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[ @Mr.Dave] Update: PRETTY FAR FROM HAPPY.

I went ahead and installed Glary over my old version. It said I needed to reboot, so I did. When PC restarted, I had update notices from a few programs I haven’t run in many months, and Kerish Doctor was running, and I got a popup from Dell saying I needed to run Support Assist.

I spent weeks cleaning crap off my PC and it’s never been running better, for the past 2 months. Now the garbage is all back. Thanks Glary. Uninstalling NOW. Actually, I think I’ll do a restore from my last hard drive backup. I’ll lose a few nice things, but that’s much easier than doing all that cleanup again.

You may like letting a program like Glary make all your PC decisions for you. I think I’m past that point, and very upset with myself for thinking Glary might be useful. Now I need to spend a few hours for a restore, and a few days to reinstall and setup the music software I installed since my last backup. Just what I was looking forward to….