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When I saw that others said that the program hung, I wanted to see it for myself. If it was such a common thing, why did the software get released?

I chose a simple picture and pressed the Preview button. Like others, the program got to 11% and then appears to hang. I waited and in a few minutes, it made it to 12%, then soon after, made it rather quickly to 15 percent. Not too long after that, it started rapidly increasing in percentage to around 50%. At this point, I figured everyone reported the program stalled hadn’t waited long enough. The program again started increasing pretty rapidly in percentage increases until it reached 99%. At that point, no other comments had mentioned reaching 99%. It looked like it was doing something with flashes of colored bands going up and down, so I figured I would let it finish, but not while watching it; I went to bed. When I got back up, it was still sitting at 99% and the entire computer had bogged down to a crawl. At that point, I agree with all the others; this program cannot complete without hanging, and worse if left running for many hours will nearly kill your session.

For users that also experienced the stall, the developer requested the log files be sent. They were in a Zip file. I’m always curious what a company is asking me to send them, especially in a Zip file. I decided to take a look. There are several folders and various other log files in the Zip file requested. Since I only used a single photo, I knew it would be easy to search for the extension (.jpg), but I was surprised to find several other jpg files listed in the Zipped log files the developer wants me to send. Checking more of these “so-called” log files, I could see that there may be encrypted data included in the files they would like me to send to them. I decided that the developer does not need to know about any other files on my system other than the one I used to test their program.

If a developer wants me to send anything, it better be in plain ASCII text format, all readable characters, no non-printable characters that could be encrypted data but disguised to look like “simple text.”

My conclusion is that I don’t care if they do fix it.