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Peter Blaise

Edit ( I hate spill chick randomness !):

Make indefensible in my prior post = indispensable!

Additionally, I use ClipDiary to highlight, copy, before leaving an unfinished web post for ANY REASON, such as to gather additional information to add to a post, because all too often, the web page refreshes and loses my content before I return, and with this, my almost lost efforts are SAVED – YEAH!

Including here at SOS where sometimes it responds to an attempted post with “did you really mean to do that?” and shows NOT name and email, and the post area is EMPTY, waaaa!

So highlight all, and copy BEFORE posting!

Versus, build a post, need some additional info, wander away to copy and paste some additional stuff, return to find the original creation GONE, but the copy-and-past buffer is now full of the new intended additional content, the original work is NOT on the web page waiting to be added to, and NOT in the copy-and-paste buffer, gone, gone, gone, ouch!

So, ClipDiary has become INDISPENSABLE, a great saver and savior of my work in process, and great for reuse of prior work.

Thanks, SoftVoile.

Now come up with a database exporter to individual files, please!