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Hi everybody and hi Kyle. :-)

(I hope Kyle will read the comments here.)

Hi tagr and Thomas Verrill: when you complete the sharewareonsale steps to get the software and download it, in that same page there is the information for registering the product.

Name: SharewareOnSale
SharewareOnSale exclusive license key: (check the download page, or the email sharewareonsale sent you)

Problems to be solved to improve this software:

1) the portable version continues to save its own data in “C:\Users\User-profile\AppData\Roaming\KC Softwares\SUMo”; instead it should save them in the program directory.

2) I think the four big buttons at top should filter the results:
– the first “products” button should show all products
– the second “ok” button should show the up-to-date products
– the third “minor” button should show the programs with a “minor” update to be done
– the fourth “major” button should show the program with a “major” update to be done