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Peter Blaise

This is a nice tool, though only one of many for accessing and controlling Microsoft’s and other vendors Windows services.

I like that I can go to [ Manual TuneUp ]
– click on any line item to read a description of general features and benefits,
– click on [ Details ],
– and see the services associates with those features and benefits.

I like that I can go to [ Services Manager ],
– click on any line item,
– select [ Location ], [ Properties ], and most importantly, [ Delete ].

I may not have the program do anything, but those are useful points of insight.

And it’s nice to have a tool that can delete a service for those times when a pesky program has no effective uninstall routine.

– free Kerish Doctor
– free Glary Utilities
– free Microsoft SysInternals Auto Runs
… web search for more.