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    Have something to say about SUMo PRO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than SUMo PRO, post it here! If you know of issues with SUMo PRO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    So, the software doesn’t seem to do anything, except maybe tell you that an update is needed.I say maybe because three items it told me to downgrade to a version – not update. It comes with no directions, there are none on the website, the website looks like it was done in 2004 and never updated, because several links don’t even work.

    The benefit of Pro is – from their site:

    SUMo PRO adds automatic self-update & direct update access capabilities to SUMo.

    Direct access update – I guess that means you have to do all the work. I wonder what indirect access update would be?

    Don’t waste your time. At the end I noticed who makes it, and then all of the issues make sense. KC Softwares can’t even make a signin page work. It says the email address that I have had since 2001 is invalid and it says a password creation is invalid – but it doesn’t say why, or how?

    Waste of time downloading and typing this, but if it saves someone else the waste of time – it’s worth it.

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    Installs 5.10 free version, not Pro.

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    Many thanks for your time and trouble !

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    My previous message was for ‘mylogon’.

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    Thomas Verrill

    I cannot download Sumo Pro only downloads Sumo will not enter license key

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    Hi everybody and hi Kyle. :-)

    (I hope Kyle will read the comments here.)

    Hi tagr and Thomas Verrill: when you complete the sharewareonsale steps to get the software and download it, in that same page there is the information for registering the product.

    Name: SharewareOnSale
    SharewareOnSale exclusive license key: (check the download page, or the email sharewareonsale sent you)

    Problems to be solved to improve this software:

    1) the portable version continues to save its own data in “C:\Users\User-profile\AppData\Roaming\KC Softwares\SUMo”; instead it should save them in the program directory.

    2) I think the four big buttons at top should filter the results:
    – the first “products” button should show all products
    – the second “ok” button should show the up-to-date products
    – the third “minor” button should show the programs with a “minor” update to be done
    – the fourth “major” button should show the program with a “major” update to be done

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    Bruce Fraser

    I confirm this. Pro version is NOT installed, even though the promotion says so.

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    Thanks !

    1 & 2 : on my ToDo list !

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    Thomas Verrill

    I am trying to use SumoPro when I try to register it, It say invald license key. When I try to use it, it wants me to pay $29.95.

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    Adriano Corvette

    Otimo programa, muito bom. desde ja muito obrigado

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    [ @Thomas Verrill]

    You probably included some space in the license code, at start or at end of it.

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    Used SoS installer to Download and save SUMo in “E:\Install\8. Service\SUMo Pro v5.10” directory, copied name and Reg.Nr. from SoS install instructions and saved them in Reg.txt in the same directory. (Same as always)
    Executed the SUMo.exe file and it updated my SUMo v5.9.xxx to standard v5.10, clicked “Buy PRO” icon and entered Name and Reg.Nr.
    And PRO was up and running. NO SWEAT, easy peasy. DUUUH !
    Honestly folks, read a book or at least follow the instructions.
    Btw. Love the program use it seldom but, I do use it, and it keeps drivers and freeware up to date on my computers.
    VERY useful.

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    federico d’oria

    I’ve installed version 22.0, answering “no” to their proposal of upgrade.
    And here comes the problem: I cannot input the code as you gave us.
    “OK” for the name;
    instead, no way to input ther serial key.

    1) I tried to “copy” and “paste” the key in the correct place, but this was not accepted!
    2) So I started copying manually the figures (1 by 1…) but even this was not possible.
    In fact the key is supposed to be 20 digits long, while the key you gave is much longer.
    So, once I arrived at character no. 21, the prog stop recording the key or whatever you digit.

    Any suggestion, please?
    Thanks in advance.

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    It still nags me. :(

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