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I hope the Clipdiary devs are reading all these comments. Lots of good suggestions and issues with software and registration process that need to be worked out!

Peter Blaise, I really like your idea of being able to create a file from the contents of a clip. For many years I’ve been using something called Filenote (part of ShellTools, http: //www.moonsoftware.com /shell_tools ). It lets me right-click on any file, select Filenote, and a text file with the same name is created in the same folder and opened in Notepad. Then I can paste what I want into it. Has saved me a lot of time, since I generally create such a file for everything I download so I know what it is and where I got it – programs, music, etc. Would be great to have that built into Clipdiary, especially if it could create a file that would accept graphics and formatted text (if that’s what the clip contains). A Paste-to-new-file function, with a default name and folder based on whatever you have selected.

:-( Sorry Shift-Ctrl-X gave you problems. I’m using Chrome and many other programs and that’s never gotten in the way for me. I think I had to add that to the hotkeys in Clipdiary, and maybe it then overrides other use of that combination? Everyone uses Windows (and computers) differently, I’ll try to remember to include a warning in future comments.