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Regarding Peter’s mention of Picasa for image grab, and although it’s in another category altogether from these clipboard tools (of which I think there must be fairly many), I thought I should give a major thumbs UP to my favorite light duty image editor. I’ve had a paid license for PMView for umpteen years, and it’s been one of my best lower-cost software purchases ever. Over those great many years it has had numerous updates, but I don’t recall the author ever requiring additional payment for the improved later editions — a true rarity ! It has been all I ever needed to cover the very basics: rotate or crop an image, change brightness or contrast of a photo, etc. etc. Using something like PhotoShop for such functions would be massive overkill, and much more difficult. PMView is one of those simple programs you can just start using right away, without much in the way of a learning curve.

As to image grab, many browsers will have a Right Click Menu Option like “Save as Image” for web page graphics elements. But for example, I just had one of those online discount coupons come by that do not make it at all easy to print them out. It is of the type that I would use in the store. (My young nieces or nephew would just steer such coupons onto their cellphones and use them directly from there, but I’m not much of a cellphone jockey . . . . ) So, my quick and easy solution was to grab the coupon off of the webpage with the nifty Capture tool in PMView, trim off the extraneous junk beyond its borders, and print it out on real paper. What a notion ! Start to finish, about 45 seconds max.

You keep reaching first for the familiar tools that have served you well.
Have been interested in clipboard recall for some time, though never gotten around to sampling the more promising contenders. Will give this Clipdiary a spin.