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I installed this into my Sandboxie, like i did with version 1.0.

As you may guess, i deleted the version 1.0 Sandbox a long time ago after activating the program and saving the activation details, so there is no way that any activation details (in registry or on the file system) reside on my host computer now.

Installing and running the 2.0 version in Sandboxie gave me the same outcome as others had so far, no way anywhere in the program to enter the registration key.

And on top of it, after trying deleting the Sandbox, i got a blue screen of death (BSOD), which scared me for a second but after a reboot, i was able to fully remove this “software” from my Sandbox and computer.

So i guess we are left with a trial or unregistered version or it is already activated by default, who knows.