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    Have something to say about Batch Translator? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Batch Translator, post it here! If you know of issues with Batch Translator, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Does not work an IBM Cloud credentials are required.

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    Scott Shannon

    The version of this software that we are given does not self register. It asks for an API Key and a URL before it will function. I have no idea how to get this information. Any ideas?

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    Hola, debe registrarse, crear una cuenta y seguir los pasos hasta que pueda mostrarnos la informacion que necesita para utilizar el programa.
    “Hello, you must register, create an account and follow the steps until you can show us the information you need to use the program.”
    Por parte de Sharewareonsale, solo es el registro del programa, para la funcionalidad, debe registrarse.
    “On the part of Sharewareonsale, it is only the registration of the program, for the functionality, it must be registered.”

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    Scott Shannon

    [ @San] By register do you mean acquire an API key and a URL? If so, how do we acquire those? Please give explicit and clear instructions.

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    I have the exact same problem as everyone else here. Hope a fix is provided soon. I will watch this page for the next couple of days. No solution to registering after that time requires uninstallation and removal of all left over files and reg entries.

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    Doru Virgil

    Am exact aceeași problemă ca toți ceilalți de aici. Sper că o soluție va fi furnizată în curând. Voi urmări această pagină pentru următoarele două zile.
    Multumesc anticipat!

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    [Scott] Search (Language Translator-og).
    Go to LIST OF RESOURCES / MANAGE and on that page have CREDENTIALS WITH *******.
    Push SHOW CREDENTIALS, enjoy.
    Copy and paste.

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    I have created an API KEY but it asks for an URL: what URL can I enter?

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    s p

    Works with text file and not word file.
    Marathi language is not there.

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    If this turned out to be good and usable, I would definitely have a need for it. The results from Google Translate were really laughable for many years, but over time that has improved considerably. The fly in the ointment with that service is that it restricts you to relatively small blocks of text. If you have something that is longer to translate, you’d have to use it over and over again, stitching the results together afterward, and hoping that the service did not flag you for overuse and possibly halt itself. Also, the quality of the results varied quite a bit, depending on your going from what language to what other language. So I too will be monitoring this page to follow other user reports, before the offer ends.

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    Koca Kelle

    It does not work.

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    This does not self register can you help please

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    Frédéric Dectot

    the register process seems to work because I can see in the about button, but this software does not work at all because it ask for credential IBM cloud.
    Sad thing because this software seems interesting.

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    I have never had any issue getting an offer to register or work before. This however… is horrible and a joke. The needed information is not provided. It states an API and URL are both needed. An IBM Credential also needed as well in order to get such information. Unless I’m missing something, neither and none of those are provided or easily found/obtained. Shame on the Dev and site offering the software. I hope that this is resolved before the time limit expires as it would be a great help if it indeed really works.

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