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    Have something to say about Pixel Studio? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Pixel Studio, post it here! If you know of issues with Pixel Studio, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    When I installed this & entered the serial key, it came up & told me success, but then it crashed.
    When I reopened the program, it seemed to be working fine.
    This is on my Win7 64-bit Ultimate with 32 GB of RAM.

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    Yep same as above, it crashes after the serial key and works fine when you launch again.

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    I don’t think the program crashes after entering license key, it simply closes so key will be registered on next start. Would be nice if program explained this, but it’s a fairly common way to do things. Problem is you don’t know if it’s restarting in the background, so not sure if it’s ok to start again without waiting/wasting 30 seconds…

    This seems to be a nice program, lots of cool features. I like the tracing paper function that lets you draw over another image without making that other image part of your picture. Perfect for getting the right spacing.

    The one thing I would like to see added is a simple way to shift the image up, down, left, or right. Many times when I set out to create an icon or small pixel image, I think “hey, this would look better if I could shift everything to the right 3 pixels.” And most programs have no way to do this other than starting over. In Pixel Studio it’s possible to resize the canvas area, so you can do all these steps: Page>Set Page Size, click to lock image to right edge center, increase width by 3 pixels, Page>Set Page Size, click to lock image to left edge center, decrease width by 3 pixels. Or, a bit easier, you can select the copy tool, select the area of the picture to move, select paste tool, click in picture to align where the image should be pasted. Would be much easier to hit Shift-Right Arrow 3 times. Maybe use Ctrl-Right Arrow to shift all layers the same amount.

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    Sullivan Miranda

    The program crashed after the input of the Licence Key. It said the Licence Key could not save, then Invalid Key.
    Upon trying out the program in “Try” mode just to see what it was all about, several error messages came up. Then upon closing the program, several more error popups.

    I’ve proceeded to uninstall within minutes. As a pixel artist myself, I’ll continue to rely on free programs such as GIMP, but I had very high hopes for this program in particular. Shame it didn’t work properly.

    To those who tried it longer than three minutes, did you also get any lag with the cursor? It seemed to me as though lag was an issue as well, although, for such a small program, I wonder why.

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    [@Sullican Miranda]

    >”To those who tried it longer than three minutes, did you also get any lag with the cursor?”

    Everyone’s computer can be slightly different depending on CPU/RAM, etc. I have used Pixel Studio three different times since installing, one was over an hour, the other two were 20 to 30 minutes. I just tested again and I have not noticed any lag whatsoever, and I have a background job that is testing a Flash drive that takes up a considerable amount of CPU time. I can hear the CPU Fan racing constantly, but there is no sign of any difference attributed to Pixel Studio. In addition, I have 8 other programs running at the same time and sometimes as many as 15 other processes but they are not CPU eaters, just regular tools.

    The OS is responsible for moving the mouse pointer around and displaying where it is located, so any lag on the display part would be OS related, not Pixel Studio. Pixel Studio draws the cursor in current use wherever the OS reports that the cursor is located. Swap back and forth to other applications. If the lag occurs only when Pixel Studio is front and center, then something odd is happening. At that point, I would reboot.

    I do not know if Pixel Studio can run in Safe Mode (did not spend the time to try) but if it can run in Safe Mode, that would show whether the “lag” you experienced was program-related or due to other processes running in the background. If it only happens when Pixel Studio is running, then you might check to see if there are some other programs that are eating up resources, such as malware. The edition available on SoS is not infected and works fine.

    Pixel Studio does stop working without a smooth release from the OS when it is first run and activated. Windows reports the program stopping, so it definitely is a program issue in its activation code. The program is not merely stopping so that the next run will have the key be registered as MrDave suggested. That type of exit would not have the OS report that the program stopped working.

    If your activation attempt stated “Invalid Key” check to make sure you have copied only the key characters because the program does work on the next run after registration and works just fine.

    Best of luck to you.

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