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Peter Blaise

Hello [ @John], I’m glad you get value from my explorations and sharing.

Yes, “Flying Toasters” was as simple a reference as I could make just to see who’s out there, but there was a time when Microsoft seem to be in the business of putting other small companies out of business by including whatever others had invented into Windows at no further charge, including screen blankers at no extra charge was a petty fight for Microsoft to pick, and the worst being forcing Microsoft Word onto all new computers and effectively killing WordPerfect ( though WordPerfect didn’t put up much of a fight ).

Regarding spill chick ( see what I did there ? ), SoftVoile ClipDiary is NOT intended to be place for creating new original content, where auditing typos would make sense, especially considering ClipDiary handling graphic images.

SoftVoile makes free FlashNote at [ http :// softvoile. com/flashnote/ ] for creating text, perhaps that is where their attention can go to audit someone’s typos.

Microsoft Word and Google Chrome both audit grammar and spelling, Word is somewhat more tunable, Chrome is good for recognizing two words together, fixing “twow ords” as one error repair, even Grammarly is not smart enough to do that.

WordPerfect for DOS with Gramatik were my first learning grounds, taking me 4 years to beat the task master, to eliminate passive-voice writing.

WordPerfect even had a sentence parser like grammar school so we can see dependent clauses, object, subject, all graphed out.

Perhaps we can leave a tab open in Chrome at a text field to do our creative writing, use Chrome to address our typos, spelling, and grammar, then copy and past the results into our target when we’re done, and, during the copy-and-paste, ClipDiary will grab the content into a database for retrieval on demand.

Free [ https :// html5-editor. net/ ] is a flexible and sophisticated editor and formatter on the web, included graphics, tables, and shows source HTML, but it seems to block Google Chrome checking for typos, spelling, and grammar.

Free [ https :// zen. unit. ms/ ] has no formatting enhancements, just a blank page where we can type away to our heart’s content, and Google Chrome typo-, spell-, and grammar-check work fine there.

I use free Google Keep, but the random formatting changes are a horror both when pasting into Google Keep, and when copy out of Google Keep. 

Evernote became non-free, so thousands of my notes there are languishing.

( Note: be aware that temporary content entered into a web-based text editor is viewable by the website provider, so personal data may be inappropriate to enter there. )

Does anyone have alternative web-based composition sites they like, that include features and benefits that may tease SoftVoile to develop their next great product to include? 

Thanks for exploring this and sharing.