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    Have something to say about Clipdiary? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Clipdiary, post it here! If you know of issues with Clipdiary, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    very good clipboard manager

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    Peter Blaise

    I like that SoftVoile Clipdiary ( paid or free ) handles IMAGES and TEXT, compared to other clipboard programs that only handle TEXT.

    For me, ClipDiary’s ability to review screen grabs, and images where I right-clicked and selected “copy image”, and so on, is critical, and SoftVoile ClipDiary saves those images for me in their database for review immediately and for searching through over days, so I can compare images from now and from way-back.

    – I wish ClipDiary incorporated OCR to convert text-in-images to text, which I now do separately.

    – I wish ClipDiary incorporated a readily accessible export of it’s database, perhaps to an efficient daily zip file, that contains individual snippet files by date and time, including TEXT and IMAGES as sequential snippets.

    Note, free Google Picasa grabs print-screens, so that’s an alternative for some copy-and-paste images ( Picasa does not grab images from the clipboard, however ).

    ClipDiary can be treated simple, or dived-into and all it’s many features can be discovered if desired, but it is not necessary to get too involved just to get started.

    Aside from my 2 wishes above, I find ClipDiary functional from the get-go, and worthy of digging deeper to find the benefits of features I hadn’t thought I needed, until … I learned to search through images only, or search for only snippets that contained certain text, and then I realize how critical is our clipboard history, something Microsoft has completely ignored.

    Microsoft killed Flying Toasters with Microsoft’s own screen blankers, but Microsoft STILL has no clipboard history management?!?

    Thank you SoftVoile for a terrific program, now enhance it with my 2 wishes above – OCR, and a zip database of individual snippet files, even if it’s just a daily export.

    Is version 6 on the horizon? What other magic were you planning on incorporating?

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    [ @Ashraf] Many Thanks!

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    [ @Peter Blaise] Hi:

    Always like your comprehensive reviews and now I have a thought/question.
    I read on the download page that you can’t delete all the saved clips at once but must do it one at a time.
    That could grow into a big problem.

    Another wish is something with a spell checker. I’ve always used Notepad to compose things for email, messages,

    messenger and almost anything online (even this reply to you). Sometimes old age/haste lets a speling error slip

    by (See what I did there?), and as the internet told me decades ago it’s there forever.

    I’m sure there are many open source dictionary modules that could be incorporated to check/flag spelling so you could correct it before pasting.

    Finally, your reference to Flying Toasters sent me back. I feel old.

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    Thank you for the discount.

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    Peter Blaise

    Hello [ @John], I’m glad you get value from my explorations and sharing.

    Yes, “Flying Toasters” was as simple a reference as I could make just to see who’s out there, but there was a time when Microsoft seem to be in the business of putting other small companies out of business by including whatever others had invented into Windows at no further charge, including screen blankers at no extra charge was a petty fight for Microsoft to pick, and the worst being forcing Microsoft Word onto all new computers and effectively killing WordPerfect ( though WordPerfect didn’t put up much of a fight ).

    Regarding spill chick ( see what I did there ? ), SoftVoile ClipDiary is NOT intended to be place for creating new original content, where auditing typos would make sense, especially considering ClipDiary handling graphic images.

    SoftVoile makes free FlashNote at [ http :// softvoile. com/flashnote/ ] for creating text, perhaps that is where their attention can go to audit someone’s typos.

    Microsoft Word and Google Chrome both audit grammar and spelling, Word is somewhat more tunable, Chrome is good for recognizing two words together, fixing “twow ords” as one error repair, even Grammarly is not smart enough to do that.

    WordPerfect for DOS with Gramatik were my first learning grounds, taking me 4 years to beat the task master, to eliminate passive-voice writing.

    WordPerfect even had a sentence parser like grammar school so we can see dependent clauses, object, subject, all graphed out.

    Perhaps we can leave a tab open in Chrome at a text field to do our creative writing, use Chrome to address our typos, spelling, and grammar, then copy and past the results into our target when we’re done, and, during the copy-and-paste, ClipDiary will grab the content into a database for retrieval on demand.

    Free [ https :// html5-editor. net/ ] is a flexible and sophisticated editor and formatter on the web, included graphics, tables, and shows source HTML, but it seems to block Google Chrome checking for typos, spelling, and grammar.

    Free [ https :// zen. unit. ms/ ] has no formatting enhancements, just a blank page where we can type away to our heart’s content, and Google Chrome typo-, spell-, and grammar-check work fine there.

    I use free Google Keep, but the random formatting changes are a horror both when pasting into Google Keep, and when copy out of Google Keep. 

    Evernote became non-free, so thousands of my notes there are languishing.

    ( Note: be aware that temporary content entered into a web-based text editor is viewable by the website provider, so personal data may be inappropriate to enter there. )

    Does anyone have alternative web-based composition sites they like, that include features and benefits that may tease SoftVoile to develop their next great product to include? 

    Thanks for exploring this and sharing.

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    Tony Class

    The icon of this program on my desktop is opened only by the intervention of an administrator,
    while the one in the tray is opened by clicking !?

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    [ @Peter Blaise] Wow, lots of great reference material. Need to find a good time to read everything but for now I think I should just install the offering before tyme runs out. Thanks again.

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    Regarding Peter’s mention of Picasa for image grab, and although it’s in another category altogether from these clipboard tools (of which I think there must be fairly many), I thought I should give a major thumbs UP to my favorite light duty image editor. I’ve had a paid license for PMView for umpteen years, and it’s been one of my best lower-cost software purchases ever. Over those great many years it has had numerous updates, but I don’t recall the author ever requiring additional payment for the improved later editions — a true rarity ! It has been all I ever needed to cover the very basics: rotate or crop an image, change brightness or contrast of a photo, etc. etc. Using something like PhotoShop for such functions would be massive overkill, and much more difficult. PMView is one of those simple programs you can just start using right away, without much in the way of a learning curve.

    As to image grab, many browsers will have a Right Click Menu Option like “Save as Image” for web page graphics elements. But for example, I just had one of those online discount coupons come by that do not make it at all easy to print them out. It is of the type that I would use in the store. (My young nieces or nephew would just steer such coupons onto their cellphones and use them directly from there, but I’m not much of a cellphone jockey . . . . ) So, my quick and easy solution was to grab the coupon off of the webpage with the nifty Capture tool in PMView, trim off the extraneous junk beyond its borders, and print it out on real paper. What a notion ! Start to finish, about 45 seconds max.

    You keep reaching first for the familiar tools that have served you well.
    Have been interested in clipboard recall for some time, though never gotten around to sampling the more promising contenders. Will give this Clipdiary a spin.

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