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I just loaded up my old version of GUP to check the version/license. Left it open, but not running any tasks, while I answered the Captcha questions and downloaded the new one.

Before I did anything else, many of my background processes (Clip Diary, Cute reminder, One Drive, Start Menu X, etc.) had been shut down. I watched as some of the icons disappeared from the task tray. Coincidence?

Either Glary, or a visit right before that to the SOS-advertised “Don’t Buy a New PC – Try This” site for “Xtra-PC” is the likely cause. I did nothing else new or different than usual on my PC today. Bitdefender antivirus didn’t complain about anything, a Malware Bytes scan did not find anything. I rebooted my PC yesterday (Win 10/64). Memory usage is at 47% (lower than usual, I’m only running Opera browser, LibreOffice Calc, Free Commander XE). I’ve never seen background programs disappear like that before.

Anyone else seeing this?