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    Have something to say about AceThinker Video Keeper? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than AceThinker Video Keeper, post it here! If you know of issues with AceThinker Video Keeper, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Nick H

    I followed the install instructions as supplied by SOS and I set up an account with AceThinker in order to process the registration. The software registration window requires you to input a 4 digit code sent to your email address, it has a 60 second countdown. My code did not arrive in that time, despite me having a fast fibre connection, so it didn’t work. The second attempt was faster and worked, until I wanted to sign-in to the software again. This time it said that my email address was not registered, despite me having emails sent to that address by AceThinker! I did check the that the email address was entered correctly.

    I can’t be bothered with such tetchy software so I decided to uninstall it. AceThinker Video Keeper was not listed in Win 10 Add or Remove programs, nor was it listed by Revo Uninstaller Pro or Hibit Uninstaller. This set lots of alarms bells going of in my mind.

    Steer clear of software that appears to use underhand tactics and clearly isn’t ‘oven-ready’.

    I’d run a backup software just before trying to install this waste of time by AceThinker, so it was easy to set my computer back to how it was before getting very messed around by it. If nothing else, it is a reminder that backing up is so very useful!

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    Armin Olat

    To reply to Nick H’s comment: this is a 1 year license.
    I installed it on my PC, did not like it, decided to uninstall it.
    It appeared in both my Windows Uninstaller as well as Geek Uninstaller, so nothing shady there.
    After your comment, I installed it on my secondary laptop as well, again, no problems uninstalling this.
    There’s something wrong with your machine mate.

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    Home USer

    I normally use Fast Video Downloader which lets you choose the video quality before downloading.
    Does Video Keeper give you this option also? I looked at a uTube video of Video Keeper and it looked like you have the option to change video quality AFTER you download a video but not BEFORE.
    Can anyone answer my question?

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    Nick H

    [ @Armin Olat] There is nothing wrong with my PC. I also tried it on a laptop and had similar issues with it not showing up in software uninstallers – this time using Geek Uninstaller, Soft Organiser and Windows Add & Remove Programs. The PC has a very new re-install of Win 10 with hardly any settings changed from the defaults so far, its virtually a clean install still, so if doesn’t work with that so as the uninstallers find it then it is not something I’d trust.

    You made a sweeping statment about the state of my computer without knowing any facts about it.

    @Home USer this software allows you to choose both the video quality and file types. I went into the settings before I uninstalled it and I could change these before downloading.

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    Home USer

    Nich H… Thanks for the reply. Since there is an option to set video quality before the download I will try the program out. Going to see if it is as good as Fast Video Downloader.
    Will do an image backup with Acronis just in case I run into problems. :)

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    Home USer

    After trying Video Keeper I still like Fast Video Downloader better.
    Con: You have to go thru more steps to activate Video Keeper. Got to be quick to get 4 digit from email.
    Con: You don’t have to login to an account to be able to use Fast Video Downloader.
    Con: Seems like it takes longer to load and maybe slower than Fast Video Downloader.
    Con: Fast Video Downloader is much easier to use.
    Thanks for letting me try the software out but going to uninstall it and keep using Fast Video Downloader.

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    would be easier breaking into fort knox than registering this app

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    [@Home USer] Thank you for posting the results of your trial! I’m still using a paid version of Allavsoft, it’s so easy to use with lots of options and they keep it updated often. If I try Video Keeper I’ll report my findings here as well – on how well it works, whether it can be uninstalled. I think the 60 second limit on the license email is ridiculous, but I guess that prevents people from sharing it with everyone they know. Think of it as another bonus game we get to play, like all those wonderful Captcha puzzles. Some of those even offer bonus rounds if guess correctly the first time (and even if you don’t). So nice of publishers to think of ways to entertain us while we’re trying to get our work done. :)

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    Nick H

    [@Home USer] You’re welcome and thanks for the review. It seems I didn’t miss out on anything as I’ve got alternatives that work much better than how you rate your experience of this one.

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    Ok, I tried it.

    Install Process 1: I got around 60 seconds to find the email they sent, open it, remember the short verification code, get back to program screen, enter the verification code, then realize they still want me to create a password, Alt-Tab to my spreadsheet, create a password, get back to program screen again, paste the password, click Ok. Had about 4 seconds to spare, as indicated by the Countdown Timer. Pasted the password someplace so I can remember it later if needed….

    Install Process 2: “click LOG IN & SIGN UP and then SIGN UP” No, there is no option called LOG IN & SIGN UP. There is a SIGN UP option for a free non-VIP account, and a LOG IN option if you have an account already, and a BUY NOW option for a VIP account. I took a chance and clicked LOG IN option. Another screen or two later I had an option to SIGN UP. Confusing and frustrating when the instructions don’t match the web page.

    Install Process 3: My account is called a “Personal” account, not a VIP account, and the $29.95 quoted on SOS page doesn’t match any of the purchase options on the web page. I have no idea if my Personal account is indeed the promised VIP account, or what options/features a personal account includes. Oh well, it’s free, I can’t complain about that, but again there is unnecessary confusion and frustration. I almost uninstalled the program at this point but decided to see if it works first.

    Program Operation 1: It’s a bit different from other programs and I still don’t know what some of the buttons are for, even after reading the tutorial pages. But I was able to get it to download several different videos with the default settings. Resulting video quality was better than on YouTube. It took more mouse clicks than Allavsoft, but it’s almost as easy.

    Program Operation 2: The mystery of setting options for the downloads. It’s all or nothing. Any option picked in Settings / Format will apply to all downloads until you change it. That could be good or bad depending on how you like to use the program.

    Uninstal: Soft Organizer included VideoKeeper at the top of its list of things I can uninstall. I didn’t, because if Allavsoft fails some day I might have a working alternative in VideoKeeper until Allavsoft is updated.

    Hint: My antivirus (Bitdefender) blocks programs from writing to C:\USERS\myusername\DOCUMENTS\…. VideoKeeper simply said each download failed, and I should try Detect (which took me to who knows what page, with a bunch of videos with similar names but not the one I wanted). Telling Bitdefender to allow VideoKeeper to access these folders fixed the problem. Would be nice if VideoKeeper would say something like “Unable to save file in folder ______” instead of just “failed”.

    Bottom Line: I’m keeping this as a spare video downloader. It works, it’s possible to uninstall, it gave me more than 10 seconds to enter the verification code. Install/register process needs help, and the program needs a more complete help file, rather than explaining what can easily be figured out (there may be more help on line, I’m out of time to search).

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