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Peter Blaise

Paragon seems to NOT be responding to registration requests, is this an old expired offering?

I used the serial number provided last February, the software is the same.

[ @Gail] the serial number goes in BEFORE installation, so if you got through the installation then it’s registered.

Using partition management is an intellectual challenge because there are no clear correlations between what we want and how to get there, we need to understand partitions choices, formatting choices, and so on, there’s a lot to learn, I learned most of it by starting in the 1980s with the original PC and a single-sided floppy diskette drive, so when a 10 MB ( yes, megabyte ) hard drive arrived, it was fun to play with, and we tried everything on it as we tought ourselves what all of those choices meant, and we had to program in the number of heads, sectors, tracks, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, active, primary and secondary partitions, logical and extended partitions … then NTFS happened, then 32 GB happened, then 2 TB happened, MBR or GPT, reserved portions, recovery partitions, then UEFI and so on … Microsoft has approximately 100 million web pages obscuring all the technical and higer-level information needed to manage RAS Random Access Storage, commonly known as hard drives, solid state drive, flash memory cards and USB flash drives.

I’ve been at this since the beginning, and I do not understand GPT, UEFI, Mac, or Linux.

So, we all have our compromises.

Look stuff up, and try it on a SPARE drive or card before thinking we understand what’s going on.

Anyway, Paragon-Software. com seems to NOT be responding, even though their registration web page works, but nothing ever arrives after the promise to send the registration to our email, and yes, I tried a bunch of emails, none got a response even though they were accepted by the registration web page.