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[@bromberg] Simple answer: try it and see! I’ve been using this since Snap 6, it’s grown a lot in capability. I tried the Snip tool just now, and Snap does everything plus much more. Video capture, add text and shapes and fills and blurs and shadows, hide or capture mouse… I use it all the time as a basic paint program (no layers or masks), capture part or all of any screen, annotate my captures, save them to file or clipboard or send to friends. I like that everything you add is an object that can be selected later and changed or removed. And it keeps a history of your captures so you can go back in time and reload/change things. I have never gotten the “capture scrolling region” to work consistently but that must be some setting in my PC (Win 10/64, tried Chrome and Edge browsers), since Ashampoo seemed very surprised to hear about it and worked with me for a while to try and fix it. The rest is just… helpful.