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>”This kind of software is a joke.”
But who is laughing?

Since the beginning of Personal Computer programs, many have evolved to fill a niche or do better or simpler than a different program. Background Cut-Out programs evolved as examples. They allow background removal without having to learn a more complex program. If they were not viable products, they would have disappeared long ago. Also, when a niche program comes along and it is a viable product, there will be competitors. For the Cut-Out competition, right off, I found 14 different products. They are not a new concept. It looks like they started around 2007 on the PC OSes. That’s at least 14 years of sticking around, so I do not think these programs can be considered a joke.

If you prefer using PhotoShop or any other program that supports 8bf plug-ins, some of these Cut-Out programs offer the plug-ins. TintGuide Picture Cut-Out is one that offers the filter. All you need to do is copy the 8bf file(s) to the Plug-In folder of your favorite photo editing program. Then you can compare within the same program to see which method you prefer.

After using Photoshop since the version 5 era, I understood the complexity of removing the background of images. When I first saw one of these Cut-Out programs advertised, I too was not expecting much. At least I tried the program instead of thinking it was a joke.