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I don’t think the program crashes after entering license key, it simply closes so key will be registered on next start. Would be nice if program explained this, but it’s a fairly common way to do things. Problem is you don’t know if it’s restarting in the background, so not sure if it’s ok to start again without waiting/wasting 30 seconds…

This seems to be a nice program, lots of cool features. I like the tracing paper function that lets you draw over another image without making that other image part of your picture. Perfect for getting the right spacing.

The one thing I would like to see added is a simple way to shift the image up, down, left, or right. Many times when I set out to create an icon or small pixel image, I think “hey, this would look better if I could shift everything to the right 3 pixels.” And most programs have no way to do this other than starting over. In Pixel Studio it’s possible to resize the canvas area, so you can do all these steps: Page>Set Page Size, click to lock image to right edge center, increase width by 3 pixels, Page>Set Page Size, click to lock image to left edge center, decrease width by 3 pixels. Or, a bit easier, you can select the copy tool, select the area of the picture to move, select paste tool, click in picture to align where the image should be pasted. Would be much easier to hit Shift-Right Arrow 3 times. Maybe use Ctrl-Right Arrow to shift all layers the same amount.