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Peter Blaise

So, we’re Beta testers here now?

Okay, [ Eldamar-Studio. com ], let’s see what you bought in [ Lorien-Desktop. com ] …

In Lorien Cleaner, when I click on an option in the options, the item below the item I am trying to click on toggles first, then when I click again without moving the mouse, then the item I am actually pointing at toggles – two for one! Yeah no, your programmers have a lot more work to do to troubleshoot their user interface management.

It offers customization that is nonsensical for my operating system, such as offering to turn off Cortana in Windows 7. So … I should trust your programmer’s savvy … because … ?

There are no descriptions of how it plans to optimise, such as “Speed-up computer startup” … oh yeah? … by doing what, by entering sleep mode instead of turning fully off when I turn the computer off? It needs to tell us exactly what it is going to do, otherwise there is absolutely no reason to trust this ( and folks know me, I seldom use adverbs, so this must be significant ).

“Purification pagingfile at shutdown”?!? … okay, they need a world-wide development newsgroup where folks can help them with translations along with helping vet out program misbehaviors, interface unpreparedness, and so on, to get this program ready for release, so, checkout the newsgroups at [ https ://www. grc. com/discussions. htm ] to see an example of how an engaged voluntary development and alpha / beta / release testing environment is done effectively.

Items to be cleaned are described as “New row” … yeah, this is more like Alpha testing … okay … there’s no click to show the specific line-items to be cleaned, such as what specific items are in “Program cache”, so who deletes stuff blindly? NOT ME.

Lorien, Lorien, Lorien … not to be insulting, but … before Alpha testing, there’s the pre-planning mode, where you, please, check out the competition FIRST and then come up with a workable scheme to be at least produce something equal to them, and then a scheme to be better, if you expect to make a living at this, otherwise, it’s a vanity project, and you’ll only get sales to folks who stumble upon you first and don’t search and compare.

My rating:

Not Ready For Prime Time Yet, NRFPTY, Nerf Putty.

Thanks, but really? Alpha testing at SOS? This is not even in the pre-planning stage.