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[ @Peter Blaise] Thanks again for your insightful review – pointing out many areas where the developer needs to do more work (and thus reasons for us to avoid this for now).

I had good hopes for this when I saw it was from Eldamar Studio since I’m a fan of their fonts and background images/overlays. This is a very different area for them to work in. It’s also a very crowded area where most developers try very hard to find a way to differentiate themselves, and fail. Not telling users what the program does to their systems is the main reason for failure. Not giving them a choice of what to “clean”, especially until a user establishes trust with the program is the second reason. Third is releasing software that’s clearly not well tested, without asking us to help them alpha- or beta-test their product.

Eldamar has failed in all three of these areas already, and I haven’t even gotten to the things where many developers have trouble: deleting files that are needed/wanted, deleting registry entries that are needed/wanted, disabling services that are needed/wanted… Windows is a very complex operating system, full of dependencies that are not obvious. If a program can’t get the basics right, I see no reason to think they would do better with the functionality of a high-risk program that could easily corrupt a PC.