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Yes, I admit that computers and their software have made a lot of progress; Yes I agree to say that for the average user, these software can present some advantages; and Yes, I also tested Cutout before talking about it.
I have been doing photography for about fifty years and post-processing on a computer for about twenty years. I consider that I have sufficient experience to speak about it, without necessarily thinking that I am an expert. Tell me if you can properly pull off a woman’s hair, or an animal’s fur on a detailed background with Cutout, and then I would be okay to reconsider my point of view.
Whenever we see a demonstration of these “great” softwares, the background is a very blue sky, or a very smooth beach. Give me a link to a site that sells software like Cutout and demonstrates real clipping against an animated street or forest background, and then I’ll watch it with attention and interest. But in the meantime, let’s stop saying that this software or its equivalents do their job “wonderfully”.

And no, I don’t advertise Photoshop, I use other software too!