3, which is clean at VirusTotal – this v5.4 has 3 hits at VirusTotal.

Ignore errors during installation, apparently ClipDiary installation sees itself and thinks ClipDiary is running, but select to ignore errors anyway and finish, it worked for me.