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I see that there are many doubts. I have downloaded the program and I see that it is registered in the name of Sharewareonsale, so far so good.
Request an API and URL for translations.
We must go to IBM Cloud and register on the web. Once registered, we go directly to the information we need in the menu on the left, “manage” section.
If we do not enter or see this access directly, we can click on “IBM Cloud” at the top left, accessing the main menu.
Once there, we look for “Language Translator-og” and we will access the menu that I have already said “manage”.
In this menu appear the API with asterisks that we can see or download and just below the API is the URL, we must copy and paste them in the program and that’s it.
The program is fine, but as they say, it has limitations and translations cannot be copied and pasted from the window, they must be done through files. For me a nuisance, although the reliability of the translations may be the point to compensate the balance, that is where everyone decides.
A cordial greeting to all, I hope I have helped.