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Just a hint:
All what this tool can do can (at least as well) be accomplished with “AutoHotkey” – INCLUDING(!) the ability to simply PAUSE all the Hotkeys (or even to switch to a different set!).
As for me: I even use AutoHotkey with “Sub-Menus”. e.g. a menu for phrases; and fo open a “Starter-Menu” for tools to open them as admin (instead as a standard user)!

Of course I admit: getting started with AutoHotkey is not as easy as the offered tool from Wise…
– the advantages of AutoHotkey are overwhelming – understanding that you can do (almost) everything with AutoHotkey !
– and, btw.: you will find a lot of help in a very friendly and active community!

Just ONE (very simple, but extremely effective and RAM saving!) example:
Pressing [Print] opens the (non resident!) IrfanView, lets me freely define an rectangle for saving, in whatever file format I want, and at the same time let me (if wanted/needed) add annotations, draw to it, etc.