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    Have something to say about Donemax Data Recovery? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Donemax Data Recovery, post it here! If you know of issues with Donemax Data Recovery, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    E Toliopoulos

    Dear all,

    In the shareware webpage is mentioned for the activation of DONEMAX DATA RECOVERY:
    “You can register the program by going to ACTIVATE from the main program window. Enjoy”, but I cannot find the activation field.

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    Jansens Jean

    Where can I enter the license key to register?

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    Same as above: No ACTIVATE option.

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    vijay athwani

    Donemax Support Center
    after installed your software on my w11
    it is starting
    but not asking about enter key
    When uninstalled
    than saying ” Trial version Donemax Data Recovery is uninstalling ”
    so please help to activate your Licenced key.

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    It is installed in trial mode.No trial period is written after installation?
    There is no way to activate with the key from
    SharewareOnSale? I see that the problem is not only with me! And now whether it is activated or not???
    This is not serious!!! :))) Someone treats us lightly and disrespectfully!!!

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    Marc Schildmann

    [@E Toliopoulos]

    Same here. Very unprofessional.

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    Marc Schildmann

    [@E Toliopoulos]

    Unable to activate. WTF?

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    John walker

    No where to put in activation key to reg

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    William Combs

    Can’t find any ACTIVATE button anywhere — how can I enter the ACTIVATE key??

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    Well, installed it, and indeed it does not display anu method for activation.
    Next stepi downloaded the trial from Donemax itself, and installed that one (it did delete most of the sharewareparts), and ran it. No activation displayed. So reading more at Donemax : trial would only give 200MB restore (copy from D : The trial version allows you to recover 200MB files for free, if you want to recover unlimited files, just enter a valid license code to upgrade to full version.) Hey just tested and recoverd 14 GB, no issues at all.. SO best to safe the serial, and test it.
    Maybe it is not data but time related. Anyway it works..(reminds me at first glance to EasUs).
    Hope it helps anyone.

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    No Activation Button !!!

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    …While Uninstalling Du to an Other Site-Downloaded-version a Popup Browser Window Gave This Offer ! ” Data Recovery for Windows
    The most powerful data recovery software to completely recover deleted or lost files. $44.97 (instead of $89.95)”
    No Changes

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    Several comments related to there not being a way to activate the software. Sometimes that can happen if a previous version of the software is already installed. Sometimes, uninstalling the previous version works, and at other times, it does not. I decided to check the screens of version 1.0 when I installed it onto a different computer. The activation button on version 1.0 is just to the left of the “hamburger” menu. Now, having that information, I installed this version 1.1 onto a computer that has never had Donemax Data Recovery installed on it before. Like the other comments, the activation button does not show up.

    I can understand that developers are human, and as humans, we all make mistakes. The big mistake is that the developer didn’t care enough to monitor the comments, or didn’t care to fix the problem.

    I cannot in my own mind feel right about recommending any of the Donemax products when the company does not care to at least make a comment. I just removed all references to their products. If you are someone that recommends or has an effect on which products you recommend, it is up to you if you wish to do the same.

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    I installed this into my Sandboxie, like i did with version 1.0.

    As you may guess, i deleted the version 1.0 Sandbox a long time ago after activating the program and saving the activation details, so there is no way that any activation details (in registry or on the file system) reside on my host computer now.

    Installing and running the 2.0 version in Sandboxie gave me the same outcome as others had so far, no way anywhere in the program to enter the registration key.

    And on top of it, after trying deleting the Sandbox, i got a blue screen of death (BSOD), which scared me for a second but after a reboot, i was able to fully remove this “software” from my Sandbox and computer.

    So i guess we are left with a trial or unregistered version or it is already activated by default, who knows.

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