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Nick H

I followed the install instructions as supplied by SOS and I set up an account with AceThinker in order to process the registration. The software registration window requires you to input a 4 digit code sent to your email address, it has a 60 second countdown. My code did not arrive in that time, despite me having a fast fibre connection, so it didn’t work. The second attempt was faster and worked, until I wanted to sign-in to the software again. This time it said that my email address was not registered, despite me having emails sent to that address by AceThinker! I did check the that the email address was entered correctly.

I can’t be bothered with such tetchy software so I decided to uninstall it. AceThinker Video Keeper was not listed in Win 10 Add or Remove programs, nor was it listed by Revo Uninstaller Pro or Hibit Uninstaller. This set lots of alarms bells going of in my mind.

Steer clear of software that appears to use underhand tactics and clearly isn’t ‘oven-ready’.

I’d run a backup software just before trying to install this waste of time by AceThinker, so it was easy to set my computer back to how it was before getting very messed around by it. If nothing else, it is a reminder that backing up is so very useful!