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Several comments related to there not being a way to activate the software. Sometimes that can happen if a previous version of the software is already installed. Sometimes, uninstalling the previous version works, and at other times, it does not. I decided to check the screens of version 1.0 when I installed it onto a different computer. The activation button on version 1.0 is just to the left of the “hamburger” menu. Now, having that information, I installed this version 1.1 onto a computer that has never had Donemax Data Recovery installed on it before. Like the other comments, the activation button does not show up.

I can understand that developers are human, and as humans, we all make mistakes. The big mistake is that the developer didn’t care enough to monitor the comments, or didn’t care to fix the problem.

I cannot in my own mind feel right about recommending any of the Donemax products when the company does not care to at least make a comment. I just removed all references to their products. If you are someone that recommends or has an effect on which products you recommend, it is up to you if you wish to do the same.