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    Have something to say about Clipdiary? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Clipdiary, post it here! If you know of issues with Clipdiary, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Peter Blaise

    Awkward and idiosyncratic to learn, but eventually indefensible, and once I have mastered a couple of features, that’s as deep as I have gone.

    – search for images
    – search for text
    – edit clip before copying and pasting

    If I understand the potential, it’s possible to setup ONE computer as the server, then other computers on the network can be setup to use the same common database, so when we go from computer to computer, we can have access to the same clipboard history – I have not tried this, but it promises a useful feature, perhaps someone else here can try it and report in to everyone.
    – – – – – – – – – –

    Recommendations for improvement:

    – Export the database to individual files so the content can be harvested using ANY other programs and tools.

    – Strip formatting on demand, such as bold and italics coding.

    – Maintain function of formatting as appropriate in web posting, such that web sites that use coding, post the bold and italics, NOT the code for bold and italics ( as it is now, sometimes I get proper pasting, sometimes I get codes pasted that I manually have to edit out and then re-bold and re-italics, and I have no idea the difference between a good past and a bad paste – how do I control it? ).

    Thanks for letting us explore this and share.

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    Peter Blaise

    Edit ( I hate spill chick randomness !):

    Make indefensible in my prior post = indispensable!

    Additionally, I use ClipDiary to highlight, copy, before leaving an unfinished web post for ANY REASON, such as to gather additional information to add to a post, because all too often, the web page refreshes and loses my content before I return, and with this, my almost lost efforts are SAVED – YEAH!

    Including here at SOS where sometimes it responds to an attempted post with “did you really mean to do that?” and shows NOT name and email, and the post area is EMPTY, waaaa!

    So highlight all, and copy BEFORE posting!

    Versus, build a post, need some additional info, wander away to copy and paste some additional stuff, return to find the original creation GONE, but the copy-and-past buffer is now full of the new intended additional content, the original work is NOT on the web page waiting to be added to, and NOT in the copy-and-paste buffer, gone, gone, gone, ouch!

    So, ClipDiary has become INDISPENSABLE, a great saver and savior of my work in process, and great for reuse of prior work.

    Thanks, SoftVoile.

    Now come up with a database exporter to individual files, please!

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    [ @Peter Blaise]

    indefensible = indispensable {??}

    Given the events of the past year, there have been times when I felt like I was starting to lose it . . . hope that is not happening to you !

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    Peter Blaise

    [ @Gene] spill chick, I tell ya, spill chick!

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    [ @Peter Blaise]
    Clipdiary as an application I installed it on the previous distribution from 04.10.2020.
    I am very happy with it because it does a great job, but my problem is another Peter:
    For 2 months the built-in digital camera on my computer Toshiba Satellite, with Windows 10 Pro operating system is blocked
    and does not work. The virus that penetrated my device is presented as software called – UScreen Capture !?

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    [ @Peter Blaise]

    Thank you Peter for your awesome comments on this site.
    Ignore the nitpickers.

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    [ @jayk]

    But what — if any — connection would that have with an install of Clipdiary ? You seem to be implying that there was one.

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    I seem to keep hitting the wrong button here:
    the above should have read “@V.Goranow”

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