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Peter Blaise

“… I really like your idea of being able to create a file from the contents of a clip …”

Saving ONE clip is already in the program:

[ Right click ] > [ Advanced ] > [ Save to file ] … or … [ Ctrl ][ Shift ][ S ]

See what I mean about us each using only a few features, different for each of us, and there are so many more features hidden deep inside the program.

I save print screens of VirusTotal results and put them next to the install file ( VirusTotal itself has no way of saving results ).

– – – – –

But more than just one clip at a time, I want to save ALL clips to separate files, and do it continuously, so all clipboard contests are available for review without using this program, for example, later in life when recovering and searching through my ageing hard drives offline, I want to see historical clipboard contents.

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And let me repeat another feature I want:

Whenever we have contents in the clipboard, I want to be able to past it directly wherever I place my cursor, including in Windows File Explorer, where, now, the [ Paste ] feature is grayed out, and I have to save from within the ClipDiary program, and I cannot save from the Windows user interface.