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    Have something to say about Glary Utilities PRO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Glary Utilities PRO, post it here! If you know of issues with Glary Utilities PRO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Nelson Webber

    I have been using Glary Utilities Pro for years and I am very satisfied with it.
    Thanks for the free 1 year license!
    I really like your site.

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    Excellent Giveaway.

    Thanks Ashraf and Glary for offering this.

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    I just loaded up my old version of GUP to check the version/license. Left it open, but not running any tasks, while I answered the Captcha questions and downloaded the new one.

    Before I did anything else, many of my background processes (Clip Diary, Cute reminder, One Drive, Start Menu X, etc.) had been shut down. I watched as some of the icons disappeared from the task tray. Coincidence?

    Either Glary, or a visit right before that to the SOS-advertised “Don’t Buy a New PC – Try This” site for “Xtra-PC” is the likely cause. I did nothing else new or different than usual on my PC today. Bitdefender antivirus didn’t complain about anything, a Malware Bytes scan did not find anything. I rebooted my PC yesterday (Win 10/64). Memory usage is at 47% (lower than usual, I’m only running Opera browser, LibreOffice Calc, Free Commander XE). I’ve never seen background programs disappear like that before.

    Anyone else seeing this?

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    VirusTotal sez it contains a Trojan……

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    [@Mr.Dave] Update: PRETTY FAR FROM HAPPY.

    I went ahead and installed Glary over my old version. It said I needed to reboot, so I did. When PC restarted, I had update notices from a few programs I haven’t run in many months, and Kerish Doctor was running, and I got a popup from Dell saying I needed to run Support Assist.

    I spent weeks cleaning crap off my PC and it’s never been running better, for the past 2 months. Now the garbage is all back. Thanks Glary. Uninstalling NOW. Actually, I think I’ll do a restore from my last hard drive backup. I’ll lose a few nice things, but that’s much easier than doing all that cleanup again.

    You may like letting a program like Glary make all your PC decisions for you. I think I’m past that point, and very upset with myself for thinking Glary might be useful. Now I need to spend a few hours for a restore, and a few days to reinstall and setup the music software I installed since my last backup. Just what I was looking forward to….

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    [@Mr.Dave] Update 2

    After I uninstalled Glary with Soft Organized and rebooted, I tried to decide if it’s easier to restore a week-old backup and reinstall the 12 programs added since backup, or work my way through Startup tasks, Task Manager and Services to disable all the stuff I disabled 2 months ago that Glary somehow enabled – WITHOUT WARNING or PERMISSION, and without me running any of Glary’s tasks. All I did was start it to see the version #. While I was checking through Services, I discovered that Windows’ Task Scheduler was running, and I could get into it and change settings! I haven’t been able to do that for YEARS. Microsoft gave up trying to help, I’ve spent many days of my time researching on the web how to get it running again. It looks like it was Glary all along that blocked my access to Task Scheduler, might be a big coincidence, I’ll never know. So that’s the positive thing I got from today’s mistake, Task Scheduler is working.

    And Glarysoft, your uninstaller left behind 694 traces caught by Soft Organizer. Not good for a program that claims to be “helping” me manage my system better.

    To anyone still reading this, this is MY experience with Glary Utilities. And maybe the newer version doesn’t have these issues – Mine was 15.154, from SOS giveaway last November. Your results may be very different. Personally, they’re on my Never Again list.

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    License valid only for one year. This is only a gimmick

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    Quick Silver

    Not a review strictly speaking, but a question about the license I got after installing and registering:
    Automatically installed new version
    Expiration date is set to: 02-06-2022 – 366 days left
    It’s unclear if after that date the program will not be updated anymore or if it will be reverted / downgraded to the free version.
    May someone clarify this detail, please?

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    Alvin M Johnson

    I’ve yet to get a response to any of my posts in these forums, but I’ve got a recurring issue with this site. The last three apps (Glary Utilities being the most recent) I’ve tried to download from here have failed. If I chose manual download I don’t get the .exe file as I have in the past. I’ve also tried copying the link to my clipboard with no success. Lastly, I manually entered the URL to the download page and I get the 404 error.

    Since this is the last day for Glary, I don’t expect a reply but thought I would put it out here in case someone at Shareware for sale may read this.

    Just an aside, the first app I wasn’t able to download recently was Nikon_NX_Studio, priced at $499. I figured somebody may have thought that was too good of a deal and just canceled it early with out notice.

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    marhansyah as

    I have been using this Glary Utilities Pro for 3 years and I am very satisfied with it.
    And I agree this software is the best utility for our need.
    Of course, thank you very much for the free 1 year license :)
    Have a nice day.

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