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[ @Mr.Dave] Update 2

After I uninstalled Glary with Soft Organized and rebooted, I tried to decide if it’s easier to restore a week-old backup and reinstall the 12 programs added since backup, or work my way through Startup tasks, Task Manager and Services to disable all the stuff I disabled 2 months ago that Glary somehow enabled – WITHOUT WARNING or PERMISSION, and without me running any of Glary’s tasks. All I did was start it to see the version #. While I was checking through Services, I discovered that Windows’ Task Scheduler was running, and I could get into it and change settings! I haven’t been able to do that for YEARS. Microsoft gave up trying to help, I’ve spent many days of my time researching on the web how to get it running again. It looks like it was Glary all along that blocked my access to Task Scheduler, might be a big coincidence, I’ll never know. So that’s the positive thing I got from today’s mistake, Task Scheduler is working.

And Glarysoft, your uninstaller left behind 694 traces caught by Soft Organizer. Not good for a program that claims to be “helping” me manage my system better.

To anyone still reading this, this is MY experience with Glary Utilities. And maybe the newer version doesn’t have these issues – Mine was 15.154, from SOS giveaway last November. Your results may be very different. Personally, they’re on my Never Again list.