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Peter Blaise

Network Alarmer is a neat little one-trick-pony program, almost a proof-of-concept exercise to vie for a contract with Nest home sensors, or that a programmer developed for their own use.

I’m surprised that it’s at v3 with so little multi purposeness included, missing are
– NO Fahrenheit temperature ( so the sensor needs to report Celcius ? )
– NO choice or control of a local alarm on the computer running the program
– NO in-built ability to fire off an email as an alarm notice
– dependent on an external PHP script, we have to program our own alarm action, such as program an email script, or a sound to be played, or a screen message to be displayed, or to initiate another action on the computer that is running the program,
– can’t play an external batch file.

It does play an internal sound 4 times, like the sound of the emergency broadcast system, of all things.

So, I’d suggest addressing the list above for the next version of the software.

Take a look at Vovsoft’s offerings at [ https :// vovsoft. com/windows-software/ ] for some neat stuff, folks, the Vovsoft programmers are having a blast playing with doing odd jobs, some programs there are fun, and free.

Thanks for letting us explore this and share.